Bloomingdale's Digital Marketing Strategy


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  • For our target audience we are targeting middle-upper class families. Bloomindale’s can be a little pricey so middle-upper class is the best fit for us, but anyone is more than welcome to shop here.
  • We are am going to redesign the Bloomingdale’s logo; as of right now it looks the same as the Bing! logo and we need to differentiate from them. With the redesign of the logo the website will also be redesigned. Giving it a new chicer look than it already has, bringing in more colors and really inviting in new comers.
  • We will be launching a social media campaign that will really bring out this new image we are trying to create. We will do our promoting on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest Pages.
  • We will have a Pinterestpage; here we will be posting our new looks and current trends that are going on. We don’t want to bog down our Twitter and Facebook with these updates so we felt it would be best to do this on Pinterest. We will have different boards for each season; fall, winter, spring and summer.In these boards you will find all of our new looks and our old ones too! We will teach people how to mix and match patterns. This will be a great place for our followers to go to learn all about our hottest things.We are going to make it very friendly and help our shy and inexperienced customers learn how to be the fashion next experts.
  • In this next year we plan on opening new stores around the United States. Out of the 52 states we only have stores located in 12 of them.Building new stores will help bring in more cliental and get our business really out there.To promote these new stores we will be having events. All the information for these events will be located on our Facebook page where you will be able to RSVP to them. At these events we will be giving out exclusive items that will only be found there.We will also be using our facebook page to give out exclusive discounts such as 20% one item. Bloomingdale’s will also be using facebook to have awesome contests. An example of one would be each time you make a purchase you will be entered into the contest and the prize would be to get an exclusive first look at our new line before anybody else.
  • We will be using Instagram and Twitter together. We will be live tweeting from our events, updating our followers with what is happening and tweeting photos (which will be through Instagram). Because we are opening new stores we will be having events at them.Other events will include fashion shows that will have show our new lines we will be tweeting exclusive photos!
  • Bloomindale’s is planning on bringing some goodies to our mobile followers. For our followers on Foursquare whoever checks in the most (the mayor) will receive a prize.Some prizes will include gift cards and VIP passes to events.
  • Our budget for this project really depends on the month. So, we have set one up for $96,000-$180,000 for a year. There is such a big gap because it is hard to tell how much we will need especially during the holidays.Budget will include our Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, our Prizes for our contests.
  • In the mean time since we do only have stores located in 12 states, we will be launching a new program on our website. You will be able to upload a full-length picture of yourself and be able to see what an item would look like on you. This new program we are launching is made to help those who don’t live near a Bloomingdale’s and really want an item but don’t know how it will look on them. Are hopes for it is that it will make our old and new cliental extremely happy.Our main focus is to bring in new cliental and to keep our current cliental happy. We believe that building these new stores and launching our new program will help out because most people like to try on there clothes before they buy them. They are not going to want to fly to a store so they can try them on.
  • Bloomingdale's Digital Marketing Strategy

    2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE• Middle-Upper Class Families
    3. 3. BLOOMINGDALE’S NEW LOOK• Bloomingdale’s will be given a makeover.• New Logo• New website design. Bloomingdale’s Bing’s ges/370888110/bloomies_B_prof new-bing-microsoft-tries-again- ile.png with-search-meets-social-120728
    4. 4. INTERNET MARKETING• Social Media Focus:• Pintrest• Facebook• Twitter• Instagram
    5. 5. PINTEREST
    6. 6. FACEBOOK
    8. 8. FOURSQUARE
    9. 9. BUDGET• $96,000-$180,000 content/uploads/2009/12/CASH- STACKS_t2903.jpg
    10. 10. NEW PROGRAM• Upload full-length photo of self. • Try on the latest looks. g