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    Dear alina,

    I wrote you earlier but you did not respond to my mail. Like I wrote you earlier, I am Attorney Matiko Timbo, a lawyer by profession, based in Lome - Togo. In my first mail I mentioned to you about a late client of mine (a native of your country) who died with his wife and only child in an accident On the 21st of April, 2005, without any disclosed relative. I need your urgent assistance claiming the sum of U.S. $ 12,500,000.00 million belonging to my late client, which is deposited in a bank Togo. He was my client and a major supplier contractor for big oil companies.
    I am contacting you due to the similarity of your surname with my late client. Therefore, I am calling your attention because that the bank asked me to bring his closest kin.
    Indicate your interest by writing back directly to my e-mail: ( for more details.


    Barrister Matiko Timbo (ESQ.)
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Alina Schartner

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