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Vision for the Department of Innovation in Medical Education (DIME)


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My career path and vision for the Department of Innovation in Medical Education (DIME) @ uOttawa

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Vision for the Department of Innovation in Medical Education (DIME)

  1. 1. @arjalali #DalMedEd D.I.M.E & M.E. Futurecasting #MedEd @uOttawa @arjalali #AJ4DIME Interim Head of Anatomy & Teaching Chair @ uOttawa Social Media Advisor @ RCPSC
  2. 2. This presentation should address the following three (3) elements: 1. Your vision for the Department of Innovation in Medical Education; 2. Your career path so far and how this position fits in to your future career plans; and 3. Why you are the best candidate for the job.
  3. 3. Teaching Anatomy (UGME-PGME), FacDev, Mini-Med, Sport Medicine,... Distinguished Teacher Teaching Chair 2010 uOttawa Excellent Educator Award Honorary President: MD2008 & MD2013
  4. 4. Leadership
  5. 5. Prix d’Excellence en Education « Competence Leadership »! 2007 & 2013 !
  6. 6. “Multiplier" Leadership A new leadership curriculum: The multiplication of intelligence. Wiseman L, Bradwejn J, Westbroek EM. Acad Med. 2014;89:376–379 A new model of leadership focusing on “Multiplier" leaders, who • Amplify intelligence • Produce better outcomes • Grow talent “... leadership no longer represents a special gift or power held by a select few. Instead, it is a relationship between committed people. It becomes an opportunity for all of us at any level.” Dr. Kirch, AAMC President
  7. 7. D I M E!
  8. 8. 2014 Selected Publications Complete liste: è uOttawa Website
  9. 9. D I M E! Vision DIME through the integration of education, research and technology in an inclusive environment, in both official languages, will be recognized as an international leader in medical educational scholarship. Mission DIME will create an environment that promotes innovation and advances in medical education scholarship.
  10. 10. Boyer's “Scholarship Reconsidered”
  11. 11. Goals Growth Leverage What We have, Optimizing ROI (For Members + Stakeholders) Graduate Studies Programs • Health Professions Education Programs • uOSSC Fellowships • Healthcare Education Scholars Program • Future: Master’s in Anatomy and MD/Ph.D.
  12. 12. Strategy Our stakeholders • FoM: Departments, BAF, uOSSC, TOH, Montfort, OHRI • uOttawa: Faculty of Education, Engeniering (Makerspace), Social Sciences, … • Canada: CAME, AFMC and Royal College • International: Shanghai, Paris, Lyon Recognize what Stakeholders want from DIME + What DIME wants from Stakeholders.
  13. 13. 8h30 ! 9h! 12h! 13h30! Posters! + ! 2min YouTube! 16h! UGME! PGME! CME!
  14. 14. To ensure accelerated growth and success of DIME as a Medical Education Scholarship initiative:
  15. 15. Merci