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Alimentaria 2012 Among the greatest


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Alimentaria 2012 Among the greatest

  1. 1. Among the greatest
  2. 2. Among the greatestAlimentaria is the most important food and drinks trade show inSpain and one of the top events in the world.The event’s division into specialised shows, its innovative,creative and dynamic atmosphere, its professional spirit and itsinternational focus are the keys to the trade fair’s unprecedentedsuccess.
  3. 3. Among the greatestAlimentaria in figuresEighteen editions speak to the prestige of the Alimentaria brand.Its next edition will be held 26-29 March 2012 at Fira de Barcelona, and will establish itselfas the international hub for food and drinks manufacturing, distribution and trade,restaurants and food service and hotels and catering.
  4. 4. Among the greatestInternational AlimentariaThe participation of foreign companies in the trade fair continues to climb with each new edition,in terms of both the number of companies and the occupied exhibition space.Alimentaria effectively demonstrates its status as an international business centre: • 30% of the 4,000 exhibitor companies come from 70 different countries • 36,000 attendees come from outside with the intention of discovering new products, generating business and completing market transactions
  5. 5. Among the greatestThe international vocation of Alimentaria hasbeen and remains a fundamental factor of theexhibition growth19984 international offices6.000 international visitors201227 international offices36.000 international visitors
  6. 6. Among the greatestIn order to attract the attention of international buyers, Alimentaria designedThe International Projects and has been developing a strong commercial andcommunication work presenting the event as a key factor in the strategy ofaccess to European markets Alimentaria international projects have had, since the beginning, the partnership of FIAB and ICEX and the collaboration of other institutions 2000 Latin America 2002 Eastern Europe 2004 USA and Canada 2006 Asia and Middle East 2008, 2010 and 2012 …
  7. 7. One-of-a-kind trade show model
  8. 8. One-of-a-kind trade show modelOne exhibition in fourtheen showsAlimentaria is organised as a mega-trade fair which supports specialisation by staging individualexhibitions. This allows visitors immediate access to the local and the global, from the mostdiverse products to major categories.
  9. 9. One-of-a-kind trade show modelPABELLÓN INTERNACIONAL, globalising the tableInternational participants grouped by place of origin
  10. 10. One-of-a-kind trade show modelPABELLÓN DE LAS AUTONOMIAS, flavours of SpainParticipants grouped by autonomous region
  11. 11. One-of-a-kind trade show modelEXPOBEBIDAS, the most refreshing sectorWater, soft drink, beer, must and cider show
  12. 12. One-of-a-kind trade show modelEXPOCONSER, health and pleasure preservedPreserves and semi-preserves show
  13. 13. One-of-a-kind trade show modelINTERCARN, meats, the star of the tableMeat and meat products show
  14. 14. One-of-a-kind trade show modelINTERLACT, innovation and tradition in coexistenceDairy products and derivates show
  15. 15. One-of-a-kind trade show modelINTERPESCA, a sea of opportunitiesFish and seafood, aquaculture and farmed fish products show
  16. 16. One-of-a-kind trade show modelINTERVIN, alimentaria’s great wine cellarWine and spirits show
  17. 17. One-of-a-kind trade show modelMULTIPRODUCTO, the empire of brandsVaried food products show
  18. 18. One-of-a-kind trade show modelCONGELEXPO, the frozen foods sector diversifies its product rangeFrozen foods show
  19. 19. One-of-a-kind trade show modelMUNDIDULCE, sweet business for impulse buyingSweets, biscuits and confectionery show
  20. 20. One-of-a-kind trade show modelOLIVARIA, pure mediterranean essenceOlive oil and vegetable oil show
  21. 21. One-of-a-kind trade show modelRESTAURAMA, innovation à la carteInternational Food Service and hospitality show
  22. 22. One-of-a-kind trade show modelALIMENTACIÓN ECOLÓGICA, the impetus of healthy alternativesOrganic food show
  23. 23. Exhibiting at Alimentaria?
  24. 24. Among the greatestExhibiting at AlimenariaAlimentaria spotlights the current international situation in the sector, making it the idealsetting for companies seeking to network with new contacts and loyal customers, looking forinternational recognition or with a drive to innovate.
