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  1. 1. (Our Products) It is estimated that more than 1 million tones of textiles are thrown away every year, with most of this coming from household sources. At least 50% of these textiles are recyclable; however, the proportion of textile wastes reused or recycled annually in the UK is only around 25%. Items for textile recycling Recycling and reusing the textiles Helping the environment New textile banks Items for textile recycling All unwanted clothes (including underwear) can be recycled in your local textile recycling bank. Please ensure that your clothes are clean and that shoes are tied together. Soft toys, hats, bed linen and towels can also be recycled in any designated textile Reusing the clothes Nearly 70% of items put into clothing banks are reused as clothes, and any un- wearable items are sold to merchants to be recycled and used as factory wiping cloths. Helping the environment
  2. 2. While having many economic benefits, clothing has a significant environmental and ethical impact ranging from increased carbon emissions, waste, water usage and pollution to child labour and unfair trading conditions. The clothing and textiles sector in the UK alone produces around 3.1 million tonnes of CO2, 2 million tonnes of waste and 70 million tonnes of waste water per year - with 1.5 million tonnes of unwanted clothing ultimately ending up in landfill. Making just one t-shirt uses 800 litres of water so help to make a difference by making that trip to your nearest clothing bank! New textile banks If you would you like your village or neighbourhood to be considered as a potential location for a new Textile Recycler’s clothing bank please contact us. In the UK: Textiles represent between 3% - 5% of household waste. Estimates for arising of textile waste vary between 550,000 - 900,000 tonnes each year. Over 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year mostly from domestic sources, of which only 25% are recycled. Recycling textiles can save up to 15 times the energy recoverable by incineration. Discarded clothing and shoes are typically sent to landfill. Textiles present particular problems in landfill. Synthetic (man-made fibres) products do not decompose. Woollen garments do decompose, but in doing so they produce methane, which contributes to global warming and climate change. The World Health Organisation estimates that 150,000 people die every year from climate change. Closer to home an estimated 15,000 people died in France during the summer heat wave of 2003. What are the benefits of recycling? Textile recycling in the UK provides affordable source of clothing to disadvantaged people in the developing world and emerging countries in Eastern Europe. In many of these countries it also provides the basis of economic growth by providing employment for much of the population. Alan Wheeler of the Textile Recycling Association confirms this when he says this "demonstrates that clothes recycling is not only good for the environment, but also that it has an important social and economic role to play. The benefits extend to the UK where we estimate that private textile reclamation businesses employ around 5 - 10,000 people, with a further 9,500 employed in UK charity shops. The public and politicians should be fully aware of the crucial contributions this industry makes to the world economy and sustainable development." Furthermore, by employing over 250,000 people in Europe, of which a large number are from disadvantaged populations, they help fight social exclusion and create jobs as well as diverting resources from landfill. Where can I get more information? There are lots of great sites to visit to find out more about textile recycling and recycling in general. These are just a few:
  3. 3. The Textile Recycling Association > The Environment Agency > Wasteonline > The Bureau of International Recycling > Ollie recycles - Recycling for kids > We offer a fast, efficient, quality service to all our customers. Services offered include: Kerbside collections services Kerbside collection are undoubtedly the most effective way to recycle. Undertaken in a professional and comprehensive manner they can generate impressive results for the local authority or charity concerned. Furthermore Textile Recycler Ltd. run the entire collection including administration. Read more Textile Clothes bank services these banks are available for the public to recycle any clothes, household textiles, paired shoes, handbags and belts at any time. Read more Kerbside collection are undoubtedly the most effective way to recycle. Undertaken in a professional and comprehensive manner they can generate impressive results for the local authority or charity concerned. Furthermore Textile Recycler Ltd. run the entire collection including administration. The Kerbside Collection involves collecting unwanted clothes, shoes and other discarded household textiles that would normally end up as landfill. It is a comprehensive recycling scheme which is designed to generate income for the charites, help the environment and be economically viable. This is an established scheme and operates nationwide. The scheme is operated solely by Textile Recycler Ltd., who is textile recyclers. Textile Recycler Ltd. has been running doorstep clothing collection for over 10 years and been involved in recycling for over 15 years. How Kerbside Collections Works every householder will receive a leaflet explaining what is required. The unwanted clothes and shoes are put in a bag and tie up with leaflet for identification, placed outside the house on the day specified on the leaflet. Authorised collectors visit every householder for collection of bag. This maximises the participation in the collection because it is convenient and easy to do.. back to services » Textile Clothes Bank These banks are available for the public to recycle any clothes, household textiles, paired shoes, handbags and belts at any time. All our banks are emptied at least once a week. We continually operate a repair and renewal programme involving all our textile banks. At the same time we have a dedicated vehicle within our fleet to act in an emergency, enabling us to respond quickly to problems that need immediate response. We have never charged a local authority for the collection of goods nor do we claim any recycling credits. The banks are emptied by our experienced staff. All sites are kept clean and tidy and the discarded textiles are taken to our warehouse. back to services »
  4. 4. Textile Recycler Ltd works with a number of different partners. The company has a wide range of relationships including private, charities, and public sector and other non governmental organisations. The company has a long tradition working closely with charities both local and national. We co-operate with charities with commercial partnerships in kerbside recycling and textile bank schemes. Kerbside collection schemes for charities are a very popular way to raise funds and awareness to the mutual benefit of the charity and the company. The company fosters strong relationships with waste management companies and offers a tendering service to them for subcontracting the textiles side of the business. This is a very useful tool for waste management companies who can leave the textile collection service element of a bid for services to a company that specialises in this area. As you can see it makes sense to work with Textile Recycler Ltd. as we can offer an attractive range of benefits to our partners. Benefits to our partners For Waste Management companies: Winning business by using a professional proven textile recycling company. For Charities/Schools: Raising funds and supporting the environment. For Local Authorities: Diverting textiles from landfill with bespoke recycling schemes. For Local Communities: Commitment to improving the local area. T: +44 203 086 8700 E-mail:I Fax: +44 700 607 3133 Registered company: If you would like to know more about our products or services you can call us directly on Textile Recycler Ltd. our phoneline or fill in the simple contact form below. 788-790 Finchley Road,t Required fields are marked * London England NW11 7TJ United Kingdom No. 7001765
  5. 5. OUR AIMS 1. Collaborate with a wide range of UK areas to develop practical and effective actions to address the environmental and social impacts arising across the clothing life cycle; 2. Build the clothing supply chain (with the help of citizens) to make clothing more sustainable; 3. Involve more and more people into this significant clothing life cycle activity; 4. Increase the amount of recycling and promote the practice in the community; 5. Eliminate the used clothing and textiles going into our landfills daily; 6. Provide the clothing for people who need and want them; 7. Donate certain charitable projects which need the most support. In our activity we strive for: Textile Recycler Ltd. Is a London based register textile recycling company. Working in a large aria of England. To collect useless textile and providing the affordable clothing for people of third world countries who need them most and cant afford to buy new. Creating jobs for local people in UK and also generating funds for different charities and communities centre in the UK. Last year we generate abut £10,000 for different charities and communities centre. Textile Recycler Ltd. Involve more and more people in recycling and creating jobs in the UK. Textile Recycler Ltd.