Intervin expands its potential visitor market with…                               
Intervin expands its potential visitor market with…                                     
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Intervin expands its potential visitor market with over 100.000 international professionals. Axiotiki (Grecia), enero 2012


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Intervin expands its potential visitor market with over 100.000 international professionals. Axiotiki (Grecia), enero 2012

  1. 1. Intervin expands its potential visitor market with… 16°C ελληνικά english 8°C Athens 23 Jan 2012 Science Technology National and EU law Nutrition History Culture Society and Politics Search Useful links People and Activities 20 Jan 2012 - 10:59 77 Τεύχος Intervin expands its potential visitor market with 0 over 100,000 international professionals The wine and spirits show at Alimentaria 2012 has reached an agreement for the collaboration with two international contact platforms from the wine and spirits industry, enabling it to provide access to over 100,000 industry professionals from around the world. Intervin, with this large volume of professionals, added to its existing number, see contents expects to increase the amount of visitors to the show that will once again join the leading wine brands. This edition is also expecting representatives from Moldavia, Lithuania, Holland and the UK as well as special participation from Mexico. Price watch The show will be returning to Barcelona between 26 and 29 March, 2012, within the Alimentaria framework, and will pay particular attention to strategies of competitiveness, internationalisation and food industry brands. Alimentaria expects to fill 95,000 m² with its commercial range and gastronomic, business and innovative activities involving 4,000 companies (a third from overseas) and 140,000 buyers (25% from around the world), thus confirming its status as an international centre of commercial operations. Intervin has been able to progress further in its efforts for internationalisation – its organisers have just closed a collaboration agreement with two international professional platforms from the wine and spirits industry, International Beverage Network and Global Wines, which will allow information on the show to reach the 100,000, or more, users from these groups. Alimentarias new commitment towards internationalisation is once again reinforced by its figures. According to OeMv (the Spanish acronym for the Spanish Wine Market Observatory), during the first nine months of 2011 Spain exported 1.61 billion litres of wine (26.6% up on the same period in 2010), meaning 1.56 billion euros for the industry. New Countries In addition to boosting the number of international visitors to the show, Intervin is also working on increasing its international exhibitors and in this edition it is expecting participation from new countries such as Moldavia, Lithuania, Holland and the UK (the last two with spirits). The presence of Mexicos pavilion as a special guest is another surprise as Alimentaria once again opts for an international showcase, exactly what Intervin has become with its insignia drinks, tequila and mezcal.1 de 2 23/01/2012 9:34
  2. 2. Intervin expands its potential visitor market with… France and Portugal will repeat the experience, this time around hiring more exhibition space – the Perpiñán wines will double and the Portuguese wines from the Port and Douro Wines Institute will also increase. Italy has also put its name down and will be widely represented and Panama has once again opted for the business opportunities the show can offer. A steadfast show Intervins reputation and dedication to promoting the best opportunities in the current climate have gained the trust of the most important internationally renowned Spanish wine groups such as Freixenet, Codorniu, Miguel Torres, Félix Solís, Juvé & Camps, Dinastía Vivanco, González Byass, CVNE, Paternina, Protos and Grupo Garvey as well as the extensive presence of wines from around the region. This edition of the wine and spirits show will welcome one cider pavilion and another devoted to Premium distilled liquors as well as various shows focussed on cocktails. Other target markets Alimentaria still endeavours to attract visitors from its target markets, for instance the UK, Canada, and Scandinavian Countries, among others, via jointly organised initiatives between Spanish organisations i.e. Hosted Buyers, Food & Drinks Business Meetings, FIAB (the Spanish acronym for the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation) and ICEX (the Spanish acronym for the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade), the AMEC (the Spanish acronym for the Multi-sector Business Association) meetings and those by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. The programmed activities at The Alimentaria Hub will be made up of six core themed areas: Innovation and R&D, Nutrition, Health and Well-being, Internationalisation and Globalisation, Distribution and Retail, Marketing and Media, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Content in this programme will be provided by Nestlé, Google and LinkedIn, and organisations such as the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, FIAB (the Spanish Acronym for the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation), the Triptolemos Foundation, AZTI-Tecnalia and Ecoembes. tags: Alimentaria, Intervin < previous article next article > Related articles The Spanish sector of the oil is completely involv… New comment Full name All fields are required. Each message gets published E-mail after its approval by the site administrator. Your comment Send Visitors comments This article has not been commented yet News Markets Products and People and Science Economy Business Activities Technology National and Nutrition History Society and EU law Culture Politics © 2011, Axion Publishing · Terms of use · Who we are · Contact · RSS2 de 2 23/01/2012 9:34