  25. 25. Among the greatestExhibitors feedbackOur words are backed by survey results from the previous edition:• 86% of exhibitors expressed satisfaction with their participation• 75% of exhibitors had already taken part in the show, indicating a significant degree of loyalty• 84% of exhibitors would recommend Alimentaria to a colleague• 4 out of every 5 exhibitors were very satisfied with visitor’s professional level
  26. 26. Who visit Alimentaria?
  27. 27. Who visits Alimentaria? Alimentaria has kept the investment in all activities related to internationalization. The budget for international activities increased 30% between 2008/10 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 Total visitors 117.524 141.234 144.612 152.344 157.632 140.542 International visitors 18.803 22.514 31.920 32.892 33.418 35.874Alimentaria Net area (sqm) 80.835 82.571 105.815 109.479 115.074 94.622 Despite the impact of the economic crisis (negative ratios in the main indicators exhibition) international participation in Alimentaria maintains its increasing rate. 7% increase in the number of international visitors in the period 2008/10
  28. 28. Who visits Alimentaria?Visitor feedbackVisitors to Alimentaria hold high positions within their respective companies. The majority ofvisitors have attended previous editions of the trade fair and state that they plan on returningto the event in the future.
  29. 29. Who visits Alimentaria?The great international business centreAlimentaria provides and excellent setting for bilateral cooperation, distribution and innovationconferences among international exhibitors and buyers. The international projects host morethan 8,000 business meetings, promoting international expansion and transnational businesscooperation.Alimentaria will continue its commitment to investing in promotion to buyers, with the aim ofattracting the sector’s leading international operators to the show: the Hosted BuyersProgramme, Club Alimentaria, Business Conferences and Missions to markets with significantpotential.Latin America, Russia, the Middle East, the U.S.A., India, China, Thailand and Japan are someof the most noteworthy examples of these.
  30. 30. Alimentaria values
  31. 31. Alimentaria ValuesInnovation and trendsNot only is Alimentaria a huge international market, but it is also a venue for dialogue, exchange,information and knowledge, as well as a place to spot trends. Top experts, the most authoritativevoices, acknowledged experience and proven reliability are the common features of the broadspectrum of activities, forums, conferences and workshops scheduled during the show.Alimentaria also offers your company the opportunity to take part in all of these to achievemaximum visibility and recognition.
  32. 32. Alimentaria ValuesThe Alimentaria Hub will be the core link to knowledge, innovation and trends, a key initiativethat will join long-standing Alimentaria activities already sharing values such as R&D, businessdevelopment, sustainability, nutrition...This new macro area will promote, drive and develop initiatives geared towards improving thefood industry and distribution, and, as a result, society as a whole. The project, essentiallyoriented towards food and drink companies as well as distributors and operators in the foodvalue chain, looks to better competitiveness and the corporate responses to the new challengesbrought about by the consumer and society as a whole.
  33. 33. Alimentaria ValuesBCNVanguardia – International Gastronomy ConferenceBCN Vanguardia will reach its fifth edition with a well-established presence on the internationalscene. As part of Alimentarias Restaurama show, BCNVanguardia is able to gather togethersome forty Michelin stars in the most cutting-edge aspects of todays cuisine. Based oninteractivity and interaction with attendees, BCNVanguardia will offer more surprises atAlimentaria 2012.The key players in the culinary world are the mainstays of this conference.
  34. 34. Alimentaria ValuesTaste & FlavoursTaste & Flavours presents the best international cuisine in a single space which groupstogether such well-known Alimentaria activities as Vinorum; Spain, Land of Iberian CuredMeats; and Spain, Land of Oils.In this area, apart from other worldwide products, participants can sample tapas made withIberian pork and paired with oils, which are in turn combined with a dozen different wines andcavas.The wine and oil tasting bars and seminar and workshop area are the main attractions of thispart of the show.
  35. 35. Alimentaria in the media
  36. 36. Alimentaria in the mediaCommunicating with the worldAlimentaria is an event of great interest to the news media. For this reason, close to 2,000accredited international journalists, hundreds of foreign correspondents and more than 1,500impressions in the print media and on radio and television cover the event.