How To Create Buyer Personas - Painlessly!


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Do your eyes glaze over when someone asks you to describe your buyer persona? This one tip will help boost your marketing success!

We'll walk you through creating a simple buyer persona in no time.

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How To Create Buyer Personas - Painlessly!

  1. 1. Create Buyer Personas Painlessly!
  2. 2. If You're Thinking About Inbound Marketing, You Need to Identify Your Buyer Personas. But it Doesn't Have to Hurt. Clearly identifying your buyers in a way that enables you to reach them in a meaningful way and motivate them to action is extremely important - a cornerstone to your marketing efforts. So, how can you create a profile, outlining a specific set of traits, behaviors, goals, and motivators, without becoming overwhelmed by the technicalities? It can be as simple as thinking about an actual favorite customer (or two or three). So, do that now - think about one happy customer you really enjoy working with. Got it? Good! Let's proceed with our example persona. In our example, you're a software provider, but the outline works for any kind of business.
  3. 3. Think About your Favorite Customer, Thomas. HELLO MY NAME IS Thomas
  4. 4. What Makes Him Your Ideal Customer? HINT: It's not his fabulous smile, but do use a photo it makes him more real. Industry Employees Recruiting Gross Sales $2.5M 100 Age 34 Job Title VP of Sales Personality Passionate about sales, Thomas also has a great sense of humor. Loves Doctor Who and his dog, Pepe.
  5. 5. What Are His Goals & Challenges? Goals Fill more executive positions. Find more .net programmers. Challenges Lack of qualified candidates. Not enough brand exposure.
  6. 6. Think Back to The Sales Process with Thomas What concerns did you have to address? Price Learning Curve Established Relationship with your competitor.
  7. 7. Where Does He Get His Information?
  8. 8. What does Thomas do in his spare time? What goals does he pursue in his personal life? Travel with Family Retirement Planning
  9. 9. Now What? Buyer personas can get much deeper than this, but even now, you have a pretty good handle on our imaginary Thomas. Think of him every time you market your business. Every ad you create, every blog post you publish, and every social media update that goes out should speak to one or more of your personas. Because you know Thomas' interests and where he gets his information, you should also adjust WHERE you're publishing, both online and in print. Share your personas with all your employees, and invite them to make changes or add new personas using the same method you used. Keep adjusting as needed.