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Datwyler data center presentation info tech middle east


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Datwyler data center presentation info tech middle east

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Datwyler data center presentation info tech middle east

  1. 1. End to end Data Center Turnkey Services & Solutions Datwyler Cabling Solutions Rushan Soubar 28.11.2013
  2. 2. End-to-End Data Center Solutions Datwyler Data Center Services • • • • • • Data Center TIA942 Tiers Overview Data Center Consultancy, Engineering & Design Client Representation and Data Center Project Management Data Center Design review and Validation Data Center assessment Data Center Audits & Certifications Datwyler Data Center Solutions • • • • • • • • Data Center Non-IT Infrastructure Overview Data Center Site Preparation Materials Data Center CCU, CRAC Precision Cooling, Row Cooling and different cooling technologies. Data Center Power systems Environment Monitoring System (EMS) Fire Detection, Suppression & Prevention Data Center Safety & Security, CCTV & Access Control Modular & Mobile Data Center
  3. 3. Data Center Services
  4. 4. Data Center Complexity & Risk Human origin Natural origin *Fire *Heat *Cold *Water Flooding *Lightning *Earthquake Air Pollution and Contamination Electro Magnetic Fields Power failure Equipment failure Vandalism Unintentional Human errors Sabotage Terrorism Network saturation Virus Hackers Data Network origin
  5. 5. Downtime vs. Uptime % Uptime Annual Downtime 99.9999 30 seconds 99.999 5 minutes 99.99 52 minutes 99.9 8.75 hours 99.5 43.7 hours 99.0 87.6 hours 98.0 180+ hours 95.0 450+ hours
  6. 6. Cost of Downtime ƒ The Mission Critical Site is the foundation of every IT-Infrastructure and therefore business ƒ Failing to address this could lead to serious losses
  7. 7. Tier Considerations – Best practices / “semi-standards” • Uptime Institute guidelines • ANSI/TIA-942 (telecom infrastructure for data centres) • SS507 (Information and communications technology disaster recovery services) • ISO/IEC-24762 (International guideline for BC/DR) • Vendor Specific (SUN, IBM, HP, APC and others) – Other organizations are working on potential new standards such as energy efficiency for data center's etc.
  8. 8. Tier Considerations • Tier-1 Data Centre; Basic – Single path for power and cooling without redundancy. Many single points of failure • Tier-2 Data Centre; Redundant Components – Single path for power and cooling with component redundancy i.e. N+1. • Tier-3 Data Centre; Concurrently Maintainable – Multiple paths for power and cooling of which one is active allowing maintenance or testing on one path without causing interruption to the critical load • Tier-4 Data Centre; Fault Tolerant – Multiple active paths for power and cooling with redundancy in each path
  9. 9. TIA-942 Tier Considerations Data Center Tier level is NOT only defined by power and cooling supply only • There are four main categories to assess – Architectural • 23 sub categories • 104 criteria – Electrical • 24 sub categories • 69 criteria – Mechanical • 10 sub categories • 35 criteria – Telecom • 1 sub category • 12 criteria
  10. 10. TIA-942 Tier Considerations ™ Extensive process to assess compliance to the requirements of the standard Architectural ™ Over 2,600 criteria 9 9 9 9 9 9 Architectural Electrical Mechanical ƒ Security ƒ Safety Telecommunication Maintenance Documentation Electrical Mechanical Site selection Parking Multi-tenant occupancy within building Building construction Building components Roofing Doors and windows Entry lobby Administrative offices Security offices Operations Center Restrooms and break room areas UPS and battery rooms Required exit corridors Shipping and receiving areas (Holding areas) Generator and fuel storage areas Security Security Access control/monitoring Bullet resistant walls, windows & doors CCTV monitoring Structural General UPS Grounding TVSS Emergency Power Off systems System Monitoring Battery configuration Flooded types batteries Battery room Rotating UPS systems Standby generating systems Load-bank testing Equipment maintenance Labelling General Water-cooled systems Heat rejection Chilled water system Heat rejection Air-cooled system HVAC/CRAC control system Plumbing (for watercooled rejection) Fuel oil tanks Fire suppression Telecoms Documentation General Redundancy Diversity Cabling Labelling Regulatory documents Document management policy and system Drawing review Security Maintenance Service contracts Service structure Pro-active maintenance
  11. 11. Can you Find the 10 non-compliances in this row... Lets Take The Quiz
  12. 12. The 10 non-compliances ... No sign indicating presence of fire extinguisher Not suitable for the computer room Single power outlet should Be duplex Cabling not compliant to TIA568 and TIA606 No blanking panels Contaminating material No security for rack No cooling in front of rack No security for rack No Hot/Cold aisle
  13. 13. Data Center Cycle End to end Data Center Specialized Professional Services & Technology Solutions
  14. 14. Data Center Solutions
  15. 15. Single Point of Contact Datwyler represents the primary and master solutions.
