After Earth


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After Earth

  1. 1. After Earth
  2. 2. Production Will Smith conceived this story when he was watching the television show called I Shouldn't Be Alive. It was originally not a science fiction story but about a father and son crashing their car in the mountains with the son having to go out and get rescue for his father.  Smith then decided to change the setting to 1000 years in the future, which imposed a higher budget.  Smith had his production company Overbrook contact Gary Whitta with a simple log line for a film.  Whitta fleshed out Smith's idea and pitched it to him, subsequently becoming the first employee on the project.  Smith contacted M. Night Shyamalan on August 6 to persuade him to direct his film with his son Jaden as the star.  Sony Pictures Entertainment has a first-look deal with Overbrook, so it was expected to be the studio home for the film.  Shyamalan later suggested the film would feature other members of the Smith family.  In December 2011, Columbia Pictures, signed Will and Jaden Smith to star in the film with Shyamalan directing.  They visited sites like the Arenal Volcano, hot springs and a lake, and some beaches to find a location.  50% of the filming was to take place at the new Sun Center Studios in Delaware County. Other locations would be in Costa Rica, Utah and Northern California.  After Earth became the first film from Sony to be both shot and presented in the emerging 4K digital format.  On April 19, 2013, Shyamalan announced that the release date had been moved a week earlier to May 31, 2013.  
  3. 3. Distribution      After Earth is distributed by Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. (CPII) is an American film production and distribution studio, that is part of the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony. It is one of the leading film studios in the world, a member of the so-called Big Six. It was one of the so-called Little Three among the eight major film studios of Hollywood's Golden Age. The studio, founded in 1918 as Cohn-Brandt-Cohn Film Sales by brothers Jack and Harry Cohn and Joe Brandt, released its first feature film in August 1922. It adopted the Columbia Pictures name in 1924 and went public two years later. The name is derived from "Columbia", a national personification of the United States, which is used as the company's logo. In 1982, the studio was purchased by Coca-Cola; that same year it launched TriStar Pictures as a joint venture with HBO and CBS. Five years later, Coca-Cola spun off Columbia, which was sold to Tri-Star as the latter became Columbia Pictures Entertainment. After a brief period of independence with Coca-Cola maintaining a financial interest, the combined studio was acquired by Japanese company Sony in 1989.
  4. 4. Music
  5. 5. Marketing The estimated worldwide marketing budget for After Earth was approximately $100 million.  Initial marketing began online with an internet marketing campaign on Facebook and Google+, including a teaser trailer.  An image of Jaden's character in costume was released online on February 15, 2012.  Later in the year, a theatrical teaser was released alongside a trailer.  On March 12, a modified version of After Earth's theatrical teaser was released as the official trailer.  The official trailer was broadcast as a TV Spot during late May 2013.  Sony Pictures opted to feature Will and Jaden Smith prominently in the marketing campaign.  On April 24, XPRIZE, Sony and Overbook launched the XPRIZE After Earth Challenge, a robotics competition to promote the May 31 release of After Earth.  The film premiered on May 29 at Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City.  Sony Electronics hosted an exclusive 4K screening of After Earth at the Paramount Studios Theater on Friday May 31 during the 2013 Cine Gear Expo in Hollywood.  ESA and Sony are holding the After Earth competition to win the opportunity to go to Bordeaux, France and have a 'space experience' in weightlessness on a 'parabolic' flight on Novespace's ZERO-G aircraft. 
  6. 6. Books  After Earth: The official novel of the epic film After Earth  After Earth: Innocence  After Earth: United Ranger Corps Survival Manual  After Earth: Kitai's Journal
  7. 7. Box office During its opening weekend, After Earth took in $27,520,040 in box office receipts in North America and $2,535,685 in South Korea.  Sony Pictures projected a launch of around $38 million, but the actual number was 16.6% lower than the lowest pre-release expectation of $33 million  On Thursday opening night After Earth made $1 million estimated at 3,401 locations from 9 pm.  Taking into account the popularity of principal actor Will Smith, the disappointing finish led The Wall Street Journal to call it a "flop".  The Hollywood Reporter reported Sony insiders estimate a potential loss at about $20 million if the film does not gross high overseas, though estimates of top executives at several rival studios are much higher.  On the worldwide release the following week, After Earth took in an estimated $45.5 million in 60 overseas markets.  After Earth made an estimated total of $48.6 million at the international box office.  A review states that After Earth ‘crashed and Burned’ at the US box office. 
  8. 8. 4K screening    Ryan Nakashima of Associated Press was generally impressed with the film's 4K resolution picture quality. Though the visual-effects, shots that comprised about a third of the movie were done in 2K resolution to save on cost and time. Scott Wilkinson of AVS was similarly impressed by the visual effects "Even sitting too far away, the movie itself looked gorgeous—sharp as a tack with beautiful colours. The smallest details, such as Jaden Smith's character in the far distance, somehow looked clearer than I would have expected under normal circumstances; I got the distinct impression that the image could have been blown up by quite a bit and no detail would have been lost. The CGI animals did look a bit artificial, but that didn't bother me very much at all."
  9. 9. Home media  After Earth was the ninth top-selling DVD and Blu-ray in the United States on the week commencing 11/04/2013.  It was also the top rental.
  10. 10. Reviews    Some reviews for After Earth were positive but most of the reviews I have read have been negative. One good review I found on the website common sense media ‘Parents need to know that After Earth -- which stars Will Smith and his son Jaden and was directed by M. Night Shyamalan -- is a scary monster movie with a few dead bodies and some blood. The alien monster is grotesque, overpowering, and able to trick humans into feeling fear, and viewers see a few of his human victims impaled on tree branches. No main characters die, but a majestic eagle who saves a boy's life sacrifices its own to do so, and viewers see animal carcasses. Punctuating the exciting and violent sci-fi action are laughs and scenes of strong family warmth and bonding, strong role models, and positive life lessons learned.’ One bad review I found was on the website rotten tomatoes ‘After Earth is a dull, ploddingly paced exercise in sentimental sci-fi -- and the latest setback for director M. Night Shyamalan's once-promising career.’