Is food a way out of the crisis for Spain? Eurofish Magazine (Dinamarca), diciembre 2011


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Is food a way out of the crisis for Spain? Eurofish Magazine (Dinamarca), diciembre 2011

  1. 1. [ Events ] cooking techniques and spices how they can give their customers christened it the “Trawl Party” . and participants can chat, make they use to draw fine aromas from something new” said Ruhl. , It will be held directly after the plans, negotiate and conclude fish and seafood. “We want to put fair closes on Sunday. Exhibi- agreements in a casual after- across our own enthusiasm for And another “first” has been pla­n-­ tors can sponsor barrels of beer, work atmosphere. More informa- the products and offer cooks con- n ­ed for after the fair. Sabine guests will be able to get some- tion about the fair is available at crete support, provide ideas on Wedell and her team have thing to eat at catering stands Alimentaria 2012, 26-29 March, Barcelona, Spain Is food a way out of the crisis for Spain? On 30 September Eurofish attended the international presentation of the upcoming Alimentaria 2012 International Food and Drinks Exhibition in Barcelona along with other journalists from leading food and beverage magazines. The presentation introduced the background of the event along with new features and included discussions by industry leaders and journalist on the economic situation and possible solutions. I t is well known that Spain Strong growth in food In conjunction with this, Ali- first quarter of 2011 and revenues is hit hard by the economic and drinks industry mentaria has made substan- 17% higher than the previous crisis, but just how hard was tial efforts to increase the 2012 year, according to ANFACO, the described by Mr. Antoni Argab- These are all bleak facts, but event’s international focus. The Spanish National Preserve and doña from the IESE Business there is hope. And the food and food and drinks event expects Seafood Manufacturers Associa- School. Unemployment rates drinks industry has a leading to attract over 4,000 exhibi- tion. The international participa- have rounded 21% with no major role in that hope. The indus- tors from 75 different countries. tion will feature an increasing decrease foreseen before the end try recorded growth rates of An estimated 140,000 buyers number of first time exhibitors of 2012. Real-estate prices have 18% compared to last year and (a 25% increase from 2010) are from leading producers such as fallen back to 2005 prices mak- as the country’s second larg- anticipated to visit the event China. ing it nearly impossible to sell est industry, only exceeded by during its four days from 26-29 without incurring major losses. tourism, this has a substantial March. Alimentaria 2012 will as FROM (The Spanish acronym for All in all Mr. Argabdoña estimated positive impact on Spain’s situ- in previous years be divided up the Regulation and Organisation that the chance of Spain going ation. Companies have adapted into 14 different areas, of which Fund for the Fish and Seafarm into a recession was as high as to the new circumstances and three relate to fish. Interpesca, Product Market) will organise 60%. And unlike other countries, are focusing on new and grow- the fish, seafood, aquaculture, an Interpesca Conference as in Spain would not get any help from ing markets like Russia, India and farmed fish products show; previous years. The main goal of abroad. and China. Expoconser, the preserves and this conference is to present the semi-preserves show; and Con- beneficial impact that fish and gelexpo, the frozen foods show. seafood have on health and show how to get the most out of the raw Spanish food export material in the kitchen. Another revenues soar in first conference will focus on the Med- quarter iterranean diet and healthy habits for people. Interpesca will host a mix of Spanish companies with regional Alimentaria 2012 will take place stands from autonomous com- on 26-29 March 2012 at Gran munities like ­ndalusia, the A Via in Barcelona, Spain. More Basque country, and Galicia in information is available at the 1,700 sq. m show. The Span- Alimentaria 2012 will as in previous years be divided up into 14 different ish companies ride on a wave of areas, of which three relate to fish, Interpesca, Expoconser, and success with increased exports Thomas Jensen, Congelexpo. totalling 239,000 tonnes for the Eurofish Magazine 6/ 2011 2105_News_EV.indd 21 22/11/11 5:26 PM