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5.4 penalties for children


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Penalties for children

Published in: Education
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5.4 penalties for children

  1. 1. PENALTIES FOR CHILDREN Crime: Young Offenders
  2. 2. What is the aim of penalties for children? The primary aim of a court when imposing a penalty on a child or young person is to rehabilitate them and give them an opportunity to rebuild their lives and hopefully not reoffend.
  3. 3. What are the options for police? Warning Formal Caution On-the-spot fine Youth Justice Conference Court
  4. 4. What are the options for Courts?
  5. 5. Issues?  Exposure to court is a bad thing; youth who have appeared in court are more likely to reappear than those who have never been  Indigenous youth are twice as likely to be sent to court (rather than warned or cautioned) than their non-indigenous peers  Fines are not a deterrent for poor people  Control orders: 48% of the juvenile justice budget is spent keeping juvenile offenders in custody ($541 a day)  Indigenous youth are 17 times more likely than non-indigenous to be under supervision or in detention