Primo pianoAlimentaria 2012 is promoted around the worldwith its ambitious international expansion plan                   ...
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Primo piano➥   Segue   da pag   98    distribution companies know, and    have visited, the show”.    Alimentaria is also ...
Primo piano➥   Segue   da pag   100    companies involved in the sector.    In 2012, the event will feature the    presenc...
Primo pianomeeting the consumption needs          the European level.                      Barcelona. During the event, Re...
Primo piano➥ food technologies, to take              try, which has performed favour-         verse monographic exhibition...
Primo pianothe food and drinks                     promotion of internationalisation,       their presence at the show and...
Alimentaria 2012 is promoted around the world with its ambitious international expansion plan. Foodmeat (Italia), enero 2012
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Alimentaria 2012 is promoted around the world with its ambitious international expansion plan. Foodmeat (Italia), enero 2012


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Alimentaria 2012 is promoted around the world with its ambitious international expansion plan. Foodmeat (Italia), enero 2012

  1. 1. Primo pianoAlimentaria 2012 is promoted around the worldwith its ambitious international expansion plan b Foodmeatdi RogeR MoRRis arcellona (Spagna). One of Foodmeat thanks to the Catalan Wines USA Foodmeat the core themes of the next Foodmeat Platform, specific activities will beThe show maintains edition of Alimentaria will be in- carried out in the US wine market, ternationalisation; Alimentaria Ex- to raise awareness of Alimentariaclose ties with ACC1Ó, hibitions, the event’s organising and the Intervin show, with eventsthe support agency for company, is developing commer- in Boston and Atlanta.the Catalan company’s cial action plans and promotion The business promotion centres worldwide, with support, along- (BPCs) provided by ACC1Ó aimcompetitiveness in side other activities, in the agree- to reaffirm and reinforce aware-its internationalisation ment with the main organisations ness of, and interest in, Alimen-strategy. for promotion overseas and pres- taria worldwide. One of the main ence at top events. The show will roles of these offices will be to take place from 26 to 29 March, gain potential professional visi- 2012, in the Fira de Barcelona’s tors and future participants in the Gran Vía venue. business meetings organised by Alimentaria Exhibitions has just Alimentaria via the Hosted Buy- concluded a collaboration agree- ers programme, which invites buy- ment with ACC1Ó in which the sup- ers from the field of distribution port agency for the Catalan com- and imports/exports to the show na spag pany’s competitiveness will help to set up contacts with exhibitingdalla to raise the profile of the show, companies. particularly in emerging markets. An example of the show’s expan- This alliance’s sphere of influence sion is the work carried out in ar- is found in the following countries: eas such as Southeast Asia and Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Middle East; as outlined by Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and the opinion of the director of CPN the Arab Emirates. Additionally, Dubai, Elie Anbar, “After a num- ber of years working together to promote the show and attract im- portant buyers to the area, Ali- mentaria, considered one of the most important shows in Europe, is now known around the Middle East”. Similarly, Jordi Maluquer de Motes, the director of CPN Sin- gapore, has shown great enthusi- asm for having been able to col- laborate with Alimentaria and work on promoting it. He believes that, despite the relatively low lev- el of awareness Southeast Asian companies have of the Spanish business industry, “Alimentaria is one of the few exceptions giv- en that many Asian food and drink Segue a pag 100 ➥ Foodmeat 98 dicembre 2011 / Gennaio 2012
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  3. 3. Primo piano➥ Segue da pag 98 distribution companies know, and have visited, the show”. Alimentaria is also supported by: Amec (Spanish acronym for the Multi-sector Business Associa- tion) to promote the show in Chi- na through its Shanghai office, and the Spanish Chamber of Com- merce in Miami, in charge of pro- moting Alimentaria 2012 in the global US market and forming a key part of the International Pro- jects developed by the show. presence around the world Hungarian, Turkish, Brazilian, Chil- an international press conference With the aim of consolidating and ean, US, Philippine, and the Neth- this coming autumn in Barcelona, increasing international exhibitor erlands embassies to promote which will join specialised journal- presence at Alimentaria and pro- the show in their countries and to ists from around the world. moting the participation of com- attract their participation. Conse- In the previous edition, the show panies from markets with diffi- quently, it