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  1. 1. No. 18/19—SUMMER - FALL 2007 WALKATHON A SMASH SUCCESS Annual fundraiser brings in over $5000 By Aikin On September 27, 2007 Springboard had it’s 7th Annual Walkathon at Ash Bridges Bay. When we got there, everybody got their t- shirts and then we got ready for the walk. After everybody got back we all had our lunch, which was really good and also healthy. We had ham, turkey and veggie sandwiches and for desert we had a cake, which was made by Paul’s dad, Fred and it was so delicious. After lunch it was time to give out the prizes for the top three earners and I was the top earner with a total of $1007. I got really cool prizes like an Opera- tion Springboard jacket, a portable DVD player, a t-shirt and a free lunch at The Gin- BYE-BYE BEARD german restaurant. I also got a choice to By Jorhan have free lunch with any staff of my choice Staff Dan Boyer promised and I got a cap from CHUM FM I had so SOAR participants that he much fun, I can’t wait until next year! would shave off his beloved beard if they raised $5000 for the Walkathon. Dan SOAR HIGH EARNERS: thought $5000 was a lot. AIKIN - $1007 Who could possibly raise all JANA - $310 that money!?! MATTHEW L. - $300 ROBERT - $250 N NOW! THIS IS DA DOUBLE ISSUE
  2. 2. SOAR CITIZEN No. 18/19—FALL - SUMMER 2007 COMMUNITY AN EX-CELLENT TIME By Maria TAYLOR CREEK PARK We went to The Ex and we looked at the games Taking care of our community and we played games. We saw a dog show and By Sarah and Ashley won stuffed toys and had lunch. We walked in the stores and saw horses walk along the side of the On Friday we went to the Taylor Creek Park with street. We went back to SOAR and talked about Claire, Kevin and Scott. We put the mulch into the the Ex and went home. pail and poured it around the trees with Claire. we went on a nature walk with Claire and she had lunch with us. We learned about seeds and pulled out bad weeds (“Invasive species”). After that we talked about bird calls and sounds with Kevin and built a birdhouse. We put the bird house on the pole and after that we put the bird house near the trees with Scott and Kevin. We worked on the bird calls with Kevin. We learn about all kinds of birds. GOLF TRIP RIGHT ON PAR By Misty The exte nded p ro gram g o es golfin We went golfing with Meaghan and Cavelle at the g golf course. We went to Loblaws to eat our lunch first. After lunch we went to the golf course to play golf. My ball went into the water last year and this year my ball didn’t go in the water. My ball was purple. Last year my ball was purple. Everybody SPORTS had fun at the golf course. NEW LEAFS PLAYERS By Ken ARTS AT THE HEART Are you a Leafs fan? If so, catch this! New players By Sarah for the Toronto Maple Leafs are... On Saturday we went to Arts At the Heart. We Scott Clemmensen (40) looked at the paintings, jewellery, clothes and Jason Blake (55) Mark Bell (07) bags. We went to the Eaton Centre to look at mu- Simon Gamache (39) sic and videos at HMV and had lunch. Also, we Vesa Toskala (35) saw a robot that moves around if you pay him. Derrick Walser (38) They have a sculpture and artworks we can buy Tony Salmelainen (20) and take home. I enjoyed the music at the con- Darryl Boyce (50) Robbie Earl (52) cert.
  3. 3. SOAR CITIZEN No. 18/19—FALL - SUMMER 2007 LIFESTYLE HOBBIES DATING ADVICE By Navaid By Evan ALYSSA - Reading books, dancing and listening to music Give them a tour of your house then ask them IAN - Listening to music, reading books, dancing what they do with their spare time. Always tell and singing them your first and last name. Don’t tell them your cell phone number, they might drive you bonkers! PAUL - Playing basketball and relaxing in the hot Don’t start buying [gifts] yet, wait for the holidays. tub Take them out to see the sun set. Take them MICHELLE - Walking and collecting stickers home to make sure they get home at the right time. Play it smooth, it will bring you luck. That’s MATTHEW L. - Listening to music, singing, playing all folks. the piano, acting and playing basketball SHAUN - Drawing RYAN - Swimming, listening to music, hiking, housework and watching wrestling on TV JAMES - Computers JAMIE - Singing, dancing, reading and playing board games JON ROSS - Playing PSP and Watching TV HAIR CARE TIPS ROBERT - Watching TV and listening to music By Susie SHAUNA MARIE - Crossword puzzles, reading magazines, exercising, watching TV and movies Have a frizz problem? Get this: and playing sports Fantasia Frizz Buster Gel JUNIOR - Drawing and playing sports Fine or thin hair? Try this: EVAN - Bowling and watching TV Alterna Life Volumizing Spray Gel SUSIE - Watching TV, talking on the phone, baby- sitting and going to the movies MY BABY KEN - Watching hockey on TV, playing video By Kadian games and watching TV from 7:00pm-12:30am I am a participant at the SOAR program and now I STEPHEN - Washing dishes, setting the table and have a baby. I like playing with him and I can’t taking tennis lessons wait until he starts walking. Have one when you JANA - Bowling, swimming and playing golf are ready.
