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How QA engineers could affect quality?

Most frequently we are using words “testing” and “tester” when talk about product quality. But does testing or tester role affect quality? The eternal struggle between QC and QA… Yes, I’m almost sure you understand this, but why nothing is changed in most of teams? Because we need mind shift in our heads and more global changes in QA processes. Who QA engineers are and what are their responsibilities, activities, duties in modern development world? What options do they have to affect product quality and improve it if developers are responsible for product development? In this talk I will try to find detailed practical answers to all these questions. Let’s change development world together!

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How QA engineers could affect quality?

  1. 1. How QA engineers could affect quality? Mikalai Alimenkou @xpinjection
  2. 2. Disclaimer This talk is based on personal experience
  3. 3. Let’s take regular Scrum
  4. 4. #1. Sprint Planning/Grooming QA engineer as a glue brings: - testability questions and risks - scope clarification from all sides - external integrations - test planning for User Stories in scope - feature "release schedule" with due dates and correct order - historical perspective on issues/defects in similar components/tasks/stories - non-functional requirements
  5. 5. OK, Sprint is started
  6. 6. #2. Daily Scrum meeting QA engineer reminds about: - discussed risks - due dates confirmation - early results review/demo - found issues and defects … and helps developers with tests and test data
  7. 7. First User Stories delivered
  8. 8. #3. User Story acceptance QA engineer does: - smart story testing to bring real issues ASAP and avoid rework - reduce manual work to test/retest quickly
  9. 9. Almost everything is DONE
  10. 10. #4. ”Stabilization” QA engineer could be smart: - effectively distribute regression testing activities - impact analysis to reduce time - synchronize efforts with automated testing - effective communication to fix issues ASAP
  11. 11. Inspect and adapt
  12. 12. #5. Retrospective QA engineer initiates: - true root cause analysis of quality issues - active discussions on the problems happened - challenging current approaches to improve continuously - artefacts update (heat map, test/code coverage, test data management)
  13. 13. QA engineers must … and focus on quality … be integrated in the team
  14. 14. @xpinjection