Alimentaria 2012 (English)


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Alimentaria 2012 (English)

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Alimentaria 2012 (English)

  1. 1. Salón Internacional de la Alimentación y BebidasInternational Food and Drinks Exhibition26 - 29 March, Barcelona. SpainFira de Barcelona - Gran Via Venue
  2. 2. Alimentaria is one of the most important food anddrinks trade shows in the world. This fact isrecognised by the major international operatorsin food and drink manufacturing, distribution andtrade. This is a benchmark event whose successderives from highly specialised offerings, innovationand a tir eless commitment to the showsinternational focus.26-29 March 2012, Alimentaria will once againbecome a business centr e for all pr ofessionalswith ties to the food and drinks industry . Net area (m2) 94.622 Total exhibitors 3.936 International exhibitors 1.299 Countries represented 75 Total visitors* 140.542 International visitors 35.874 Alimentaria 2010 figures *UFI rules Singular and plural Effective, profitable and practical. This is what a visit Alimentaria is like for professionals. Because the offerings are organised into 14 different shows conceived around product types or location of origin, this allows visitors immediate access to the local and the global, from the most diverse products to major categories.
  3. 3. 1 MULTIPRODUCTO Mixed food products show 4 INTERLACT Milk and dairy products show2 PABELLÓN INTERNACIONAL International exhibitors grouped 4 EXPOBEBIDAS Water, soft drinks, beer , must and cider by place of origin show2 PABELLÓN DE LAS AUTONOMÍAS Exhibitors grouped by 5 INTERCARN Meat and meat products show autonomous region 6 MUNDIDULCE Sweets, biscuits and confectionery show2 ALIMENTACIÓN ECOLÓGICA Organic food show 6 RESTAURAMA Food service and hospitality show3 INTERVIN Wine and spirits show 7 EXPOCONSER Preserves and semi-preserves show3 OLIVARIA Olive oil and vegetable oil show 7 INTERPESCA Fish and seafood, aquaculture and farmed fish products show 7 CONGELEXPO Frozen foods show SOUTHERN 5 Village Nutrición 7 ENNTRANCE Megatendencias Taste & Flavours Expoconser Pabellón Intercarn Interpesca Internacional Congelexpo 100 quesos Intervin Mundi dulce Interlact Multiproducto Pabellón Autonomías Restaurama Premium Expobebidas BcnVanguardia Alimentación Ecológica Olivaria 1 2 3 4 6 Provisional distribution plan EASTERN ENTRANCE
  4. 4. Exhibiting at AlimentariaAlimentaria spotlights the current international situation in 6 out of every 10the sector, making it the ideal setting for companies seeking 30% of exhibitors are exhibitors say thatto network with new contacts and loyal customers, looking international: some Alimentaria gives theirfor international recognition or with a drive to innovate. 1,500 companies exports a boostAlimentaria is able to bring together the major pur chasedecision makers in distribution, trade and foodservice in asingle space, as well as all the other operators in the Making new contacts,international food and drink chain. Satisfied and extremely building customer loyalty andProfessional, international, specialised, global, innovative, loyal exhibitors: 75% improving company statusmedia-friendly and profitable. This is what the next Alimentaria of companies return as and image are the mainwill be. The content-packed show will bring together more exhibitors reasons for exhibitingthan 4,000 firms, making it a must-attend event. * Information from the Alimentaria 2010 exhibitor survey
  5. 5. Who visits Alimentaria More than 140,000 international operators from the food and drinks industry visit the show to meet with suppliers, network and find new pr oducts to entice their customers. Alimentarias visitors ar e noteworthy for their professional quality and especially their level of international presence. This is due largely to the shows significant investment in pr omotion abroad. Alimentaria provides an excellent setting for bilateral cooperation, distribution and innovation conferences among international exhibitors and buyers. The International Projects host more than 8,000 business meetings, promoting international expansion and transnational business cooperation. International attendees total 36,000 visitors, 25% of all visitors Visitors to Alimentaria make or influence purchase decisions 90% of visitors state that Alimentaria of fers them opportunities to: Position their Learn about new Discover the business products and latest internationally solutions innovations Get an idea of the major trends in the Find better partners sector thanks to the extensive and suppliers programme of associated activities * Information from the Alimentaria 2010 visitor survey business meetings
