Let's protect life


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Let's protect life

  1. 1. Let’s Protect Life Powered by: Ali Hadi
  2. 2. We lost our LIFE….In the WAR on TERROR
  3. 4. Pakistan has been a victim of terrorism
  4. 5. The biggest threat to the state and citizens of Pakistan
  5. 6. Pakistan’s economy suffered a loss of Rs2.1 trillion due to the ongoing international war on terror.
  6. 7. The economy suffered direct and indirect losses in terms of exports, foreign investment, privatization, industrial production and tax collection because of the continuing war.
  7. 8. According to the Finance Division’s statement, Pakistan’s economy faced a loss Rs260 billion in the year 2004-05; Rs301 billion in 2005-06; Rs361 billion in 2006-07; Rs484 billion in 2007-08 and; Rs669 in the current financial year.
  8. 9. Various government and non-governmental organizations, commercial and industrial chambers and experts have prepared reports about socio-economic costs of Pakistan's fight against terrorism during the past five years. According to the Pak-US Business Council report (2009), Pakistan is the prime victim of Afghanistan's instability, and its economy has so far suffered directly or indirectly a huge loss of 35 billion dollars .
  9. 10. General Zia ul-Haq's tenure 1980
  10. 11. Pakistan's exceed i ng involvement in Soviet-Afghan War
  11. 12. Which led to greater influx of ideologically driven Afghan Arabs in the tribal areas and the explosion of kalashnikov and drug-culture.
  12. 13. The state and its intelligence agency in alliance with the United States and CIA encouraged the "mujahideen" to fight the proxy war against the Soviet Union.
  13. 14. Most of which were never disarmed after the war.
  14. 15. Some of these groups were later activated at the behest of the state in the form of Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and others were encouraged like Taliban to achieve state's agenda in Kashmir and Afghanistan.
  15. 16. The same groups are now taking on the state itself. “ Back fire ”
  16. 17. From the summer of 2007 to late 2009,
  17. 18. Total suicidal and normal Blast: 700
  18. 19. More than 5,500 people were killed in suicide and other attacks on civilians.
  19. 20. More than 25,000 physically handicapped
  20. 21. More than 50,000 lost their small businesses
  21. 22. More than 10,000,00 lost jobs “daily wages worker”
  22. 23. More than 500 Schools destroyed in the tribal areas
  23. 24. More than 500,000 Children looking for educational support
  24. 25. More than 100,000 women need finance to support their families.
  25. 26. Who is responsible?
  26. 27. In the WAR of TERROR
  27. 28. USA & PAKISTAN “lost public faith & positive image”
  28. 29. Kiva : Mirco Financing “Loans That Change Lives” Helping People & Educating Society
  29. 30. Proactive: “Public Awareness & Marketing Services Company” “ Idea for change in the society”
  30. 31. Proactive Society: Prime Objectives #1 : Restore the Faith “b/w two countries in the public sector” USA & PAKISTAN #2 : Create Awareness for Kiva “Brand Image & Recover Damaged Life in Pakistan”.
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