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Task 1/2/3


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Powerpoint analysing magazine covers, contents pages and double page spreads

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Task 1/2/3

  1. 1. Magazine Analysis Kamran Ali
  2. 2. Masthead Bar code Header Footer Serif San serif Cover model, relates to the cover article Stylised fonts
  3. 3. Cover image covers up part of the mast head Strap line Cover line Quote from interviewee Free item giveaways to entice buyers Tagline Main font colour Date line
  4. 4. Barcode is placed in the corner out of the way Puff used to advertise competition in magazine Largest text on page, even bigger then masthead, entices reader to buy magazine by advertising the main cover story with large text Prop
  5. 5. Images advertising specific articles on specific pages Articles listed around main image Advertising a subscription the magazine Main image of page, contents list flows around as to not obscure it Page of main image in corner, not obscuring anything but still in plain sight Dateline Colours are mainly dark, with white text, to stand out and go along with theme of page
  6. 6. Uses the rule of thirds to organise the page Main articles are accompanied by an image and the page number, attracting the reader to read the article Text is kept in simple font Red font stands out against the white background Free item giveaway to entice reader List of numbers is simple and organised Sub categories are shown but in smaller font Sans serif
  7. 7. Page is mainly dominated by images Photoshop is used in the main contents page to combine images together Advertisements on the contents page to further entice the reader Small list for actual contents, but with a small font showing it is not the main feature
  8. 8. Page is split up 50/50 one side is devoted to the image the other to the article. Drop cap Image in middle of the article to separate the text so that it does seem very long Title is largest text on the page emphasising the importance of the article as shown in the title Colours used are mainly black and red. Red is used as the background for the main image, so the font colour is a link
  9. 9. This double page spread is image dominated, with very little text in the actual article The article itself uses a very small font, which doesn’t draw any attention away from the images Captions are mainly used on this page to anchor the image Competitions are used here again, continuing the trend
  10. 10. Puffs are used here a lot to add in quotes from the interviewee This double page spread is set up in a Q&A style, to make it easier for the readers to digest the information. The main image dominates the page drawing the most attention Bright colours are used on this page to show this is for a mainstream audience