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A li lakhiar


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A li lakhiar

  2. 2. CAUSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN PAKISTAN• Currently unemployment is one of the major problem in the country because when the unemployment is high the resources are not effectively utilized then the income of the people depressed.• It is just because of the improper planning and decisions that this problem is not yet diminished where unemployment creating lot of problem.
  3. 3. MAJOR CAUSES OF UNEMPLOYMENT• The basic causes of unemployment is its higher growth rate of population because of this reason the government and other institution fail to create a job opportunities in country.• Lack of facilities and infrastructure in the energy sector also prevents the industrialist from setting up the new industries in the country.
  4. 4. • Policy maker have not handle the things in and appropriate manner and as result of jobs in country are less and the job seekers are more than that.• Political instability is another major reason for low level as lack of jobs in the country.
  5. 5. WHO IS MORE SUCCESSFUL A BUSINESSMAN OR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE• In Pakistan people think that government job is more feasible because they feel that they are secure and safe.• But businessman is more successful in this era as compared to government employee. The business has more investments and large profit and revenues as compared to other government employee. Business man enjoys a very luxurious life which the government cant afford it in his salary.
  7. 7. BILL GATES
  8. 8. A.G LAFELY
  9. 9. HOW CAN WE REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT• A number of monetary measures should be taken to attract industrialists and particularly foreign investment from different foreign companies. In this regard, our embassies can play a vital role as they can do road shows through promotional campaigns to attract investments and to enhance exports.• Technical training programs should be started in the country. In this way unemployed people will get a chance to build or enhance their skills, which will help them to earn more reasonable income. Along with this government should provide loans on low interest rates to the unemployed people so that they can start their businesses.