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Brand story


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Published in: Business
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Brand story

  1. 1. Pakistan Playing The Brand Story A Tale Worth Telling Powered by | Ali Hadi
  2. 2. Every Business Has A Story To Tell
  3. 4. Everybody likes a good story and why not?
  4. 5. Stories are entertaining,  instructive, engaging and above all human; 
  5. 6. They connect people to  people, and businesses to customers. 
  6. 7. Stories are about communication  and communication is the essence of marketing.
  7. 8. We have at our disposal the greatest communication tool the world has  ever known, 
  8. 9. The Internet, and we are wasting it.
  9. 10. Websites are used as if  they were corporate brochures.
  10. 11. The techno-experts would even have us remove its visual and kinetic elements, and turn it into an academic-style journal to please the SEO gurus. 
  11. 12. We've been there and done that.
  12. 13. Search engine optimization is great, but who is going to go to your website if it's boring to view, and tedious to operate.
  13. 14. It's time to move on.
  14. 16. PROACTIVE BRAND COMMUNICATION Contact: +92300 2025012 Email: