Customized mobile applications, By MobiTrack. Location based mobile applications


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Enterprise mobile location tracking and customized applications which are provided and supported by MobiTrack.

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Contact details:
1131/240/176B, BSNL Telephone Exchange Road,
Raghvendra Colony, Behind IIMB,
Billekahalli, Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore-560076. India.
Tel : +91-080-40966782
Email :

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Customized mobile applications, By MobiTrack. Location based mobile applications

  1. 1. Copyright © 2009-2010
  2. 2. Company Overview MobiTrack has a vast experience in developing software and mobile applications. We develop software for various smart phones such as Android, Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone. Applications provide flexibility to business enterprises, employees and workforce.
  3. 3. Application Frameworks : Home Automation The users can easily take control of their smart homes from anywhere. Can manage their lighting devices automatically. Can manage remote door locks. Turn on or off any of the home appliances and much more.
  4. 4. Mobile Banking This application provides the user with all banking functions on their smart phones. Now, no more visits to banks rather you can operate all types of transactions on your mobile device within seconds. The user can easily check their account balance, transfer funds, or any other type of transaction. Mobile banking is a secured application as data can be stored under a password feature.
  5. 5. Mobile Coupons and Vouchers The coupons and vouchers are delivered on the mobile devices. These coupons on mobile devices present the entire detail regarding the store,discount, article etc. and are issued by manufacturers and retailers. These coupons and vouchers when presented in a store provides discounts or rebates on purchase of articles.
  6. 6. RestaurantsAny restaurant can launch this application to provide informationto the users such as: Restaurant details Ambience Menu Pricing Location and booking system etc.
  7. 7. Location based restaurant finder With the help of this application users can search restaurants on the basis of location, cuisine, category etc. It also provides the road map and the layout of the restaurant. This application can be modified according to the requirement of the restaurants.
  8. 8. Events This particular application let the users know regarding a particular event, list of attendees, speakers, exhibitors and registration option. Mapping facility helps the user locate the event location. This application is in control of backend and supports Android and Blackberry platforms.
  9. 9. M-commerce:This helps the user to conduct trade or any transaction such as: Purchase and delivery Price Category Payment gateway
  10. 10. Business intelligence: This is a technique which is used in analyzing business data, solving business problem, ways to improve business performance. It provides semi-structured and unstructured information on sales enhancement, decision making process and business performance. The solution offers scorecard, alerts, reports etc.
  11. 11. Order management system: This particular application developed to automate sales force i.e. control entire sales process which includes, pre-sales, post-sales, delivery, shipment etc. It will also help the business enterprises to maintain the record of customers and quantity ordered by them and order status. This application also helps in managing inventory thus reducing waste and cost of business enterprises.
  12. 12. Contact Us:Manav PatelIndia | Mobile : +91-9886892846, Tel : 080-40966782.Bengaluru | 24 x 7Visit Our Website : www.mobitrack.inEmail ID: info@mobitrack.inFollow us on : Id : MobiTrack