ELE Template Presentation<br />1<br />ELE Overview<br />
ELE Template Presentation<br />2<br />Why Choose ELE?<br />20+ years hands on experience within sales, account management ...
ELE Commitment<br />
ELE Values<br />
Customer Focused Options<br />
ELE Template Presentation<br />6<br />Delivering what you want<br />Coaching	       Assessment		Evaluation<br />
ELE Template Presentation<br />7<br />Workshops<br />
Experience<br />
ELE Template Presentation<br />9<br />Leadership Comments<br />Thank you for such an excellent session ...the way in which...
ELE Template Presentation<br />10<br />Delegate Comments<br />For me personally you have had more impact and influence on ...
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  • Experience Learning Excellence (ELE) Limited has a wealth of experience in the Sales and Account Management arena. ELE’s main objective is to work in partnership with clients to develop a clear effective measurable training strategy that is robustly linked to business goals that can be handed over for in-house delivery as required. ELE believe that it is essential to provide real world solutions bespoke to your company’s needs and that also meet the needs of your clients,
  • Experience Learning Excellence (ELE) Limited offer sales and account management training solutions that deliver your desired results. The options available are dependant totally on your requirements and needs and ELE’s ultimate aim is to handover the solution to your team within a realistic time frame to allow you to continue to manage and drive your results. The options available include:1 A complete Sales/Account Management Training Journey – ELE is a company that will become your own in-house training team. After the completion of an initial assessment of the current sales and account management situation mapped against your business goals and strategy ELE will design and deliver a bespoke training journey for your company that can include:A comprehensive Blended Induction Programme for Sales and/or Account Management that will include company, product and sales knowledge and is evaluated and measured to an agreed standard for all new hires.A bespoke Sales Process that is measurable and linked to Performance review and development plansA bespoke Sales Training Programme based on Consultative SellingA suite of workshops that drive business and performance goalsAn evaluation programme that will measure training against performance A Train the Trainer Programme to hand over delivery of the core programmes to your business (if required)A Leadership Coaching programme designed to drive performance and learning through 1-2-1s, Personal Development Plans, Mentoring and self learning.On going consultancy to ensure your sales/account management training is in line with your business strategy and drives revenues.ELE will provide an independent Sales and Account Management Consultancy Service that will analyse your current training solutions effectiveness and diagnose current and potential future challenges that impact your effectiveness and efficiency. By working with all key stakeholders, ELE will develop a comprehensive sales/account management training strategy that will support both long and short term business goals and drive revenue growth.ELE have a suite of Sales and Account Management Workshops that have been proven to drive sales/account management professionalism, efficiency and support business results. The workshops can be bespoke to your business requirements and will be delivered and evaluated by ELE.ELE can deliver a bespoke Evaluation and Coaching programme to ensure your sales and account management professionals have personal development plans that encourage and measure significant improvement. The tool will provide a clear snapshot of an individual’s current skills mapped against the teams skills and will provide evidence of areas of strength and areas for improvement. Through coaching and self learning your sales professionals will be able to upskill in their required areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Ele Presentation Final

    1. 1. ELE Template Presentation<br />1<br />ELE Overview<br />
    2. 2. ELE Template Presentation<br />2<br />Why Choose ELE?<br />20+ years hands on experience within sales, account management and leadership<br />Training Consultancy and support for In-House Sales and or Account Management Training start up or development<br />Bespoke Sales and Account Management Programmes designed to deliver success<br />Train the Trainer Handover Programmes<br />Single Point of Contact<br />
    3. 3. ELE Commitment<br />
    4. 4. ELE Values<br />
    5. 5. Customer Focused Options<br />
    6. 6. ELE Template Presentation<br />6<br />Delivering what you want<br />Coaching Assessment Evaluation<br />
    7. 7. ELE Template Presentation<br />7<br />Workshops<br />
    8. 8. Experience<br />
    9. 9. ELE Template Presentation<br />9<br />Leadership Comments<br />Thank you for such an excellent session ...the way in which you were such an outstanding example of best practice of the principles you were imparting was especially impressive – Development Director City of London Sinfonia<br />Ali has developed, implemented and executed a high class training programme for our commercial force across the continent . It has been a real pleasure to work with Ali– VP Sales Continental Europe IME<br />Ali has an exceptional ability to turn complex strategy into training and L&D programmes which deliver a significant return for her customer - Comms Manager<br />Ali’s strengths include her creativity and her practical and pragmatic approach to finding solutions that are business orientated and that add value to sales professionals – Senior Sales Manager FedEx<br />You are always way ahead in creating and evolving programmes that will meet the needs of the IME sales teams now and in the future – Sales Director IME<br />
    10. 10. ELE Template Presentation<br />10<br />Delegate Comments<br />For me personally you have had more impact and influence on my working life than anyone else and you have changed the way I work. <br />You are without doubt the best and most inspirational trainer I have had the pleasure to work with.<br />Ali was extremely professional but very down to earth at the same time. Her training manner got everyone involved - Presentation Skills<br />Brilliant Course thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot believe the day went so quick – Public Speaking<br />I have to say that over the 31 years that I have been working and attending numerous training sessions your days were the best.<br />This has become possible all because of you the trainer like you is rarely available<br />