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Cstp Certification Compare

  1. 1. How Does CSTP Certification Compare to Other Certifications? The comparison below is based on information published on web sites for these certifications. IIST’s CSTP QAI’s CSTE ISTQB Organization awarding International Quality Assurance International the certification Institute for Institute Software Testing Software Testing www.qaiusa.com Qualification Board www.iist.org www.istqb.org Status of the awarding Private – For-Profit Private – For-Profit Volunteers – Not for organization Profit How decisions and By an Independent By QAI By an Independent directions regarding the Advisory Board Examination Board Board certification are made Formal training required 10 days of formal None. None. for the certification to be classroom training An optional 3-day An optional 3-day awarded with hands on prep course offered prep course available workshops. by QAI. from ISTQB Although IIST hosts certified training this training, providers. training is mostly conducted by outside instructors that are approved by IIST. Handling of tests and By IIST’s By QAI staff By an independent student records independent graders board Tests required One test for each One 3-hour test. One 90-minute test. day of training – if Many were Passing score is 65% two days of training grandfathered are attended in one without taking a area, there is only test. Passing score one test for the two is unknown. days. Pass score is 80% Testing experience At least one year None None required for the working in software certification to be testing awarded How detailed is the Body of Knowledge Body of Body of Knowledge Body of Knowledge is covered by 10 Knowledge is is covered by an covered based on the days of formal covered by an optional 3-day certification training optional 3-day course course Cost Cost of training + $300 for taking or $250 for taking or $120 graduation fee re-taking the exam re-taking the exam.
  2. 2. (graduates get a brass/Cherry wood plaque plus a lapel pin). - Cost of training is approximately $5,500 for all 10 days of training if courses are attended in a public setting and it goes down to approximately $2,400 if courses are held at your company site. - No cost for taking or re-taking exam. Is re-certification Yes Yes No through continuous education required? Benefit of having been - Student has 80 Marketability Marketability through the program hours of might be gained might be gained education from from holding the from holding the world-class certification certification instructors who are experts in their niche areas. - Student has expertise to add real value to their organization as a result of techniques and methods taught during 80 hrs of real-world classroom training. - Marketability might be gained from holding the certification