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Social Canvas, is an online community and marketplace for artists with disabilities and socially-conscious customers of fine artwork. Co-founders include: Ali Jafri, Zach Walz, Courtney Collins from the University of Chicago - Booth School of Business

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  1. 1. Exceptional Art. Exceptional Artists.
  2. 2. Our inspiration
  3. 3. Our inspiration
  4. 4. Our inspiration
  5. 5. Our inspiration
  6. 6. Heather is not alone
  7. 7. How we solve the problem 1 2 3 Sourcing Curation Selling
  8. 8. We have partners to help us source artwork 7 partner orgs 350 artists Over 1,000 total pieces a month Sourcing 200 sellable pieces a month …and we’re continually adding more partners!
  9. 9. Why us? Sourcing “I am very impressed with what you do! We are looking to broaden the sales and visibility of our organization.” Pamala Rogers, Director Pure Vision Arts New York, NY “I love the design of your website. We are very interested in working with you.” Kendra Schpok, Director REACH, Inc. Juneau, AK.
  10. 10. Curation is an essential value proposition Curation
  11. 11. Dual-channel strategy Offline Targeted small businesses Selling Online
  12. 12. Dual-channel strategy "Love your business and excited to see more art!!“ -Greg, Alper Services Offline Targeted small businesses "You have great art and so happy to help people with disabilities“ -Steve, Activation Fitness Selling
  13. 13. How much can we sell? Offline Targeted small businesses Selling $740K Annually
  14. 14. Extending the reach of each sale Untitled Robert Verran Purchase of this artwork helps support artists with disabilities continue to create art. www. .com Exceptional Art. Exceptional Artists. Selling
  15. 15. Dual-channel strategy Offline SociallyConscious Consumers Selling Online
  16. 16. Phase 2 – Focus online Offline SociallyConscious Consumers Selling Online
  17. 17. Phase 2 – Focus online 1 Continued offline presence to generate interest 2 Social media development 3 Alliances with partner websites Selling Online
  18. 18. Unit economics Unit Price: $150 - $1,500 27.5% Margin Artists 35% 50% of revenue goes back to the community Organizations 15% Sales 15% 7.5% Curation
  19. 19. Financial outlook Break-even: 168 units/month
  20. 20. Can this team execute? Needed Skills A fearless leader Ali: CEO Marketing chops to get the word out Zach: Marketing A numbers whiz to keep us honest Courtney: Finance A salesperson to drum up business Sam: Sales A strategy and operations guru to guide us Dagan: Operations
  21. 21. Pulling it all together We Need We Have Art to Sell 7 Partner Organizations producing over 1,000 pieces of art per month To Pick the Best Curators to hand pick around 200 sellable pieces of art per month To Sell, Sell, Sell A successful sales pilot and a sizeable market Support You
  22. 22. Our ask for you -Incorporation & legal $165K -Website development -Marketing, management and sales salaries
  23. 23. Your money will do good
  25. 25. Competitive analysis Benefit to Artist and Org Assistance to Artists with Disabilities Online Art Galleries Brick & Mortar Galleries Studios for Artists with Disabilities SocialCanvas Broad Reach Private & Corporate Buyers Benefit to Buyer Dedicated Salespeople Personalized Curation Services LowModerate Priced Art
  26. 26. Capital requirements Legal, Accounting & Incorporation Salaries -Sales -Technical -Marketing -Management Startup Fixed Costs -Website Development -Office Space, Hardware, Software Startup Variable Costs -Supplied, Mileage, Shipping, Advertisements TOTAL $6K $14K $15K $19K $17.5K $45K $22.5K $26K $165K
  27. 27. Curation ≠ isolation Partner orgs Partner orgs
  28. 28. Art online? 1 2 Comps 30-day return policy