Aspera - Online & Webinar deck


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Asera 2013 deck for Online programs & Webinars

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Aspera - Online & Webinar deck

  1. 1. Presentation for AsperaAlison RubinoNational Dir. Digital
  2. 2. Weekly Channel Takeovers 1 Week Exclusive Channel takeover includes: -100% SOV -2 Weekly Sponsored Posts -Custom Site Skins designed Cost: Cloud Channel 350K impressions weekly $8K weekly Data channel 125K impressions weekly $5K
  3. 3. Channel takeover includes 2 Sponsored Posts(250 Words max)
  4. 4. ResearchUnderwrittenResearch Report Custom research piece to promote thought leadership. Editorially independent research report created by a GigaOM Pro analyst. Topic collaboration with client, research edited and produced by GigaOM Pro to maintain quality standards. Includes underwriting credit and logo, plus digital and hardcopy distribution rights. Three-part Report option Examples: provides more items for lead generation programs. • Skype lead generation microsite: The Living Workplace Opportunity to leverage • Equinix Research Report: The Physical Cloud GigaOM brand, analysis and expertise. • Xirrus tablet computing lead gen Report: The Future of WiFi in the Enterprise
  5. 5. Analysts Roundtable Webinars GigaOM will provide the following as part of this turnkey virtual event: Opportunity to generate high  Prepare slides, design and host event registration page and presentation quality leads, build console. branding, and expand thought leadership  Moderate discussion, create audience poll questions and host audience Q&A. GigaOM Pro produces and  Create video archive of event for client to enable post-event lead generation. hosts the entire roundtable event, including registration  Promote live event to GigaOM audiences. and promotion  Sponsored Post on – 5.5 million monthly unique readers. We work with client to define  Social media promotion on GigaOM Pro Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn the topic interest; select channels. GigaOM Pro analysts to serve as expert  Email and newsletter promotion to 20,000+ GigaOM Pro subscribers. GigaOM Pro Analysts  Generate 250-500 leads per event. $25K per webinar moderate and participate on panel, along with a subject Your matter expert from the client Expert Here Example: Rackspace Webinar #3 of 5: Creating the Cloud-Ready Enterprise
  6. 6. ClientsOur ClientsThe biggestcompanies in thetechnology industryrecognize and wantto be associated withGigaOM news,research & events.Source: GigaOM Internal Your Logo Here
  7. 7. 2013 Pricing 7 Element Details Price 1 Week Data Channel takeover 1 week 100% SOV, 2 Sponsored Posts & Custom Skins $5K sponsorship 1 Week Cloud Channel takeover 1 week $8K 100% SOV, 2 Sponsored Posts & Custom Skins sponsorship GigaOM Webinar – “Live Analyst Briefing Flat Rate per $25K Cocktail Party or Prime-Time event Total $38K Discounts available for Grand Total programs over $30K