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Get on Wheels, Get on an SUV


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On road or off road, the all new Mahindra XUV 500 gives you the best experience throughout your journey. Let us know the specifications of a perfect SUV to suit yourself

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Get on Wheels, Get on an SUV

  1. 1. Get on Wheels, Get on an SUV
  2. 2. Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Gone are the days when a car was more of a luxury. Now however it forms a major part of the necessities an individual is need of. There are many types in cars as per the purpose they meet and ones requirements. Cars are majorly classified as sports utility vehicle (SUV), hatchbacks and sedans. SUV are however catching up on popularity for more than one reason. They are stylish, spacious and comfortable and can be even counted as a car for a big family. Putting light on this thought let us explore the all new SUV from the house of Mahindra. XUV 500.
  3. 3. Price: The price of the car plays a very vital role in deciding upon which one to buy, especially if a car is one of the major investments you intend to do. This offering from Mahindra comes for anything between Rs 10.84 lakhs to 14.66 lakhs.
  4. 4. Performance: The second factor that majorly comes into play. This car is available in both petrol and diesel version. And with regards to performance it meets all the requirements. Also the six-speed gearbox means higher cruising speeds on the highway as well.
  5. 5. Exterior & Designs: The designs and exterior look more of a grab on the cheetah. The chiselled looks of the car are designed in such a manner that it gives a better hold on the road and also makes it a safe option when on wheels.
  6. 6. Wheels & Brakes: The car comes with a five-spoke 17 inch alloy wheels having tyres of size P235/65R17. The wheels are radial and tubeless. With all that the car is infused with one is indeed to hit the top speed with the car. Keeping this thought in mind Mahindra has given a robust set of brakes to keep you going with the fun and adventure.