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Poe lecture notes

  2. 2. EAST COAST BOY • Born January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts • Parents: David and Elizabeth Poe, both of whom died before Edgar was three. --They were both actors. • Siblings: Henry and Rosalie. Elizabeth Poe
  3. 3. GROWING UP • Raised by: Frances and John Allan in Virginia --The couple was wealthy so Edgar went to good schools. --He even studied in England for 5 years from ages 6-11. • Edgar was never adopted by them and harbored resentment about this fact. • His brother and sister were raised separately.
  4. 4. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA • Began in 1826 • Studied Latin and French • Began to gamble and accrue debts • Began to drink heavily • Quit the school after a year • Had a falling out with John Allan
  5. 5. ARMY YEARS • • • • • Joined 1827 at the age of eighteen. Served two years Attained the rank of sergeant major Published his first poem: “Dreams” in the Baltimore North American Published his first book Tamerlane and Other Poems
  6. 6. THE NEXT MOVE? • Frances Allan dies, Edgar tries to reconcile w/ John • Moves in with his grandmother and aunt, Mrs. Clemm. His brother Henry and cousin Virginia also live there. • Enters Westpoint in 1829 but is dismissed a year later
  7. 7. STARVING ARTIST • He moves New York City in 1831 and began to write • Submitted stories to a number of magazines, all rejected • Poe begs Allan for help, none comes • John Allan dies in 1834 --Edgar is not mentioned in the will
  8. 8. CAREER MOVES • He becomes a newspaper editor in 1835. --Successful editor of Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond • Wins a contest with his story “The Manuscript Found in a Bottle” • Brings Mrs. Clemm and Virginia to live with him in Richmond
  9. 9. EDGAR FINDS LOVE AT LAST • Marries his cousin Virginia in 1836. --He was 27, she 13 • Poe leaves the paper • Moves around some (New York, Philadelphia)
  10. 10. GAINING NOTORIETY • First volume of short stories published in 1839 --Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque • Still struggling financially • Also publishes only novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
  11. 11. TRYING TO STAY AFLOAT • He becomes Editor for Graham's Magazine in 1840. --successful editor and essayist --publishes more stories • He leaves in 1842 because he wanted to start his own magazine. • Begins The Stylus --it is a failure • He then gets a string of jobs, all short term --still struggling financially • Begins work at The Broadway Journal in 1845. --New York
  12. 12. TRAGEDY STRIKES AGAIN • His wife Virginia dies in 1847. • A bereaved Poe collapses from stress and later turns to alcohol.
  13. 13. POE’S FINAL YEARS: 1847-1849 • Goes back to Richmond • Joins “The Sons of Temperance” to attempt to stop drinking --doesn’t work • Renews boyhood romance w/ Sarah Royster Shelton • Plans to marry her that October Sarah, as she was when Poe first loved her.
  14. 14. POE’S FINAL DAYS: 1849 • September 27, Poe leaves Richmond for New York, via Philadelphia • September 30, heads to New York, takes the wrong train, ends up in Baltimore • October 3, Poe is found at Gunner's Hall --taken to a hospital • October 7, 1849, Poe dies in Baltimore • No one knows for sure what happened the last few days of his life --theories include: alcohol poisoning, mugging, murder, and rabies
  15. 15. POE’S LEGACY • Poe is best known for his scary, short stories but also wrote poetry • Some of his most famous works: --”The Raven” --”The Tell-Tale Heart” --”The Pit and the Pendulum” • Poe is considered the father of horror and the father of mystery stories --Steven King, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle