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Sell to your best prospects with IDG Connect

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Idgc Brochure

  1. 1. the premier IT sales lead service Reach. Connect. Sell. Close.
  2. 2. IDG Connect Sell to your best prospects with IDG Connect IDG Connect puts more qualified leads into your sales pipeline. For over four decades, IDG has built the most powerful family of technology brands, including Computerworld, CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, PC World and Macworld. IDG’s combined media users, print readership, and event attendees makes up the largest and most potent technology buying audience for your products and services. Access to these high quality prospects across brands is only available from IDG Connect. More than six-million technology professionals in the IDG Connect database rely on IDG publications, research and websites as their strategic resource for technology information, analysis, product reviews and case studies. These properties are complemented by an array of executive conferences and IT events including, LinuxWorld, Premier 100 IT Leaders conference, DEMO, Macworld Conference and Expo, The Security Standard, SOA Executive Forum and the CIO 100. Combining peer interaction with unbiased, actionable information produces the most engaged and qualified buying prospects. According to the IntelliQuest CIMS Business Study Fall 2006, IDG is the leader in reaching technology buyers and influencers with combined reach of Computerworld, CIO, Network World, InfoWorld, PC World and Macworld totaling 4.3 million technology business influencers. IDG Brands attract a loyal audience of technology professionals who rely on IDG publications for technology information. This audience is aggregated and grouped by topic areas of interest. IDG Connect uses email to promote your digital assets to the most appropriate audience – connecting you to your best prospects to capture qualified, actionable leads. Bring buyers and sellers together with IDG Connect Highly engaged IT professionals learn from your strategic content Generating qualified sales leads is the focus of every IDG Connect program and we work closely with technology marketers to identify the strategic content that will be of most interest to IT buyers. Whether you have an existing white paper, webcast, research overview or case study, or you need IDG to create it, the right content is matched to the prospects in your technology segment. In every case we manage your program to create actionable leads to boost your sales efforts. The Premier IT Sales Lead Service
  3. 3. The Premier IT Sales Lead Service Reach the right technology professionals Target your core audience from our database of over 6,000,000 profiles Identifying the right decision maker is a requirement for creating and implementing a successful direct marketing program. From senior executives to network managers, IDG Connect enables you to reach the IT professionals who investigate, recommend and authorize IT purchases. Your offering will reach the right prospects within the decision making team who have the authority to buy your products. Connect to the most important IT market segments Targeting IT decision makers in specific markets delivers better leads and higher closing rates. With extensive information collected from our subscriber Sample graph of some profiles, IDG Connect segments its audience by topic and available market segments promotes your content to those with an expressed interest in specific technology areas such as security, networking, storage, and wireless. A VP of IT responsible for an organization’s data security may find an intrusion defense white paper to be helpful, while a Java developer may express interest in application development content. We deliver the appropriate content to your entire buying ecosystem from CIO to developer. Sell to early adopters in emerging markets Get to the innovators who are driving adoption of new technologies. Ready to promote an innovative technology? Are you looking to establish a market with a new product? IDG Connect will help you target IT executives and managers who are driving innovation in the enterprise. Our media and event brands reach change agents who leverage technology to create significant business advantages for their companies. IDG is at the forefront, covering the latest industry solutions such as Software Oriented Architecture (SOA), virtualization, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and wireless technologies such as RFID. Consequently, IDG Connect is an effective way to establish your products or services as the definitive leader in your market segment. Reach. Connect. Sell. Close.