  16. 16. The Data Center Software & Applications App IT Physicals Network / Security / Systems & Storage Structured Cabling , CCTV, Access Control Environment EMS, Security, Safety, BMS, Leak Detection Energy & Electromechanical Cooling , Power, UPS, ATS, Generator , Electrical Site & Civil Business Model / Design / Platform Strategy Location Site / Civil Material & Civil Works Feasibility, ROI, Business Modeling Design Concepts , Platform Selection Strategic Direction, Strategy Statement
  17. 17. DATA CENTRE NON-IT INFRASTRUCTURE Power System Generating Sets Cooling and HVAC Systems Physical Infrastructure Physical Security Fire Detection & Suppression Network Infrastructure Computer Room Air Conditioners Construction Elements Electronic Security Systems Electronic Fire Alarm Metallic Cables Chiller plants Raised Floors Air Handling Units w. Heat Recovery Access Control Systems Suspended Ceilings Air Sampling Smoke Detectors Camera Units, CCTV Fixed Fire Extinguishing Systems Fuel Systems UPS DC Systems and Batteries Control Systems HV Switchboards Transformers LV Switchboards Wiring and Cable Paths Humidifiers Circulation Pumps Thermal Storage Systems Piping Systems IT & non-IT Racks EMC Protection Other Security Doors Fire Resistant Sealing Fire Resistant Flap Valves and Claps Monitoring Environmental Monitoring Optical Fibres Patch Panels KVM Switches Measurement Instruments for IT Networks Communication Paths, Data Acquisition Monitoring Servers Software Remote Monitoring Local Surveillance Centre
  18. 18. Data Center Civil Works Building Data Centers from ground up! Offering total data center buildup from architectural, structural, civil, exterior and interior works to smart isles, raised floor systems, rated walls, doors, partitions, suspended ceilings for all data center specific civil and ground work requirements.
