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Serrano, Inc. Proposal MGMT 306


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Serrano, Inc. Proposal MGMT 306

  1. 1. Spanish and FrenchLanguage Courses A necessity for Serrano, Inc. By: Alina Marquez
  2. 2. Why Language Courses? We lost $80,000 due to language barriers We need to expand our business Unilingual executives make companies fail expansion aspirations 80,640 companies import and export goods & services
  3. 3. Let’s beat the competition We need our executives to speak:  French  Spanish Languages open the door to expansion
  4. 4. Language courses plan Spanish and French language courses for executives  Twelve weeks  Five days a week  Hours set by executives  Company headquarters’ facilities
  5. 5. Courses costs Spanish lessons cost for 7 executives  60 hours of lessons x $165 = $9900  No materials needed French lessons cost for 5 executives  5 sets x 1470 = $7350  $225 in materials
  6. 6. Total cost Twelve weeks of lessons for both languages:  $17,475 Full-time Spanish or French interpreter  $43,300 per year plus benefits  We would need one of each
  7. 7. Benefits More business deals and contracts Drive our profits up Build up executives’ confidence Personalized customer service Expand to other countries
  8. 8. Conclusion Spanish and French courses: Cost less than an interpreter Will help our company increase profits Will give us twelve bilingual executives