is anticipated that over experienced an increase of 3% in cult access, the show’s organisa- the coming months new contact international participation since tion has unequivocally opted for with other delegations of interest around 33% (1,299) of the 4,806 the new coverage in the follow- will be established. participating companies came ing geographical areas: Russia, from overseas. In the area of in- the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, promotion of the ternational professional visitors, Malaysia, Australia, New Zea- industry’s main shows almost 36,000 of the 140,000 land, Saudi Arabia, the United Ar- Over the last few months the pro- were from other countries - more ab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan and file of Alimentaria has been raised than 25%. This confirms Alimenta- Morocco. on a global scale at the industry’s ria as an international commercial As a result, Alimentaria has de- main events, strengthening and operations centre for the food and cided to expand its network of in- consolidating the show’s interna- drink industry. ternational commercial agents tionalisation. Since September spread over five continents and 2010, the show has been promot- intercarn 2012 will currently spanning a sphere of in- ed at: World Food Moscow (Mos- reinforce synergies among fluence of close to 50 countries; cow, Russia), SIAL (Paris, France) shows to be precise, it has increased the Equip Hotel (Paris, France), ISM More exchange. More synergies. number of agents by 20% with re- (Cologne, Germany), Biofach More business opportunities This gard to the 2010 edition. Further- (Nuremberg, Germany), Gulf Food is what is in store at the upcoming more, the show has developed (Dubai, the United Arab Emirates), edition of Intercarn. The show will different types of communicative Foodex (Tokyo Japan), Prowein share its new location in Pavilion tools, most notably the 20,000 (Düsseldorf, Germany), European 5 at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Vía commercial brochures oriented Seafood (Brussels, Belgium) and venue with Interlact and Expobebi- towards the exhibitor and trans- Tutto Food (Milan, Italy). Over the das. In addition, the proximity of lated into five different languag- coming months Alimentaria will Intervin and Restaurama in neigh- es: Spanish, English, French, Jap- be present at Vinexpo (Bordeaux, bouring pavilions promises to of- anese and Chinese. France) and Anuga (Cologne, Ger- fer significant synergies among In line with this market expansion, many), among others. the shows and allow participants over recent weeks members of Furthermore, the show is develop- to explore possibilities for growth. the Alimentaria organisation have ing an international media promo- Intercarn brings together the stars held a series of interviews in Ma- tion plan that will feature in over of the meat product value chain drid with representatives from the 150 publications - industry refer- at an international gathering for Thai, Greek, Mexican, Ecuadorian, ence points - as well as holding Segue a pag 102 ➥ Foodmeat 100 dicembre 2011 / Gennaio 2012
  4. 4. Primo piano➥ Segue da pag 100 companies involved in the sector. In 2012, the event will feature the presence of leading firms in the industry such as Campofrío, ElPo- zo Alimentación, Noel Alimentar- ia, and Consorcio Jabugo, among others. Together with more than 400 other companies, they will present the best quality products from a top sector for international agribusiness. On its own merits, Intercarn is one of the shows that drives Al- imentaria, an excellent promo- tional event for the meat indus- try and its value chain. Intercarn 2012 is expected to occupy close to 12,000 m2 exclusively dedicat- ed to the extensive range of in- euros a year, 20% of Spain’s food cooked and roasted products, ternational meat products: cured industry—and exports to markets growth will come from products ham, sausage, fresh products and throughout the world are valued at with more added value, primarily different lines of prepared foods, over 2.5 billion euros a year. for the future development of the fresh meats and poultry products, poultry industry. New packaging among others. iberian pork products, an formats and technologies, as well international currency on as product lines suitable for con- internationalisation the rise sumers with celiac disease and is one of intercarn’s Iberian pork products have signif- other intolerances will be present- distinguishing features icant appeal for the internation- ed at the upcoming edition of In- The major international meat pur- al market. Exports of cured ham, tercarn. chasing markets attend Intercarn pork shoulder and packaged prod- to supply their domestic consump- ucts totalled 14,053 tonnes for the spanish meat industry tion. Meat distributors and retail- the first nine months of 2010 strengthens its presence ers in Japan, Germany, Russia, It- (3.3% more than the same pe- in the chinese market aly, United Kingdom, France, Unit- riod of 2009), according to