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  • Fun Brain also uses games; however, It can be used for higher grades and higher concepts like identifying nouns. It explain what forms of nouns and so you can understand grammar while playing a game
  • This website has all the subject but I like the reading because it has games and videos on sounds. I think this was is way cool because the video and you can sing a long with them.
  • Starfall is for Kindergarten to 2nd grade. It gives them the foundation by playing games. They use sight words and rhyming words games to help the child learn.
  • This site has many games to help with all these concepts. I really like that it has the standards on what the games help with while playing the games. I think knowing the standards is very important especially when your child is in school its all the teachers and government talk about.
  • Soft schools are worksheets that can be used by teachers and for parents. The websites have games also and they keep track of your improvement.
  • This website is like quizzes but it times you and when you get a wrong answer it explains why you got it wrong. The child gets to try the answer again and then if gets it wrong it shows how to do the problem.
  • Jump start has apps that can go on the Ipad and it can be monitored on how your child is doing on the concept that the child is weak at and it will help the child grow to be stronger on concepts. The website also has printable for teachers and parents.
  • Art Express teaches art through lesson plans to the teachers and the mother. It also gives standards of what grade should be learning.
  • Kids is a website that has so many features. The children can tour a museum, make there own art work, learn names of artists. This site has so many options for children to explore and even have games to play.
  • This website introduces to graphic art and 3d which is pretty cool. This is the first to graphic arts and you get to play with a snowflake all the way to changing colors to make bright vibrate pictures.
  • Kids past has games, textbooks on everything in the history. The best part is it has very interesting facts about history and also quotes of history.
  • This site has information on ancient history and how people lived in the past. This has great facts and very interesting picture. Teacher can use this when teaching about a certain history.
  • This site is great because you can practice on music, match instruments, and even make up a band. This would be great to learn key term and the names of the instruments. This also help them understand beats and rhythms.
  • This site has songs for every subject to teach concepts. Songs help children learn better and is better for there memory. The songs are in every subject.
  • This site gives ideas about games, has books, and lessons plans on teaching physical Education. Teachers can put ideas on site to help other teacher to be creative. I think helping out teachers are greatness of this site.
  • This site has games that teaches about sports and you can have contests. This gives them the term logy of the sports and the importance of physical activity.
  • This site is for teacher and parents for projects that are assigned in school. The project can be for the science fair or just an assignment. The site also has games for the children.
  • This site has lots of information on all the science subjects. It has videos, games, documentaries on the subjects. This site would be great for the classroom at the end of a chapter.
  • This site has everything for the teacher and the student. There is facts, games, projects, and lessons. This site would be great for all the teacher and it even has lessons for all grades.
  • This has printable spelling test, flash cards, and even games for children to help with the memorizing the words. Great for children who are struggling and the parent can even put the words that they need to study.
  • This site is for ages 2-6 years old. The spelling on this is great and it help all the students. The only downfall is that is cost a monthly fee. It has games and puzzles and spelling games for the children.
  • Learning website

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