  6. 6. ValuesNot only is Alimentaria a huge inter national market, but it is also a gathering place for dialogue, exchange,information and knowledge, as well as a place to spot tr ends. Top experts, the most authoritative voices,acknowledged experience and proven reliability are the common features of the wide range of activities, forums,conferences and workshops scheduled during the show. Alimentaria offers your company the opportunity to takepart in all of these, providing the greatest visibility and recognition for your products Innovation and trends International Food Forum The place for research and debate about the latest from agri-food manufacturing, distribution and trade International Conference on the Mediterranean Diet The place to promote the fine qualities of the Mediterranean diet, bringing together experts on the subject Best Pack The Best Pack Awards recognise the best advertising work done for the food and drinks industry Triptolemos Foundation This foundation promotes institutional agri-food research in Spain Innoval This is the space set aside for R&D&i in the food and drinks industry, retail and consumption trends
  7. 7. Alimentaria and gastronomy BCNVanguardia Barcelona International Gastronomy Conference, bringing the best chefs on the international culinary scene together at Alimentaria Chef of the Year Competition Spanish cuisines promising young talents have their opportunity at the event final, held as part of Restaurama Taste & Flavours The best wines, oils and Iberian pork products in a single space open for sampling Spain, Land of 100 Cheeses The most comprehensive tour of the world of Spanish cheeses, their history and their culture Interpesca Conference The present and future of Spanish fish are up for debate during the programme of activities organised by the Regulation and Organisation Fund for the Fish and Seafarm Product Market (FROM in its Spanish acronym) Live Ready-prepared and Ready-cooked Foods Technological opportunities, equipment and the latest solutions for foodservice The Rising Stars of Impulse Buying A new boost for the latest in sweets and snacks
  8. 8. On everyones lipsSean Reber Miika Sipilä José F. Marina C. Mansoor Ahmed KhanSupervalu. USA Inex Partners. Finland Sams Club. Mexico Federal Foods. UAEAlimentaria Barcelona was a Alimentaria 2010 offered us This is a great opportunity A highly interactive andvery productive show, it gave a great setting to meet and for customers fr om other professional platform forus the opportunity to meet discover new potential continents to come and positive business dealingswith all of our existing grocery suppliers for our close deals with Europe. in the FMCG food industry.vendors in one convenient company.location. As well it allowedus to meet many newvendors and identify severalopportunities for futur ebusiness.
  9. 9. OrganiserAlimentaria is organised by Alimentaria Exhibitions, a joint venture between Fira de Barcelona and internationaltrade show leader Reed Exhibitions. The company specialises in organising professional events for the agri-foodworld and has a business presence in more than 25 countries.Contact informationEXHIBITOR SERVICES - Tel. +34 93 452 18 00 - comercial@alimentaria.comEXHIBITOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT - Tel. +34 93 452 18 00 - stecnico@alimentaria.comPRESS AND COMMUNICATION SERVICE - Tel. +34 93 452 11 04 - prensa@alimentaria.comVISITOR SERVICES - Tel. +34 93 551 15 82 - visit@alimentaria.comSPONSORSHIP AND EVENTS - Tel. +34 93 452 18 00 - eventos@alimentaria.comThe Alimentaria guaranteeA macro-event of Alimentarias nature must remain in contact with the everyday reality of agribusiness and interpretits main guidelines. This is the task of the members of the Organising Committee, made up of top managers frommanufacturing, trade, distribution and institutions in the sector.Our trade showsA leader in the countries where it operates, Alimentaria Exhibitions holds the headline trade shows Alimentaria;Bta, Barcelona Food Technology; and Barcelona Degusta, Consumer Food Show, in Barcelona; Alimentaria &Horexpo Lisboa, in Portugal; and Alimentaria México, in Mexico City.