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About twitter


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About twitter

  1. 1.  What?= In twitter, photos can be share in whatever ways we want them to be shared, for example through mobile, desktop, webcam, browser extensions, email etc Why it is useful?= It is very useful because it will keep the followers entertained by uploading interesting stories through pictures about our life or surroundings rather than uploading texts all the way Limitation and benefits?= Twitter allows users to upload only one photo per tweet but it is unlimited to upload as many links to third-party app photos in a Tweet= The benefits are to let you share your stories in an interesting and fun way. It also helps your readers to understand more about the events, cultures, someone or something that you are trying to tell or share
  2. 2.  How do you get started? Begin a new Tweet on Click on the camera icon. Locate the image you want to upload on your computer After you select an image, youll see the image thumbnail and the camera icon highlighted in blue at the bottom of the Tweet box. Your character count will update to include the images shortened URL. Type your message and click Tweet. If you selected the wrong image or no longer wish to share that image, just click the x in the thumbnail or next to the filename to delete the current image Where can you find more info about it? = image-uploading-on-twitter#
  3. 3.  What?= Produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion: "a brainstorming session". Why it is useful?= To get opinions from others this will help our self to see something or someone in different views. It even helps us to solve some problems of our own Limitations and benefits?= There are no limitations of brainstorming in twitter= Benefits, for sure this brainstorming will activate and open up our mind and others about some particular topics Also it will automatically give us extra information
  4. 4.  How do you get started?= Just simply by uploading your tweet with your brainstorming questions1. Log in to your Twitter account.2. Type your Tweet into the box at the top of your screen3. Make sure your update is fewer than 140 characters4. Click the Tweet button to post the Tweet to your profile.5. You will immediately see your Tweet in the timeline on your homepage so people can start the brainstorming sessions Where can you find more info about it?=