  4. 4. SOAR CITIZEN No. 18/19—- SUMMER - FALL 2007 MY TRIP TO INDIA TRAVEL By Minoli MY COTTAGE I went to India for a vacation and I had a lot fo fun. I got to meet a lot of cousins in India and they By Misty were good and friendly to us. Me and Jaiwin Anna went for a walk in the park. We went to church I go on the boat with mom and my dad and my and played a lot. They are fun to talk to. Me and mom’s friend, Tom. I swim in the water at my cot- my cousins hang around a lot. In India they have tage. I go to the bonfire with mom and dad. I went beaches, shopping, food stores and they also for walks with mom and dad. I go shopping to buy have a lot of animals walking on the street. We food for me and my mom and my dad and my cat stayed at Divine three days for a church trip. In eats cat food. I go for dinner with my mom and India we go to church in the morning and at night. grandmother and grandfather and my mom’s sis- They have a movie to watch everyday at night. I ter. I canoe with my dad. I saw a beaver in the wa- enjoyed my vacation in India. ter. We are going to Algonquin Park to go on a trail. I feed chipmunks. I go on long walks at night. I go to the stores to buy chocolate ice cream. I go with my grandmother and grandfather and mom and my day play games until midnight. VOCATIONAL HABITAT FOR HUMANITY COTTAGE LIFE By Shaun By Matthew W. We are halfway done on nine houses and there I stayed in Port Hope up North at my cottage. Fri- will be nineteen in total. We should be done by day to Sunday is the Georgian College Auto Show Christmas, then we’re building ten more. We in Barrie. I am going. I like looking at all the new have people from different companies come and cars. donate their time to help us build houses plus schools. I now have experience in safety and I’m a hero because I helped with a serious car crash EAST YORK MIRROR that happened across from my work last month. By Robert NEW PLACEMENTS I like working for the East York Mirror depart- ment because the customers are very friendly JON ROSS - Kornelia’s Korner to me when I deliver my flyers and I like get- ting paid every month and I have been doing IAN - Kornelia’s Korner this job since April.
  5. 5. SOAR CITIZEN No. 18/19—- SUMMER - FALL 2007 ENTERTAINMENT CANADIAN IDOL HALLOWEEN By Dianna By Dzidra This season of Canadian Idol was excellent. Brian My review is of the movie Halloween (2007). I Melo from Halifax won. Mom and I thought that JD thought I’d rate the movie from 1-10. My rating is from Alberta would win but he didn’t, he lost. He 5. This is because the movie is a remake of the should have won. I am upset that JD lost but it first one. I liked the movie since I love horror mov- was a close race between Brian and JD. ies. I can’t wait until they make another Halloween remake but I hope it is better. TOP 10 SCARY MOVIES HOROSCOPES By Dane and Dzidra By Misty, Jeremy and Ashley 1 Halloween H20 ARIES 2 Scream Watch a movie at home. 3 Dawn of the Dead (2004) TAURUS 4 Saw 3 Stay at home for vacations. 5 Freddy Vs. Jason GEMINI 6 Jason X Look out for a monster coming to get you. 7 Halloween (2007) CANCER 8 Seed of Chucky You are going to haunted houses for Halloween 9 Slither night. 10 Final Destination 3 LEO You are getting a new girlfriend (or boyfriend). VIRGO SEED OF CHUCKY You are going on vacation and off to New York City LIBRA By Michelle You are getting new cats. You’ll be happy today. SCORPIO Chucky is a doll who kills people. An old friend is coming to see you today. He’s not nice, he’s mad. Chucky SAGITTARIUS gets married to Tiffany. They have You will get a new ring. a kid. They found a house to hide CAPRICORN in. They found a girl named Jenni- You will get a new hat. fer. Jennifer has two kids, they are AQUARIUS twins. Tiffany changed into Jennifer You are going on vacation. You will be sad today. and her eyes turned green. I love it, PISCES it’s fun. You will get a new book today.
  6. 6. SOAR CITIZEN No. 18/19—- SUMMER - FALL 2007 HALLOWEEN Special Section SOAR PARTY By Aikin On October 25, 2007 SOAR will be having its annual International Pot Luck party. There will be staff and par- ticipants who will be dressing in costumes. There will be lots of good food like last year we had Chinese food, which was really good. There will also be good music and a lot of dancing and people taking pictures of every- one. Downstairs the hallway will be dark and will be decorated. It is going to be really scary, although last year I was not scared at all. I just want to say that it was a lot of fun. TALES O ZOMBIE WOODS TERROR F By Dane ! By day the woods is a nice quiet area where all the animals sing and play. At night the living dead come out to terrorize and feed on anyone who enters or stays in the woods. Chad and a couple of his friends Jay, Kelly, Mike and Kerri were going to go to Zombie woods HAUNTED HOUSE to relax and camp out. Mike thought that they should go down there and stay over night. They asked him why, and he told them about the zombies that come out at night and stay in at day and how they feed on flesh and brains. They didn’t believe him so they thought he By Jamie was joking. They went to the woods and the first night that they were there, Kelly had to go to the bathroom. On her way there she Cavelle, Sherry, Toni, Nadia and heard a sound behind her and when she looked there was nothing Fatima are going to a costume party there. When she turned back around a zombie took a bit out of her. at night time. Jorhan, Jason, Dan, Chad, Jay and Mike heard a scream. Jay went to go see what it Shannon and Brad are going out to was. Then from out of nowhere a pack of zombies came. They tore a party. Cavelle and Fatima are in Mike up. Kerri and Chad ran. Kerri fell and hit her head and the the Haunted house. Sherry is fight- zombie got to her. Chad was still running. He saw a barrel of toxic ing with a skeleton. The staff is waste then he realized what happened - That it spilled on the floor throwing candies on Halloween in a cemetery and that’s what happened. Just when Chad wasn’t night. All the staff are in the Haunted looking the zombies were right behind him. Chad tried to run but House to scare the people in SOAR. they caught him and had him for dinner.