data Spain is the European country ed States and China, among other from ICEX (Spanish acronym for with the most companies author- countries, have already been con- the Spanish Institute for Foreign ised to export to the Asian nation. tacted by the organisers of Inter- Trade). Traditional destinations Since the protocol allowing meat carn and indicated their interest such as France, Germany and Por- to be sold in China was signed in in returning to the show. The sig- tugal have been joined by coun- 2008, meat products have been nificant presence of internation- tries such as Chile, Japan, Unit- the number one Spanish export al participants is also a distin- ed States and others. Spanish to China, with 21 million euros in guishing feature of Intercarn’s ex- exports of cured ham have dou- the first half of 2010. Pork has ex- hibitors, 20% of whom come from bled in the past six years to over perienced the greatest growth, as abroad. 28,000 tonnes. China is the world’s top buyer of pork. Intercarn will welcome the a key sector for the innovative and competitive, major international pork traders. country’s industry the sector shines at In addition to visiting the pavilion, One of the top five industrial sec- intercarn they will be taking part in busi- tors in Spain, the meat industry is Companies bring the very best ness conferences and the Food & a true engine of the Spanish econ- products in their portfolio to Inter- Drink Business Meetings. omy. It ranks first in Spanish food carn, which is defined by a steady and drinks manufacturing—with infusion of new products and for- new consumption profiles turnover of more than 19 billion mats. In the area of fresh, pre- The meat industry is a pioneer in Foodmeat 102 dicembre 2011 / Gennaio 2012
  5. 5. Primo pianomeeting the consumption needs the European level. Barcelona. During the event, Res-of the growing Muslim popula- Restaurama 2012 will feature the taurama Chairman Antoni Llorenstion on the European continent. participation of leading food and gave an overview of the next edi-At Mercabarna, where the whole- beverage managers from tradi- tion of the show, highlighting thesale markets for the city of Barce- tional and modern restaurants, fact that it has achieved close tolona are concentrated, slaughter the hospitality channel, vending 240% growth since it began.according to the halal ritual repre- and specialist retailers, as well assents 35.6% of the total. The ma- buyers from the major importing the restaurama committee,jority of these products are export- countries in the HORECA channel. here to serve the industryed to France, Italy and Arab coun- Bilateral meetings, internation- Headed by Antoni Llorens, chair-tries such as Lebanon, Egypt, Tur- al projects, seminars and other man and managing director of Se-key and Morocco. Major Spanish activities will facilitate business runión, the Restaurama Techni-meat groups with a presence at contacts. 36% of exhibitors come cal Committee is made up of Pau-Intercarn already set aside part of from abroad, primarily Italy, France lo Alves, managing director of Uni-their halal production for foreign and Germany. lever Food Solutions España; Fer-trade. nando Abadía, manager of Ilpra activities geared towards Systems España; Vicenç Bosch,intercarn 2012 sets up a business foodservice marketing and salesstellar committee There will be a new multi-use manager for Spain at Gallina Blan-Juan José Guibelalde, deputy space to host the Ready-prepared ca Star; Ignasi Ferrer, managing di-chairman of Grupo Campofrío, will and Ready-cooked Foods Project, rector of The Eat Out Group; Miguelonce again head the newly estab- workshops, show cooking events Nigorra, managing director of Cre-lished Intercarn Committee for and practical demonstrations, monini Rail Ibérica; José María Ru-2012. Members will include lead- with a clear focus on business. bio, president of the Spanish Ho-ing lights of the industry such as The area has been conceived as tel and Restaurant Federation; andAlfonso Alcázar, managing direc- an exclusive area free to Restau- Massimo Saggese, managing di-tor of Grupo Consorcio de Jabugo; rama exhibitor companies, part- rector of Illycaffe Espresso Ibérica,Joan Boix, managing director of ners and sponsors. The space among others.Noel Alimentaria; Adriana Casade- will make it possible to presentmont, managing director of Casad- the features of the products on gastronomy boostsemont; Xavier Espuña, manager of display and their uses in today’s spanish tourismEsteban Espuña; Tomás Fuertes, cooking. Restaurama is an obvious reflec-managing director of ElPozo Ali- tion of Spain’s importance on thementación; and Josep Tarradellas, synergies with international culinary scene. Thechairman and managing director mundidulce success of our chefs now cross-of Casa Tarradellas; among other Restaurama is expected to occu- es borders and plays a key role inkey figures. py 8,000 m2 and will share Pavil- promoting agribusiness and the ion 6 at Fira de Barcelona’s Gran HORECA channel abroad. The aimrestaurama 2012 is the