  19. 19. Data Center Civil Works Raised Floor • Two types of floors – Die formed welded steel construction – Die formed welded steel shell with cementitious core • Other Type – Wood filled floors – Calcium Sulphate filled floor . • Top finish is normally HPL – High Pressure Laminate
  20. 20. Data Center Civil Works • European Standard BS/EN 12825 – The raised floor must be capable of withstanding a uniform load of 1,220 kg/m2 or a load of 454 kg on any 6.5 cm2,with a maximum deflection of 2.5 mm • UK-PSA MOB PF2 standard (Property Services Agency) – Light : 1.5kN over 25mm2 (PL), not more than 6.7kN/m2(UDL) – Medium : 3.0kN over 25mm2 (PL), not more than 8.0kN/m2 (UDL) – Heavy : 4.5kN over 25mm2 (PL), not more than 12kN/m2 (UDL) – Extra Heavy : 4.5kN over 25mm2 (PL), not more than 12kN/m2 (UDL) – Also sustain a total load of 11kN applied equally on four points, each point 25mm2 on a 200 x 200mm square area • US-CISCA (Ceiling and Interior Systems Constructors Association) • NFPA 251, Fire resistant for at least 1 Hour • IEC-61000-4-2, Anti-static properties – Medium Grade : approx. 13kg/panel - 35kg/m2 – Heavy Grade : approx. 15kg/panel - 40kg/m2 – Extra Grade : approx. 18kg/panel - 50kg/m2 – Airflow Panel : approx. 7.5kg/panel - 25kg/m2
  21. 21. Data Center Cooling Data Centre Cooling Cooling is one, if not, the most important factors for data center's
  22. 22. Data Center Cooling Operation Difficulties Hot Spots, Air Mixtures, Statics
  23. 23. Data Center Cooling CRAC DX as well as Chilled Water precision Computer Room Air Condition systems offering reliability and robustness. ™ In-Rack & In-Row Offering side coolers, top coolers, bottom coolers directly attached to the IP 54 racks for direct in-rack and open racks for in-row precision cooling solutions for data centers. ™ Chillers & Nature Utilizing chillers, ground-source cooling to maximum use of ambient air and other natural sources to provide energy efficient cooling to data centers. ™ ™ Raised floor cooling tiles Additional cooling demand with zero footprint.
  24. 24. Data Center Cooling
  25. 25. Data Center Cooling Classical Data Center CRAC cooling CCU / CRAC - Computer Room Air Condition systems
  26. 26. Data Center Cooling High Density Cooling; Water/Fluid Cooled Rack • Fully ducted supply and return, local rack cooler – Collect equipment exhaust air – Provide cooling coils in the rack – Specialized rack – Heat removal by water or refrigerant – “Flexible, Movable” – Fire suppression considerations • Limit: 18-35 kW per rack
  27. 27. Data Center Cooling Open Loop and Closed Loop Cooling
  28. 28. Data Center Cooling Open Loop and Closed Loop Cooling
  29. 29. Data Center Cooling Row Cooling • Row Cooler brings the cooling equipment closer to the heat load • Flexible solution • Can be deployed without raised floor and in low ceiling rooms • Relative high noise levels • Water leakage for water based systems
  30. 30. Data Center Cooling High Density Cooling: Aisle containment • Cold air is the only air able to come in the area • Limit; 20kW and above • Note: – Fire suppression systems need to be modified to ensure they are able to operate directly into the enclosed cold aisle area
  31. 31. Data Center Cooling Cold / Hot aisle containment
  32. 32. Data Center Special Cooling Solutions solar cooling systems Solar Cooling Systems
  33. 33. Solar Cooling Systems The sun collectors are equipped with vacuum tubes. The heat is getting collected to a hot water buffer tank. The hot water is getting pumped to the absorber cooling machine where through a chemical reaction the warmness would be changes to cooling (near without mechanical power, only a pump). The cold water can be used for air cooling systems (closed control unit or direct rack cooling systems).
  34. 34. Solar Cooling Systems
  35. 35. Data Center Special Cooling Solutions Raised floor & Cooled Tiles Optimize the space when space limitation is your main limitation, Available in CHW & DX Type
  36. 36. Data Center Special Cooling Solutions
  37. 37. Data Center Special Cooling Solutions Demand controlled ventilation panel • Automatc opening and closing depending on heat load
  38. 38. Air on Demand
  39. 39. Even more demand
  40. 40. Data Center Smart / Safe Bunker Racks • Ballistic Protection • EMI/RFI Shielding • Antiseismic / vibration springs 40
  41. 41. Data Center Electrical Works Data Centers Electrical and power needs! Offering total data center electrical and power work requirements, including switchgears, ATS, STS, distribution panels, isolators and industrial power plugs to power your racks and equipment's .