  7. 7. SOAR CITIZEN No. 18/19—- SUMMER - FALL 2007 Special Section M OR E TALES O THE GHOSTS TERROR F By Dzidra ! Once there was a strange couple who lived in an old house. The house was said to be haunted! Four people went in the house and were never seen again. People say the ghosts took them. They saw dripping slime and heads floating around and skeletons. Anyway, new people have inherited the house. They were relatives of the ghosts. One night on Halloween they got all the candy and other stuff out. They told the trick-or-treaters the grapes were eyeballs. They had candy vampire teeth and juice disguised as blood. They left the stuff out for the kids. If they took too much of the candy the kids would disappear. No one knows what happens to them. The owners of the house were inside having a party with their ghostly relatives. Every year after Halloween the house would be deserted. It was as if no one lived in the house. No one dared to buy the house if they put it on the market. BOO! MEMORIES AFTER DARK By Ryan Based on true events! Navaid - That By Meaghan he lik es to dress up as an alien Shauna-Marie - She enjoys ha Once program is over and everyone signs out, SOAR she likes eatin ving fun and g food changes. It becomes quiet and dark and scary. It is Junior - He lik almost like a haunted house, with strange noises and es candy and al so like to danc e creeks. Once everyone leaves you can hear the peo- Shaun - He lik es eating cand ple who live above SOAR using their staircase. It al- y most sounds like someone is coming up the SOAR Kerry - Likes th e soar haunted house staircase from the basement. The water pipes are Susie - Dressin also very loud at SOAR when it is quiet. Sometimes I g up as a Greek with her friends girl and being think it is a waterfall on the other side of the wall and then I realize that it is just the pipes. The dishwasher Stephen - Dressing up as B atman is also loud once everyone is gone home. Sometimes Jam ie - Liked goin I think someone is doing the dishes. When I go to see een haunte g through the S d house OAR Hallow- if they need help I don’t see anyone there and I hear the dishwasher instead. Even though there are scary Matthew L. - Likes having fu likes scaring pe n and also he things at SOAR I am still really happy and excited to ople be the new Vocational Counselor.
  8. 8. SOAR CITIZEN No. 18/19—- SUMMER - FALL 2007 Special Section NEW STAFF My name is Meaghan and I am the new Extended Program Vocational Coun- RAMADAN selor here at SOAR. I am very excited to be here. Everyone is so friendly and By Alyssa always makes sure to say ’hello’ when they see me. Before program begins, at Ramadan starts on September 12. Muslims can’t eat food or break and at dinner we talk about all drink water from when the sun rises until the sun sets. People sorts of things like our favourite foods, can eat and drink when the sun sets. They have the big feast plans for the weekend or current and the people celebrate Eid on October 12. This is after 30 events. Being new to SOAR, it is very days of fasting. comforting to always have a very socia- ble group of people around me. Every- MORE IMPORTANT FALL DATES... one is friendly from the time they enter Sept. 23 ~ First Day Of Fall Oct. 08 ~ Thanksgiving SOAR until they sign out. Sept. 30 ~ Rosh Hashanah Oct. 31 ~ Halloween Sept. 22 ~ Yom Kippur Nov. 11 ~ Remembrance Day My name is Yewande and I am a Cen- tennial College Student. I am currently in my 2nd year in the social service pro- gram. I am completing my field place- HALLOWEEN WORD SEARCH ment at SOAR. Working at the program is a new learning experience. The staff at SOAR are great, helpful and encour- aging. I am willing to learn more during my placement time in order to further my learning as a social service worker. BABIES Congratulations Jason and Liisa on your new baby girl, Francesca! Congratulations Tanya and Abner on your new baby girl, Zoe!! GOODBYE Best of luck to staff Kelly (former Voca- tional Counselor) and Lee (former Relief Staff)! You will be missed! COSTUME FRANKENSTEIN WITCH HAUNTED VAMPIRE GRAVEYARD PARTY CAT MONSTER HEADSTONE SKULL TOMB SPOOKY SCARECROW TRICK MASK OPERATION SPRINGBOARD—SOAR COFFIN SKELETON MUMMY 1118 Victoria Park Avenue GOBLIN WEREWOLF TREAT Toronto, ON M4K 2K3 GHOST PUMPKIN CRYPT Phone: 416-913-1301 | Fax: 416-913-1304