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Kitchen zinc contest_case_study

  1. 1. a contest is worth thousands of interactions
  2. 2. > About social media promotions > Why create a social media contest? > Does it really work? Let’s review Kitchen ZINC’s success > Tips to build a successful social media promotion agenda
  3. 3. social media promotions
  4. 4. > It’s community-based public relations > Low cost option for the chance of extreme word of mouth > Ideal platform for spreading the word about your promotion and brand > Uber viral: • invite + share with friends • promote with friends in newsfeeds • communicate with updates + notifications to encourage return visits why social media promotions rule 4
  5. 5. why create a social media contest?
  6. 6. More than 80% of all internet users have entered at least one sweepstakes or contest within the past year and 50% enter them at least once a month*. Interactive promotions like sweepstakes, contests and give-aways are a form of marketing that consumers actually like. *Jupiter Research why create a social media contest?
  7. 7. > Build a company's fan base or mailing list > Introduce a new product > Drive traffic to your website > Gather customer feedback or user stories > Simply build your brand awareness how can a social media contest help?
  8. 8. Make Your Own Pie Contest
  9. 9. Before you do anything, you have to set your expectations + goals... 1. Create buzz 2. Low budget 3. Generate more in-store sales like a good pizza, it all starts with the base...
  10. 10. Kitchen ZINC Brainstorm + Research: Q. What kind of contest will engage the audience + match your brand? A. Creativity, photos + recipes Q. What do people want to win? A. Free pizza + bragging rights! Q. What have competitors done? A. Nothing locally think about it
  11. 11. Now establish the nuts + bolts of the contest: > Set the nitty gritty contest guidelines > Determine timeframes > Establish how judging will be handled > Decide on prizes make a plan
  12. 12. Set up the contest: > Determine how you are going to implement the contest > Make sure there are multiple points of entry cross-platform > Use all available options from program to allow access to contest make a plan
  13. 13. Contest Details: PHASE 2: THE PUBLIC VOTES TO DETERMINE WHAT YOU NEED TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY: THE 5 FINALISTS • Name your perfect pizza April 12-21, 2010 • Recipe • Description of your pie and why we should • People can vote for one submission once choose your creation per day. • Photo of pizza [optional] • People can vote for submissions with by simply clicking the "Vote Now" button. PHASE 1: ENTRIES ARE SUBMITTED March 15-April 15, 2010 • Submissions are displayed according to most popular and most recent. contest details
  14. 14. Contest Details [continued]: PHASE 3: FINALISTS AS SPECIALS FOR PHASE 4: THE WINNERS ARE ANNOUNCED IN-STORE VOTING May 12, 2010 April 26 - May 4, 2010 There will be 5 winners—1 grand prize, 1 We will take the top 5 finalists as runner up and 3 honorable mentions— determined by the online community, that announced at a celebration event! meets the criteria, and run them as actual specials. People will have the ability to vote for the winners ONLY in-store. contest details
  15. 15. Make a marketing plan: > How will you promote? > Who are you targeting? > What is your marketing budget? > How will you create a consistent image for the contest? > Can you use any existing marketing/advertising contracts or expenses? get the word out
  16. 16. Kitchen ZINC’s Marketing Plan: > Emails > Facebook ads > PaperG ads/NHI > Media advisories > Google Adwords > In-store promotions [check presenters, posters, etc] get the word out
  17. 17. > Between March 15-May 15, people flocked to Kitchen ZINC's website and Facebook page to enter the Make Your Own Pizza Contest. > Over 94 entries qualified for voting in the finalist phase. > Over a 10 day period, the top 5 finalists pulled in 2355 votes combined, and the top 10 brought in 3694 votes! > Greatly increased bar + food sales during contest > The entire budget stayed under $500 for new contracts [existing contracts used to minimize new expenses] the results
  18. 18. golden rules for success
  19. 19. 1. Define your marketing goal 2. Get creative 3. Offer the right incentives + create urgency to submit 4. Make entering easy + readily available 5. Promote your contest—new + traditional media 6. Keep the audience interested + engaged 7. Measure! 7 tips for success
  20. 20. This presentation will be available online: > > thank you 20
  21. 21. questions? Ali Parmelee 203.777.2800