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Get involved section


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Get involved section

  1. 1. everything creative commons attribution 3.0
  2. 2. How do I Get Involved in Mozilla Project?
  3. 3. Get Involved group/page – Problems - too many projects (newcomers may be confused); - Large amount of documentation for a newcomer; - Reduced visibility of what/who we are (as a non-proft organization) - Reduced visibility of the worldwide community;
  4. 4. Next level of Get Involved Empower Local Communities Local community members Mozilla Ambassadors in their country Local community websites Mozilla Mission, Technologies, Projects in local language Get Involved A communication channel between local community leaders, Project leaders and newcomers Dynamic sections of “In what we are working this Week” ; Focus more on projects/campaigns/ events and local community needs rather than areas of interest;
  5. 5. Get Involved page/group – Next Steps - better defne “Who we are” - invite community members to discussion list - make visible local communities on Get Involved page ( ideas? ) - refne the current areas of interest / projects on - bi-weekly presentation focused on Community Engagement (led by community leaders) - regular research / survey on community activity status (involvement, new members, new local projects and campaigns); - Build the human base around Get Involved;
  6. 6. Get Involved on The Human base Develop the “Newcomers channel” concept: - group of community leaders - lead and guide newcomers - help local communities to develop their community engagement strategy - based on meritocracy - in the near future – integration with Values DIVERSITY , OPENNESS, LEADERSHIP
  7. 7. This is the frst step on defning a Get Involved strategy More to come at Whistler Summit Feedback needed Your story as a contributor needed Map of few local communities activity Contact
  8. 8. Contact Alina Mierlus AlinaM ( - #marketing) v Thanks all!