Camera de Comercio Timisoara - Rumania


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Camera de Comercio Timisoara - Rumania

  1. 1. TIMIS CHAMBER OFCOMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE Your partner for successful business!
  2. 2. Timis CountyFAVOURABLE AND PRIVILEGED LOCATION The most Western county of Romania, situated in the triangle whereRomania neighbours Serbia and Hungary 10 European capitals are at a distanceof about 500 km from Timis County:Bucharest, Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava,Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Skopje, Vienna,Zagreb member of DKMT Euroregion part of the West Development Region
  3. 3. WEST DEVELOPMENT REGIONCreated in 1998 as territorial unit with no administrative authority.Area: 32,028 sq kmPopulation: 1,939,514 ARADMunicipalities: TIMISTimișoara, Arad, Lugoj,Resita, Caransebes, Deva,Hunedoara CARAS - SEVERIN HUNEDOARA
  4. 4. Contribution of West Region to the national economy/GDP/inh./region 35012,1ZONABUCUREȘ TI 15920,2ZONACENTRU 14946,6ZONA N-V 18570,1ZONA V 12463,2 Timis County ranks theZONA S-V 13374,6 3rd in the country afterZONA S Bucharest and Ilfov. 13569,7ZONA S-E 10295,8ZONA N-E 0 10000 20000 30000 40000 Source: Timis County, Trade Register Office
  5. 5. Contribution of West Region to the national economy/GDP/inh./county 75 2, 3125000 4 24 5 ,7 62 33 23 8, 1820000 38 9, 44 14 1315000 Timis County ranks the 1st in10000 West Region/GDP.5000 0 CARAS-SEVERIN HUNEDOARA ARAD TIMIS Source: National Institute of Statistics
  6. 6. Timis CountyGENERAL INFORMATIONSURFACE: 8697 km2 (the largest county of Romania) AGRICULTURAL LAND: 699470 ha (the largest in the country)POPULATION at 1.01.2009: TOTAL: 676.360 inhabitants Urban: 422.558 inhabitants Rural: 253.802 inhabitantsETHNICS at 18.03.2002: Romanians (83.4% ), Hungarians (7.5% ), Germans (2.1%), Roma (gypsies ) (2.4%), Ukrainians (1.1% ), Serbians (1,95%) and others. Source: National Institute of Statistics
  7. 7. Timis CountyA DYNAMIC ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTA complex and diversified industryMain industrial branches: machine engineering, mechanics, electronicsand electrotechnics, chemicals and petrochemicals, textiles, leather-footwear, wood precessing and food industryIndustrial and technological parks and platforms
  8. 8. Timis CountyTHE GATEWAY TO WESTERN EUROPEThe most dense railway (787 km) and road (2859 km) network3 border crossing points: Stamora-Moravita, Cenad, JimboliaTimisoara International AirportImportant center of high technologies, IT and communication • Leading companies in the sector • University technological potential
  9. 9. Timis CountyAN INTERNATIONAL WAY OF LIVINGPlace of encounter for several communities, languages, customs andculturesMajor university and research centre: 4 state Universities, 6 privateUniversities, 460 schools, 40.000 students, 100.000 pupilsCentre of culture and arts: Opera House, National Theatre,German Theatre, Hungarian Theatre, French/Italian/German/PeruCultural Centres, publications and RTV stations in Romanian, German,Hungarian, SerbianMajor diplomatic centre hosting 13 consulatesLeading financial and banking centre
  10. 10. Timis CountyVALUABLE HUMAN POTENTIAL high performance in international competitions high percentage of technically competent professionals highest growth rate of IT specialists in the region strong language skills: English, French, German, Italian, Serbian, Hungarian etc. highly skilled labor force
  11. 11. Timis County AN ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT POTENTIAL COMPANIES REGISTERED IN TIMIS COUNTY - 1991 – June 2010 - 7.810; 16%  48.938 companies registered with Timis County Trade Register, of wich 7.810 are JV or foreign companies, with partners in 80 countries.  1272.16 million dollars foreign nominal capital subscribedRomanian capitalForeign / Joint capital 41.128; 84% Source: Timis County, Trade Registered Office
