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  1. 1. Skimming
  2. 2. Skimming is high-speed reading that can save you lots of time To get the general sense of a passage or a book idha
  3. 3. Skimming You want to find out about the recent elections in America. There is a long news-paper article on the subject, but you don’t have time to read it idha
  4. 4. Skimming You need some information about the theories of Pythagoras. You have found many books about it and now you need to know which will be most usefull idha
  5. 5. Skimming You went to a movie last night and you thought it was terrible. You notice a review of that movie in a magazine today. You want to find out quickly if the reviewer agrees with you idha
  6. 6. Skimming You are reading a detective story and you are in a hurry to find out who the murderer is. The answer is the same for all the these situations: skim
  7. 7. Skimming How do you skim? Read only the words that will help you get the sense of the text. These are the parts that usually give the author’s ideas or opinions. Read the first paragraph quite carefully. The beginning often contains general information about the rest of the text.
  8. 8. Skimming If the text is long, you might also read the second paragraph. Sometimes the first paragraph is only an introduction and the second paragraph contains the main idea…………………………………
  9. 9. Skimming After that, you should look at the beginning of each paragraph……………………. maybe read a few word ……………………in the middle …………. Usually the topic sentence is at the beginning. But sometimes it maybe at the end………………skip some paragraphs……. not important………………
  10. 10. Skimming You should usually read the last paragraph more carefully. The author often summarizes the main idea at the end. These are the general rules about skimming. And this is all the text you need to read when you skim.
  11. 11. Skimming Guidelines for effective skimming Always work as fast as you can. Don’t let details slow you down Always keep in mind your reason for skimming Be flexible when you are skimming. How much you skim in a passage depends on your purpose and on the passage.
  12. 12. SkimmingSkimming Book Reviews one way to find out about a book is to read a review of the book in a newspaper or magazine. Book reviewers usually tell something about the subject of the book and give their opinion. However, sometimes they do not state their opinion directly. They give some hints about it and let the reader infer it.
  13. 13. SkimmingTerima kasih and sukses selalu idha