Vía Venue with Mundidulce. This of the Horizon 2020 Spanish Tour-benchmark show for will make both shows more at- ism Plan is to ensure that futurerestaurant professionals tractive to the dessert, chocolate, tourism development in Spain isAt the next edition of Alimentar- cake and pastry, and snacks sec- based on competitiveness andia, Restaurama 2012 will play its tor, products with strong synergies hand: the major foodservice which have more in common thandivisions in the business world ever. internationalisationand the most influential profes- and innovation, the coresionals from the HORECA chan- promotion at the cca semi- themes at bta 2012nel, modern and traditional res- final in barcelona due to its commitment totaurants and the bakery product, The second semi-final for the 4th internationalisation the btacake and pastry, and ice cream Chef of the Year Competition (CCA exhibition will be promotedsegments. Restaurama stands on in its Spanish acronym) was held in mediterranean and latinits own merits as the benchmark on 9 March in Barcelona. The win- american countries as well astrade show for the sector in Spain ner was chef Juan Jiménez, from other emerging markets.and one of the leading events at the Hotel Condes restaurant in the bta. exhibition, barcelona ➥ Foodmeat 103 dicembre 2011 / Gennaio 2012
  6. 6. Primo piano➥ food technologies, to take try, which has performed favour- verse monographic exhibition are- place from 15 to 18 may 2012 ably and demonstrated its com- as are: in barcelona, announces two mitment to growth in employment • Tecnoalimentaria: The Interna- of its strategic core themes and exports. tional Exhibition of Machinery – internationalisation and He also added, “The food industry and Technology for Manufac- innovation. the organisation is attending the Bta. Exhibition, its turing and the Food and Drinks has focussed this technological main technological showcase, in Trade in general, which appeals vision geared towards the food search of technological solutions to buyers from the world of dairy industry on mediterranean and that add value to its companies”. products, fruit, vegetables, gar- latin american countries in den produce, preserves, drinks addition to emerging countries attracting visitors from and fish, among others. It of- such as angola, india and china, 20 countries fers professionals technological all priorities for its professional The commitment towards interna- solutions for their manufactur- visitor promotional plan. tionalisation is reflected in the in- ing processes and includes cer- Btas value proposition involves ternational promotional plan to at- tain aspects such as traceabili- assembling and displaying a tract buyers as it revolves around ty, quality control systems, safe- range of technology and a glob- the selection of markets of oppor- ty, environmental protection and al, heterogeneous and horizon- tunity by geographical proximity, industrial refrigeration. tal range of machinery capa- existing, pre-established market • Tecnocárnica: The Internation- ble of meeting all those needs relations and the organisers con- al Exhibition of Machinery, Tech- present in the food production viction that the range of technol- nology, Equipment and Supplies chain. With an extensive profes- ogy present at Bta. can suit the for the Meat and Meat Products sional background, over 20 and needs of each and every one of Industry, which brings together years and 13 editions in over 20 these buyers. As a result, they are the leading industry brands in years, Bta. will be jointly held for working in particular with coun- machinery and technology for the second time with Hispack, tries in the Mediterranean Basin the meat industry and is attend- the International Packaging Exhi- such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, ed by the most important com- bition, encompassing all aspects Egypt, Turkey and Israel, and Lat- panies in the business. of container, labelling and pack- in American countries, namely Ar- • Ingretecno: The International Ex- aging processes. This co-occur- gentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, hibition of Intermediate Prod- rence was well-received by exhib- Peru and Brazil, all of which have ucts for the Food and Drinks In- itors (in 90% of cases) and visi- an unmissable appointment with dustry, which offers profession- tors alike. food technology. Furthermore, this als supplementary equipment The outcome of these triennial edition will also pay special atten- and machinery for food process- exhibitions will place Bta. as the tion to emerging markets such as es. number-one food industry show in China and Russia, and other con- Those companies to have already Southern Europe. junctural areas such as Angola confirmed their attendance at Bta. The organisation predicts that for and Senegal. 