California health insurance health care obamacare


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California health insurance health care obamacare

  1. 1. HEALTH CARE Obama Care: Whats in it for Me?The recent changes in the health care industry in U.S. have manywondering what’s in it for them. Sunny Sethi explains. CaliforniaHealth Insurance.The Good: Since the very beginning of President Obama’sterm, fixing the broken health care system was a highpriority for his administration. On March 23, 2010 hesigned a bill into law that could potentially change theway the health services are delivered in the U.S. There isa lot of confusion in the market as no one reallyunderstands the full scope of the bill, things keepchanging in Washington almost on a weekly basis andpeople like me who make living in the health careindustry are not sure what the future really holds for us. ©
  2. 2. Here’s an explanation in simple words so it makes some sense. Graduating Students: The job market is tough for the new college graduates. Earlier, you had to be a full time student if you wanted tostay on your parents planafter age 19. Also, you couldonly stay on their plan till age24. With new reform, an adultchild can stay on the parent’splan till they turn 26-years-old, irrespective of whetherthey are full time student ornot. That should provide somerelief to many families as theirchildren leave college andhunt for jobs in a tightmarket.Rescinding Coverage: Insurance industry announced thatcompanies would honor a new ban on canceling the coverage of sickpolicyholders. Many insurance companies were blamed that theycanceled coverage for sick policyholders. Even if the change isdesigned to improve reputation, it is another indication that reformis taking hold and benefiting Americans. ©
  3. 3. Preventive Care (Annual Physical): All insurance companies now are required to offer the preventive services i.e. annual physical exams and tests related to the physical such as glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol screening at no cost to the insured. Be careful though as some employers are allowed to opt out of some of these benefits so please check with your employer. Guaranteed Child OnlyCoverage: Children cannot be denied coverage any more. In thepast, children suffering from pre-existing conditions were not ableto get coverage in the individual market. This left children reallyvenerable and often they had to use the government plans or visitemergency rooms as uninsured patients. Starting October 23, 2010,a child applying for coverage cannot be denied for pre-existingconditions. Unfortunately, for adults this law does not go into effecttill 2014. ©
  4. 4. California Pre-ExistingCoverage Plan: TheState of California hasestablished a pre-existingcoverage insurance plan(PCIP). The plan catersto adults that have pre-existing conditions andcannot get coverageelsewhere.Small Business Health Tax Credit: Employers with fewer than 25workers and an average salary of less than $50,000 can receive upto 35% in tax credits. But some small employers say they arereluctant to offer coverage because they fear the law might bechanged.Some of you reading this might be thinking that it all sounds goodbut what’s bad about this law? How does it affect my taxes or howdoes it affect the already struggling economy of this country? All arefair questions; unfortunately the answers will be quitedisappointing. I will talk about the bad in the next month’s issue.If you want to know more about Health insurance in Bay AreaCalifornia free to call Mr. Sunny Sethi @888-704-8243 or visit ourMatrix Insurance Agency. ©