  12. 12. Main foreign investors in Timis County - by nominal capital subscribed Total 901.253.748 mil euro (decembre, 31 2010) 6 5 .45 .54 76 86 62 9.5 4.4 SUA 3.619 16 .3 9 OLANDA 2 .61 154 GERMANIA 32 ITALIA 0.7 92 12 2.1 LUXEMBURG 79 51 77 82 1.6 AUSTRIA 0.6 57 6.7 85. 0 10 DANEMARCA 6.4 .51 .47 .49 27. 45 24 59 75 FRANTA 11. 8.4 ELVETIA CIPRU 1 Source: Timis County, Trade Registered Office
  13. 13. Main foreign investors in Timis County - by number of companies Total 7.756 companies ( december, 31 2010) 2977 ITALIA3000 GERMANIA2500 AUSTRIA UNGARIA2000 FRANTA 1514 SUA1500 SIRIA1000 SPANIA 542 SERBIA 500 276 268 209 157 138 106 100 OLANDA 0 Source: Timis County, Trade Registered Office 1
  14. 14. Turnover structure/localities in Timis County Source: TCCIA
  15. 15. TIMIS COUNTY IMPORTS & EXPORTS (mil €) 3500 ,3 41 ,5 ,8 57 26 31 ,7 23 3000 28 29 25 ,3 Import CIF ,2 31 13 2500 20 22 Export FOB 2000 1500 1 1000 3, 55 500 8 8, 51 0 Export FOB 2006 Import CIF 2007 2008 Trim.I 2009 Source: Timis County, Trade Registered Office
  16. 16. Welcome to Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and AgricultureTimis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is aautonomous organization, non-governmental self-financed, whoseactivity is designed to promote economic interests of its membersand help them, according to the requirements of a competitivemarket economy.It has over 850 active members.
  17. 17. GOALLeader of the business community aimed at improving thecompetitiveness of its membersMISSION STATEMENTRepresents the interest of its members and of the businesscommunity;Provides high quality client-oriented services for a long-lasting andcompetitive development
  18. 18. MEMBERSHIPJoining the Chamber ensures that you are a part of the TimisCounty business community and provides acces to a trulyunique network, as well as great opportunities for yourcompany to reach aut with your products and services.Membership in Romania is optional.
  19. 19. FROM TRADITION TO MODERN TIMES- 18th of March 1850 - establishment of Timisoara Chamber of Commerce,Industry and Agriculture upon High Decision of Franz Josef I, Emperor ofAustria- 26th of March 1990 - re-establishment of TCCIA- 12th of May 2005 - Inauguration of Timisoara Regional Business Centre
  20. 20. Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture from tradition ... to modern times…Main pages of old history:- March 18th 1850 – Minister Von Brück submits to H.M. Emperor Franz Josef the law concerning thefoundation of chambers of commerce which will be favorably approved the very same day;-March 30th 1850 – The Official Gazette states: “The decree of Minister Von Brück on the 26th of March 1850is enforced in the entire empire and it officially makes public the provisory law issued by H.M. Emperor FranzJosef regarding the foundation of chambers of commerce and industry”. The decree also mentions the 60regions to have chambers of commerce. Article 32 names the province of Vojvodina and Banat with the city ofTimisoara as headquarter of the chamber of commerce, having as circumscription this administrative districtand a number of 20 members;- October 1st 1850 – The foundation of Timisoara Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the official nameof “ Craftsmanship Chamber for the Serbian and the Romanian region of Banat”, covering three districts inBanat and two in Vojvodina;- December 5th 1871 – The organization in Budapest of the first general meeting of the imperial chambers ofcommerce;- September 19th – October 3rd 1891 – Timisoara holds the first industrial and agricultural fair of Banat;- 1922 – Ioan Oprea, PhD is appointed the first Romanian President of Timis CCI;-1924 - 1925 – The construction in Timisoara of the Chamber Palace at 3, Victoria Square;- February 24th 1949 – The National Assembly of the Popular Republic of Romania issues Decree no.74regarding the abolition of territorial chambers of commerce and the transfer of their patrimony in the Stateproperty.
