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Twitter bootstrap

  1. 1. Presented by,
  2. 2. In the earlier days of Twitter, engineers used almost anylibrary they were familiar with to meet front-endrequirements. Inconsistencies among the individualapplications made it difficult to scale and maintain them.Bootstrap began as an answer to these challenges andquickly accelerated during Twitter’s first Hack week.With the help and feedback of many engineers, Bootstraphas grown significantly to encompass not only basic styles,but more elegant and durable front-end design patterns.This release represents our first public 1.0 release and theopen sourcing of many months of hard
  3. 3. Why use Bootstrap Bootstrap remains very easy to implement; just drop itin your code and go. Compiling Less can beaccomplished via Javascript, an unofficial Macapplication, or via Node. Once complied, Bootstrap contains nothing but CSS,meaning there are no superfluous images, Flash, orJavascript. All that remains is simple and powerful CSSfor your web development
  4. 4. When you take a closer look at Bootstrap, you willnotice we have separated the development filesinto seven distinct
  5. 5. 1. reset.less A CSS reset originally made by Eric Meyer and modifiedfor our use to remove unnecessary elements.2. preboot.less Color variables and mixins for things like gradients,transparencies, and transitions to simplify vendox-prefixed CSSblocks to one line of code each.3. scaffolding.less Basic and global styles for generating a grid system,structural layout, and page templates.4. type.less Headings, body text, lists, code, and more for a versatileand durable typography
  6. 6. 5. patterns.less Repeatable interface elements likenavigation, modals, popovers, and tooltips to take youbeyond the default scaffolding styles6. forms.less Durable styles for various input types, formlayouts, and control states.7. tables.less Styles for tabular data in a number of
  7. 7. Why it works At Twitter, Bootstrap has quickly become one of ourmany go-to front-end tools when starting newapplications and sites. This is because while it is veryextensive, it’s flexible enough to work for many uniquedesign needs. Today, you can use Bootstrap to throw together quickprototypes or guide the execution of moresophisticated designs and larger engineering efforts. Inother words, Bootstrap is a very simple way to promotequick, clean and highly usable
  8. 8. Bootstrap 2 brings a plethora of changes and new featuresto the toolkit, many added as a result feedback from thecommunity.In addition, much of our work was guided by ourexperiences of working on’s latest redesignwhere we created a flexible and durable design system.We took the same approach to Bootstrap 2 and cameaway with more features, better documentation, smarterdefault styling, and
  9. 9. Here’s a look at some of the most prominentchanges: Completely overhauleddocumentation for nearly everycomponent A brand new Customize page totailor your Bootstrap experience New 12-column, responsive gridsystem New table styles with a commonbase class for improvedcompatibility with other tools New, simpler alert messages New form styles with smarterdefaults, requiring less HTML Icons, graciously provided byGlyphicons New, smarter navigationcomponents New buttons, buttongroups, and button dropdowns New javascript plug-ins likecarousel, collapse,
  10. 10. For Psd to Twitter Bootstrap Services, please