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I love playing football


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Learn and review structure Love + Ving

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I love playing football

  1. 1. I love playing football i love watching football I love thinking of football I love talking of football I just love football
  2. 2. I love playing football. Image retrieved from: that-s-what-i-david-beckham-14411.jpg
  3. 3. He loves playing football too! Image retrieved from:
  4. 4. He loves swimming! Image retrieved from:
  5. 5. They love riding horses. Image retrieved from:
  6. 6. He loves riding horses too! Image retrieved from:
  7. 7. What do you love doing in your free time?
  8. 8. Now, try this….. • They love ______ • She loves ________ • He loves ________ Images retrieved from: q=tbn:ANd9GcSd0EvQ3e8SmO2c6tYmQrHv8PTF-cW3x40Mi8xobq0PvB48Ft7D,, blog-size.jpg
  9. 9. Now, try this….. • They love watching TV • She loves lying in mud. • He loves eating.
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