  42. 42. Data Center power modularity Data Center Power System
  43. 43. Data Center power modularity Uninterrupted power supply ( UPS ) • Two main type of UPS technologies are used in data center environments • Static UPS – Build up out of electronic components such as rectifier, inverter, control logic and batteries • Dynamic UPS – Build up out of mechanical components such as diesel engine, power generator and flywheel (kinetic storage)
  44. 44. Data Center power modularity Static UPS • Relative complex power and control electronics • Requires a controlled environment • Requires batteries – Need to be replaced typically every 3-4 years for 5- year design life and every 7-8 years for 10-year design life – Chemical waste – Unknown cost factor (SLA batteries price increased 30-50% over the last few years due to lead pricing) • One of the oldest UPS technologies used for data center environments • Available in 500VA – 800kVA in single systems
  45. 45. Data Center power modularity Dynamic UPS • Only available in higher kVA ratings 600kVA – 3,000kVA • Heavy (e.g. 600kVA could weigh approx. 8 Ton) • More noisy • Relative simple design setup • No need for batteries • No need for controlled environment • Long life span • Good efficiency
  46. 46. Data Center power modularity Static UPS Technology • Offline : Only to be used at non-critical PC level • Line Interactive : Only to be used at non-critical workstation level • True Online Double Conversion : Only option for Mission Critical Facilities • Others (i.e. Delta Conversion, Hybrides etc) • European Norm for classification of UPS systems: EN50091-3 / IEC62040-3 – VFD-Class (Voltage and Frequency Dependent) – VI-Class (Voltage Independent) – VFI-Class ( Voltage & Frequency Independent) • ONLY VFI-Class UPS systems are a good fit for mission critical data center's
  47. 47. Data Center power modularity Main Battery Types • Three main technologies are used – Flooded cell – Sealed Lead Acid (SLA/VRLA) – Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  48. 48. Data Center Environment Monitoring System Intelligent monitoring system which can be installed into any critical room within your business premises. It continuously monitors the environment and critical support equipment. This system can alert you to any problem immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  49. 49. Data Center Fire Suppression System Minimizing damage and reducing harmful combustion by products Waterless - FM200 / Novec/ Inergen Fire Protection ™ Detect and suppress fires within 10 seconds, minimizing damage and reducing harmful combustion by products. With incipient fire detectors and intelligent alarm panels, waterless Fire Protection system can detect overheating electrical wire before it reaches flash point.
  50. 50. Data Center Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression • Halon 1301 – Production ceased after 1st of Jan 1994 – In Europe all systems based on Halon had to be de-commissioned before 31st of Dec 2003 – Depletes the Ozone layer • Banned in most countries – Some countries allow usage on a re-fill only basis
  51. 51. Data Center Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – One of the lowest priced clean agent – Very effective for fire suppression – Lethal at total flooding concentrations (34%) – Severe health problems at lower concentrations – Cost effective installation and maintenance • Not allowed to be used in most countries in occupied areas
  52. 52. Data Center Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression • FM200 (HFC-227) – Not harmful to humans in itself • Harmful gas will develop when FM200 is “burned” – Advisable to leave area when FM is released – Gas not clear during discharge – Tanks should be reasonably close to data center – Leaves no residue – Takes up the least amount of space, next to Halon – Widely used in data centers – Some countries do not allow, or restrict, the usage of FM200 such as Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland etc. – Under review in other countries
  53. 53. Data Center Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression • Inergen (IG-541) – Composed completely of naturally reoccurring gases. – Not harmful to humans – Clear during discharge – In-expensive to recharge – Very high pressure gas – Pressure valves need to be installed in room – Large storage required (approx. 10x ) – Tanks can be far away from computer room – Allows for zoning
  54. 54. Data Center Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression • Argonite – IG55 – Environmental neutral – Not harmful for humans (limited time exposure) – Reduces oxygen levels down to approx. 12.5% – Relatively fast acting – Relatively in-expensive
  55. 55. Data Center Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression • Novec – 1230 – Very new fire suppression – Cost effective installation and maintenance – Very effective for fire suppression – Clear gas – Environmentally safe
  56. 56. Data Center Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression • FE13 (HFC-23) – Quite new fire suppression – Cost effective installation and maintenance – Very effective for fire suppression – Allows high Nozzles (up to 25ft, other 12ft) – Not harmful to humans in itself but toxic byproduct
  57. 57. Data Center Fire Prevention System Eliminate the risk of fire to start ™ Fire prevention system offers active fire prevention. The oxygen content of a room is controlled using a patented conditioning technology. The reduction is so precise that in a given room a fire cannot start yet people can continue to be present without any side effects. This oxygen reduction is aided by nitrogen, which is generated from normal atmospheric air.