  4. 4. IDG Connect Connecting buyers to your essential marketing assets Leverage your strategic content to educate and build brand preference Your white papers, webcasts, podcasts, case studies, product information and software downloads serve an important role as buyers move from awareness, to consideration and purchase. IDG Connect leverages your investment in strategic content for effective lead generation and prospect acquisition. Our outbound email program promotes your content to a targeted opt-in audience that has indicated an interest in a specific technology area. This ensures that relevant content reaches the most qualified buyers. While email-based marketing is a principal component of our audience engagement model, IDG Connect goes a step further. The IDG Connect Research Library highlights your content and distributes it across our family of media web sites, making sure your content is accessible when and where The IDG Connect IT Research Library IT professionals are searching for information. The library is an important puts your content assets in front of complement to outbound marketing and accelerates the success of the powerful buying audience of IDG’s your program. industry leading brands White Papers IT professionals rate white papers among the most useful and educational sources of information as they consider an IT investment. Ensuring that your prospects receive a white paper with relevant content builds credibility, improves consideration and accelerates your sales cycle. Symantec White Paper Webcasts Technology buyers have embraced web-based media as an effective tool to learn about new technology and the critical issues surrounding technology solutions. We’ll leverage any of your existing on-demand webcasts or work closely with an IDG Custom Solutions group to build a compelling and timely content asset. Borland Webinar Strategic Content We understand that your content extends beyond white papers and webcasts. Podcasts, case studies, technical articles and product literature have value when it comes to educating your best prospects and advancing them through the sales cycle. Our programs leverage all of your valuable assets to reach multiple influencers at various stages of the buying process. iRise Podcast on The Premier IT Sales Lead Service
  5. 5. The Premier IT Sales Lead Service Build programs leveraging intelligence and insight Matching content to every step of the buying process Through extensive buyer research, IDG Connect in conjunction with IDG Research has built a deep understanding of the relationship between content consumption and buyer intent. Our most effective programs use multiple messages and content pieces to target the right message to the appropriate individual. Such programs may include a strategic overview for executives, ROI analysis for senior level IT decision makers, and product buyers guides for managers conducting due diligence and competitive analysis. Therefore, you reach all members of the buying team with a relevant message to help build consensus. Let IDG experts deliver for you with IDG custom content solutions Give prominence to your marketing messages. Leverage the prestige, integrity and impartiality of our world renowned brands. If you’re looking to produce content to attract new prospects, IDG provides custom content solutions and will work with you to develop the most appropriate marketing material to meet your objectives and build a successful lead generation program. IDG has provided technology news and information for four decades. Our readers have come to trust what they read, establishing IDG’s credibility that you can leverage with any of our custom content offerings. Whether it’s a white paper, executive briefing, hosted webcast, podcast, or custom research that you desire, IDG provides access to industry experts and analysts to create compelling content, position your company as a thought leader and expand your marketing reach. IDC Research Hosted Webcasts & Panels Executive Briefings Podcasts and Reports Reach. Connect. Sell. Close.
  6. 6. IDG Connect IDG Connect delivers results More qualified leads for more sales opportunities We understand that leads are only good if they end up in your sales pipeline with potential to convert to sales. All IDG Connect programs are designed and managed around your definition of a qualified prospect. IDG Connect has delivered measurable results for small and medium-sized technology firms, industry leaders, software innovators, and global hardware vendors. Our programs are designed to build on your brand, reach the most relevant and qualified audience and add opportunities to your sales pipeline. IDG’s award winning media During the purchase process, IT professionals turn to sources they trust to help make informed decisions. IDG Connect delivers an audience of potential buyers who rely on IDG brands to provide important information throughout the process. IDG publications also outdistanced top business media in reach across corporate IT influencers with large budgets. By a 2-to-1 margin, IDG has a net reach advantage over business publications among corporate IT influencers with budgets of more than one million dollars. And IDG has earned more than 120 editorial and design awards in 2005 which is more than all competitors combined. • 43 American Society of Business Publication Editors National Awards • 48 Regional editorial excellence awards • 23 Tabbies, 5 Neal awards and 3 Maggies • Computerworld has won the ASBPE business-to-business Magazine of the Year Award twice in recent years. The bottom line: Create a constant source of qualified leads for your sales team and close more business with IDG Connect. The world’s most respected IT media company provides access to millions of IT buyers and influencers. Our technology brands, Computerworld, CIO, InfoWorld, Network World, PC World and Macworld, and events such as Macworld Conference & Expo and LinuxWorld provide the broadest range of users, developers, managers and executives. With our one of a kind audience and our unique capacity to design campaigns using your strategic content, IDG Connect will deliver more prospects who can be nurtured into qualified sales opportunities and closed business. IDG Connect works with your marketing team to build programs to emphasize technology thought leadership, attract interest in a product launch, or highlight successful customer stories. The result is a flow of highly qualified leads that enables you to establish relevant, ongoing dialogue with your most important prospects. No other IT media company can match the quality of the IDG Connect audience or the respect those audience members have for IDG brands. The Premier IT Sales Lead Service
  7. 7. The Premier IT Sales Lead Service the premier IT sales lead service For more information on how to leverage the IDG Connect service, please contact us at: 508. 935.4240 With the unparalleled depth, quality and reach of its publications, IDG has built the largest and most respected portfolio of technology publications inthe world. With more than 300 newspapers and magazines around the world, IDG informs more people about technology than any other media company. In fact, more than 120 million people in 85 countries read IDG publications. IDG’s online network includes 450 Web sites in over 80 countries, reaching more technology buyers with the broadest network of technology content online. IDG’s online network is also supported by the world’s only 24- hour global technology news organization. IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology and telecommunications industries. Over 850 IDC analysts in 50 countries provide global, regional, and local expertise on technology and industry opportunities and trends. IDG has the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of technology-focused trade shows, conferences and events. IDG’s events meet the ever-changing needs of technology professionals across a wide range of industries and disciplines. Reach. Connect. Sell. Close.