2012 include: Gea-Wesfalia Sepa- this edition around 70% of visi- As Víctor Pascual explains, “We rador, Multivac, Roser, Marel Food tors have already confirmed their are investing in attracting profes- Sistems, Dorsal, Mimasa, Intecal, attendance, reaffirming the inter- sional visitors from those markets Danish Export Association, CBS est aroused among industry oper- where the food industry plays a Sistems, Abello Linde, Ezma, Ul- ators by the forthcoming edition. key role or has business potential ma Safe Handling, Surdry, HJM As Víctor Pascual, the Exhibitions for the food machinery and tech- Marrodan. Director, has emphasised, “The nology industry”. The Exhibition will display the lat- food industry is developing posi- est innovations in equipment for tively within the Spanish economy one exhibition, three shows all food processes, such as indus- and Bta. will be the showpiece for The wide range provided by Bta. trial and commercial refrigeration, this industry as it goes in search Barcelona Food Technologies will quality control systems, clean- of technical solutions that enable stand out as it will be divided into ing, hygiene, safety, environmen- it to compete on a national and three monographic shows to facil- tal protection, container and pack- international scale.” He has al- itate the professionals visit and aging machinery, functional food so praised the latest data regard- enable them to easily locate com- products and food and technologi- ing the Spanish agri-food indus- panies of interest. These three di- cal additives... among others. Foodmeat 104 dicembre 2011 / Gennaio 2012
  7. 7. Primo pianothe food and drinks promotion of internationalisation, their presence at the show andindustry, a driving force commitment to innovation and raise the profile of their activities,behind the spanish the full technological and innova- at the same time reinforcing theeconomy tive range on offer and available ideas behind the exhibition – toDespite the current situation, the to companies”. work as a platform for companiesfood and drinks industry is the Likewise, Andrés Gavilán, the to innovate and find new partners.most important among the EUs President of AFCA (the Spanish The General Secretary of FIAB hasindustries and the only one to acronym for the Spanish Associa- defined the show as, “The key tokeep on maintaining reliable in- tion of Food Additive Manufactur- our development and the bestvestment potential and to start ers and Distributors) when refer- showcase for it”.generating employment, with ring to Bta has emphasised how446,000 positions currently held. it, “Constitutes a top-notch plat- about alimentariaIts 7.6% contribution to the GDP form for displaying the latest in- exhibitionsis greater than other strategic in- novations and establishing com- In addition to Bta., the maindustries such as ITCs, 7%, and mercial relations with companies headline trade shows of Alimen-the automotive industry, 3.3%, on- from Europe, Latin America and taria Exhibitions – the joint ven-ly being bettered by tourism, at the other continents”. ture between Fira de Barcelona10.3%, an industry closely linked Jaume Blancafort, President of and Reed Exhibitions – are: Ali-to gastronomic promotion. Net FECIC (the Catalan acronym for the mentaria and Barcelona Degus-sales worth around 81.37 billion Catalan Federation of the Meat In- ta, in Barcelona; Alimentaria Lis-euros in 2010 and exports worth dustries) highly values the role of boa, in Portugal; Alimentaria Mé-more than 16 billion euros veri- Bta. in bringing technology clos- xico, in Mexico City and Alimen-fy the potential of the combined er to companies and facilitating taria Mercosur, in Argentina. Ali-food chain as a driving force be- their innovation, “The Bta. Exhi- mentaria Exhibitions is positionedhind economic recovery and em- bition gives great added value to as a market leader in the coun-ployment. the food industry by bringing the di- tries where it operates, managingThe Massachusetts Institute of verse range of technology availa- over 200,000 net m² of exhibitionTechnology (MIT) recently defined ble together in one unique place”. space, with 6,000 internationalthe food industry as, “one of the Other associations such as FI- food and drink, retail and equip-most relevant industries in the AB (the Spanish acronym for the ment and technology exhibitors,Spanish economy because of its Spanish Food and Drink Industry attracting around 200,000 pro-strength and global knowledge”. Association) will also strengthen fessionals from these sectors. ninstitutional supportThe Bta. Exhibition has the insti-tutional support of industry asso-ciations. For instance, AMEC, viaits three sectors: Alimentec – ma-chinery, technology, ingredientsand services for the food indus-try, Aefemac – manufacturers anddistributors of machinery for themeat industry, and Afespan – ma-chinery, ovens and equipment forbakery, cake and pastry and oth-er related industries, will offer theshow its support in order to pro-mote its internationalisation. Llu-cià Casellas, President of Amec,will also be chairing Bta. 2012.Joan Tristany, Managing Direc-tor of AMEC, has defined the ex-hibition as an industry referencepoint because of its, “Constant ➥ Foodmeat 105 dicembre 2011 / Gennaio 2012