Devleoping and Distributing Content on Facebook


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Devleoping and Distributing Content on Facebook

  1. 1. DEVELOPING AND DISTRIBUTING CONTENT ON FACEBOOK How Facebook Can Help Fuel Your Content Strategy Alison Zarrella
  2. 2. What is Social Media? • Internet based tools for the creation, distribution and discussion of content. • A collection of sites that are based on user participation and user generated content (UGC). • Online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences and perspectives with each other.
  4. 4. A Facebook Page… • Is key to most social media content strategies, and will be the central point for most of your effort and promotions. • Allows you to offer both long and short content in one place, while also offering full customization and a variety of interactions.
  5. 5. Facebook Applications… • Can be used to promote external content and drive to your website. • Are effective at streamlining automated content, as well as promoting Facebook-specific promotions and easily customizing your Page. - Static FBML - Facebook Flash Player - Social RSS - Involver - Notes - Links
  6. 6. Exclusive Facebook Content… • Helps create and promote samples, freebies, contests and trials early or exclusively to Facebook Page Members. • Engages Page Members early (and often), encouraging them to “Like” the Page and return frequently to view new content.
  7. 7. Crowdsourcing Your Content… • Checks the pulse of your target market and talk about your brand, as well as industry-related or interesting articles. • Allows you to better respond to questions and and engage with people by really listening to feedback and suggestions for future content ideas.
  8. 8. Branded Content Patterns… • Bring more personality to your Page by establishing patterns and themes for each day. These overarching topics allow for flexibility in specific content, while also setting expectations of material for Page Members. • Give Page Members something to look forward to, while also helping them very quickly recognize your posts in their newsfeed.
  9. 9. Optimizing for Facebook (and Google) Search Build your Page for success the first time around by populating it with lots of optimized content and developing a content strategy to keep it fresh. Utilize SEO principles to rank in internal Facebook search, expanded Facebook web search and traditional organic listings. TJ Maxx: A Case Study in Social Content
  10. 10. TJ Maxx: A Case Study in Social Content Drive Engagement and Interaction An important part of a content strategy is driving interactions, either as “likes” or comments. The more interaction on your Page, the higher it ranks. This also keeps it in members' news feeds; as they interact with new items, their friends will notice as well.
  11. 11. TJ Maxx: A Case Study in Social Content Customized Tabs Custom applications and/or FBML apps can be used to create tabs that display content any way you want. They can even include interactive elements such as polls and quizzes, video players, games, and email capture forms. This is ideal when designing a landing tab for a Facebook promotion.
  12. 12. TJ Maxx: A Case Study in Social Content Cross-Promote Content Connect all your web properties with automated applications wherever possible. RSS feeds, like from a blog or Twitter, can post to your wall as well as a custom tab. This keeps a steady stream of new content coming in, with links back to your site, without a lot of extra effort.
  13. 13. Remember… • A Facebook Page is key to a social media content strategy and will allow you to offer a range of content in one place. • Facebook Applications can be used to automatically post and promote external content, as well as customize the look and feel of your Page. • Exclusive Facebook content engages users, encouraging them to “Like” the Page and return frequently to view new content. • Crowdsourcing your content ensures that you interact, instead of just broadcasting, and talk about what interests your audience. • Branded content patterns bring personality to your Page and help Page Members quickly recognize and share posts in the newsfeed. • Keyword-rich content helps you rank higher in both Facebook and organic search, as does Page interaction such as “Likes” and comments.
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