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reading power

  1. 1. Reading Power LOGO
  2. 2. Reading Power Reading for Pleasure Reading Comprehension Skill Thinking in English Reading Faster LOGO
  3. 3. Reading PowerWhy is reading important?3. Can help you learns to think in English4. Can enlarge your English Vocabulary5. Can help you improve your writing6. May be a good way to practice your English7. Can help you prepare for study8. Is a good way to find out about new ideas, facts, & experiences LOGO
  4. 4. Reading PowerReading for Pleasure Why read for pleasure? What are the advantages of reading for pleasure? Guidelines for choosing a pleasure reading book Hints for success in reading for pleasure LOGO
  5. 5. Reading PowerReading Comprehension skill Scanning Previewing and Predicting Vocabulary Knowledge for Effective Reading Topics Topics of Paragraphs LOGO
  6. 6. Reading PowerReading Comprehension skill Main Ideas Patterns of Organization Skimming Making Inferences Summarizing LOGO
  7. 7. Reading Power1. ScanningWhat is scanning?  Is very high speed reading  You have a question is in your mind  Do not read every word  Only the words that answer your question  Practice it, will help you to skip over unimportant words  You can read faster LOGO
  8. 8. Reading Power1. Previewing and Prediction When you gather information about a book by examining its cover, you are previewing. The aim of previewing is to help you to predict or make some “educated guesses” about what is in the book LOGO
  9. 9. Reading Power1. Vocabulary Knowledge for Effective Reading a. Guessing Unknown Vocabulary b. Guessing Meaning from Context in the Sentences c. Using Grammar to Guess Word Meaning d. Recognizing Words that Connect Ideas Three useful kinds of words to notice are pronouns, synonims and summary words LOGO
  10. 10. Reading Power1. What is a topic? When you read for the meaning, you should begin by looking for the topic. This helps you connect what you read to what you already knowIn order to find out the topic, ask yourself:“What is this about? What is the general idea? LOGO
  11. 11. Reading Power1. Topics of paragraph A paragraph is a group of sentences that are all about the same thing. That is, they all have same topic . There are 3 kinds of topic: best, too specific and too general LOGO
  12. 12. Reading Power1. Main Ideas The main idea of a paragraph is the author’s idea about the topic.It is always a complete sentence that includes both the topic and the idea that the author wishes to express about the topic. LOGO
  13. 13. Reading Power1. Patterns of Organization Four common patterns 2. Listing of related ideas or examples 3. Sequence 4. Comparison/contrast 5. Cause-effect LOGO
  14. 14. Reading Power1. Skimming  is high-speed reading that can save you lots of time  To get the general sense of a passage or a book LOGO
  15. 15. Reading Power1. Making InferenceSometimes the topic of a text may not be stated anywhere directly. You must look for clues and try to guess what the passage about.Like the question: what is “it ” ? LOGO
  16. 16. Reading Power 1. Summarizing is the retelling of the important parts of a passage in a much shorter form.Why summarize? To make sure you to make sure you have understood something To explain the sense of a passage to someone else To review texts for examinations LOGO
  17. 17. Reading Power Thinking SkillsIf you want to read well in English, you must think in English as you read.If you think in another language and translate from the English, you will always have difficulty with comprehension.Understanding the words and the grammar is not enough. You need to be able to follow the ideas in English. LOGO
  18. 18. Reading Power Reading fasterWhy read faster?There are two important reasons for learning to read faster; You can read more in less time You can improve your comprehension LOGO
  19. 19. Thank YouAllah bless us and Good Luck LOGO