The a&h bomb


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The a&h bomb

  1. 1. How Does It Work? Prepared By:- Ali Asgar Master Kathan Parikh Shiven Joshi
  2. 2. Nagasaki Mushroomcloud.13 km high!
  3. 3. Nuclear Bomb Classification Nuclear Bomb A- Bomb H-Bomb Thermonuclear Gun Type Implosion Type Bomb
  4. 4. A- BombAll existing Nuclear Bombs Derive some oftheir energy from fission reactions.• The Bombs which derive their energy exclusively from Fission Reactions are called Atomic Bombs.This is a misnomer as the energy is derivedfrom its nucleus• It is of two types :- Gun type & Implosion type
  5. 5. Gun Type A- BombSome sub critical fissile material isheld in place.• Then another sub critical uranium mass is shot into it using high explosives.The contact continues for about amicrosecond and together the massbecomes super critical which resultsin nuclear fission chain reaction.
  6. 6. Implosion Type A-BombAnother method of nucleardetonation is to fashion a sphere ofFissile material of sub-critical mass.• Then a shell of high explosives is made of fitting pieces called lenses that drive most of the explosion inward.Due to this the fissile material iscompressed to the point where it issuper-critical and chain reactioncommences.• It lasts about a microsecond and destroys a city.
  7. 7. H- BombIt is made up of essentially, 3 things:-1. Implosion Type Fission Bomb:- It contains a core of U-235 and a tamper of U-2382. Fusion Bomb:- A cylinder containing a core rod of Plutonium-239 surrounded by lithium-duterate fuel with a tamper of U-238.3. Polystyrene foam:- The empty spaces are filled by it.
  8. 8. H- Bomb WorkingThe Implosion type fission bomb goes off producing highheat, X-Rays and neutrons. • The X-rays heat the Foam and the tamper around Fusion Bomb, which squeezes the fuel.Fission is initiated in the plutonium rod producingneutrons. • These mix with Lithium-deuterate and produce deuterium and tritium, which in such high temperatures and pressures form helium, high heat, X-Rays, neutrons.•It produces 700-times the energy released by the bombs explodedin Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  9. 9. Different Fuels Used
  10. 10. UraniumIsotopes:-U233:- 7x 108U235:-1592 x 102U238:-4468 x 106
  11. 11. PlutoniumIsotopesPu239:- 24110
  12. 12. ThoriumIsotopesTh229:- 7340Th230:- 75,380Th232:- 1405 x 107
  13. 13. Neptunium IsotopesNp237:- 214 x 104
  14. 14. Bomb Power•These Bombs Produce large amounts of energy.•1 kg. of TNT is enough to make this Building fall.•The yeild of “Little Boy” detonated in Hiroshima was 20000tons.•The yeild of first thermonuclear bomb was 10,000,000 tons.•Hence, while atomic bombs are capable of destroying a city,Hydrogen Bombs are capable of destroying small nations.•The Tsar bomb of Russia may destroy half of India.
  15. 15. Nuclear Bomb stockpile chart