  58. 58. Data Center Fire Prevention System A New Dimension in Smoke Detection TITANUS systems have been developed from the very successful TITANUS range. TITANUS has been developed as a simple and low cost air sampling system replacing point smoke detectors where; o access is likely to be a problem o demanding aesthetics require no ceiling accessories o the risk environment is too harsh A new and high power LED light source means the system sensitivity can also be increased to protect smaller EDP applications. To maximize flexibility the system is available with either one or two detector modules. High Sensitivity TITANUS has excellent response behaviour to all EN54 test fires. Depending on application a high sensitivity of up to 0.05 % /m light obscuration can be set. This sensitivity level is capable of providing early warning in smaller EDP applications.
  59. 59. Data Center Fire Prevention System
  60. 60. Data Center Security System Security Systems • Security has to implemented at various levels – Physical layer (perimeter, building, data center..) – Infrastructure layer (network, servers etc.) – Organizational layer (people, process etc.) • Security is limited by the weakest link…
  61. 61. Data Center Security System Biometrics latest biometric security access technology restrict physical access and through programming of authorized person‘s finger print in the biometric. ™ CCTV Cameras ensures security by using CCTV cameras to monitor and record the events on critical areas. ™ Reinforced Entry points reinforce beyond building code requirements. Entry points are kept to a minimum and each exterior door is reinforced, alarmed, access controlled and viewed by a dedicated fixed camera. ™ Card Reader The card reader security access technology restrict physical and only authorized personnel will be having the access card to make an access to a specific room. ™
  62. 62. Data Center Security System Feel Secure .. With Us! We design data centers to be as secure as possible against unauthorized access, theft, fire and other physical threats. System monitors the physical security of data center 24/7 via biometric technologies, CCTV and physical alarm systems.
  63. 63. Data Center NOC The Network Operations Center Provides total NOC architecture and setup including space design, console fixtures, and audio visual systems, network and support infrastructure, monitoring and managed services, as well as installation, documentation, and training. We delivers and maintains network operations center that are fully capable of controlling operations, support and preventive maintenance engineering and management services to ensure functional reliability and facilities’ critical systems, infrastructures and applications.
  64. 64. The open platform for building and security management
  65. 65. The open platform for building and security management
  66. 66. Modular Mobile Data Centre – All-in-One Solution - complex critical infrastructure integrated in 20 ft or 40 ft containers – High reliability and pre-installation of technologies - Plug and Play concept – Fully integrated CRAC system – Fast deployment, easy transportation, start-up and operation – Environmental conditions – Ambient Temperature in MEA – Dust & Humidity solution
  67. 67. Modular Mobile Data Centre Modern Design – Flexibility and Modular Architecture – single configuration – container farms – Double utilization of the footprint – Scalability/ systems modularity - optimized TCO – IT Vendor Neutral
  68. 68. Modular Data Centre Park Modern Design • Tailor made approach • No building requirements - just concrete slab • Computer Room units • • 10 kW/rack 46 U • • Up to 17 racks in one unit LAN / WAN Critical Infrastructure units • • • Cooling: DX / CW TIER II or III Other critical infrastructure aspects • Fire suppression • Monitoring • Access control, ..
  69. 69. Thank you!