  21. 21. Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture from tradition ... to modern times…Timisoara CCIA is the first chamber of commerce in Romania to:- create a Department for European Integration;- edit the BANAT BUSINESS monthly economic gazette;- implement the quality system;- initiate and implement the concept of „front office” and the „business stock exchange” portal;- offer its members free of charge e-mail addresses;- set up several competitiveness centers and networks: Regional Center for the Promotion of IndustrialProperty Protection, Zonal Center of Standardization, Regional Center of Competiveness, Centre forTechnological Information COMPETECH, Regional Office for the Promotion and Certification of Clusters, BanatRegional Center for Sustainable Development, Enterprise Europe Network Centre.
  22. 22. Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture from tradition ... to modern times…In the period 2005 - 2010, Timis CCIA has:- launched 12 fair and exhibition premieres;- organized 16 editions of the Company Top of Timis County, most remarkable economic event in WesternRomania;- organized more than 1000 series of training courses;- organized five editions of ECONOMIC MIX MEDIA and launched two radio economic shows;- initiated and established the Association of Chambers of Commerce in Western Romania, the Association ofChambers in DKMT Euroregion, the Protocol of Cooperation of Chambers of Commerce in the historical Banat;became founder member of Danube Chambers of Commerce Association;- hosted the annual consultations of Romania–Austria Consultative Economic Commission;- taken part in first session of Brussels European Parliament of Enterprises and the 4th Session of the JointRomania–Hungary Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation;- founded the Romanian-Hungarian work group in the field of alternative energies;- organized joint trade missions and exchanges of European good practices in Austria, France, Italy andHungary;- been awarded numerous prizes and diplomas for the excellent management of financed projects;- carried out an impressive number of financed projects aimed at developing the regional economic andbusiness environment and elaborated complex analyses and studies.
  23. 23. EVENTS The Chamber rich event calendar provides unique networkingopportunities: - seminars, conferences, workshops, symposiums, fairs andexhibitions, training courses, company presentations, businesspartnerships, trade missions etc. BUSINESS SERVICES Business information and documentation Professional assistance and consulting services
  24. 24. SERVICES Information and documentation; Business contacts with national and international companies,institutions, organizations (trade mission and businesspartnerships); Organization of economic events: presentations of companies,institutions or products/services; conferences; seminars;symposiums; debates; workshops; video-conferences;
  25. 25. SERVICES Assistance and consultancy in applying for and /orimplementing financed projects; Fairs and exhibitions Training courses Commercial Arbitration Electronic Archive for Secured Transactions
  26. 26. TIMISOARA REGIONAL BUSINESS CENTER An investment of Timis Chamber of Commerce, Industryand Agriculture: intended to be a logistical and resource support for organizingevents dedicated to the regional business environment ; designed at international standards and conceived as a multi-functional two-storied building, with 5150 sqm. of which 3500 sqm.on the groundfloor; easily accessed and located in the centre of the city .
  27. 27. TIMISOARA REGIONAL BUSINESS CENTER 10 rooms for business meetings, economic events, seminars,equipped with modern high-tech system (presentation, simultaneoustranslation) with a capacity about 60-80 persons/room; Spaces for exhibitions equipped at international standards, 1600squares meters inside and 600 squares meters outside; “Europa” conference room equipped with multimedia systems with acapacity of 250 - 300 places; Internet connection – 100Mb/s; 160 car parking lots; Food and catering services.
  28. 28. THANK YOUPlease visit usat Timis Chamber of CommerceIndustry and AgricultureVictory Square 3, 300030