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Motorcycle Tourism

  1. 1. Motorcycle Tourism Motorcyclists – the PURE Tourists
  2. 2. Why the Motorcyclist is one of the Purest of Tourists • A motorcyclist needs to stop every 2-3.5 hours for fuel due to the small size of their fuel tank. • Safe motorcycling requires a rider to stay hydrated, which means when they stop for fuel, they will most likely buy a beverage. • Even when towing a trailer for camping, a motorcyclist will still have need of food stuffs and supplies like ice be it from a grocery/convenience store or a restaurant/pub. They can not store food items for long periods easily.
  3. 3. Why the Motorcyclist is the Purest of Tourist • Motorcyclists preferences in accommodations is as varied as they are: they will stay at motels, campgrounds, guest houses, cabins, beds & breakfasts and friends homes but many also enjoy the luxury of hotels as well! • Motorcycles can only haul so much. Because of their limited space for storing clothing etc., a motorcyclist can often be found in drug stores, camping supply stores, gift/souvenir shops and courier/shipping offices to send gifts, souvenirs and the like home. • Motorcycling by it’s very nature make these people most likely to stop and visit roadside attractions, visitor centers, museums and other attractions along with restaurants/pubs, coffee shops and ice cream stands. • Because of their small fuel tanks, they are more apt to visit more attractions than other types of motorists.
  4. 4. So just how big is the motorcycle community? While motorcycling is a seasonal and niche market, it is a fast growing niche market whose numbers may amaze you.
  5. 5. An emerging/fast-growing niche market – Canadian Numbers The upward trend in Canadian motorcycle registrations supports the fact that interest in riding motorcycles is growing fast: • 2005: 443,700 motorcycles and mopeds • 2008: 566,894 motorcycles and mopeds • 2009: 594,866 motorcycles and mopeds Statistics Canada:
  6. 6. Highlights of the 2008 MIC Motorcycle/ATV Owner Survey – American Numbers "Since 2003, the number of motorcycles owned and used in America grew 19 percent to approximately 10.4 million." • "Female ownership of motorcycles crossed the 10-percent mark, increasing from 9.6 percent in 2003 up to 12.3 percent in 2008. • Younger generations have even more female riders. • Some 15 percent of Gen X motorcycle owners are women, and for Gen Y, it's 14 percent. " • "The median household income of motorcycle owners exceeds that of the average American. Two-wheel households average $59,290 while the U.S. average is $50,233." • "Of all motorcycles in use in 2008, 46 percent were purchased new, up 7 percent since 2003." (11)
  7. 7. Who are motorcyclists and why should you care? These tourists will spend an average of 10-14 days on a motorcycle holiday and spend an average of $3,100 while on that holiday. (BDB Rider Survey 2007/8) • Motorcycle Tourists come from all racial backgrounds and have a wide variety of educational and occupational backgrounds • Today, the average motorcyclist is likely to be between the ages of 40 and 65 • They are more than likely going to earn $75,000 a year and own their own home • The majority of motorcycle enthusiasts ride their own machine, however passengers are enthusiasts as well! • More and more women are riding their own machines today. These tourists can have a significant impact on your region
  8. 8. Motorcycle Tourism IS Big Business Vacations Between Canada and the United States alone there are Potentially 11 Million tourists/customers who ride and those people spend on AVERAGE $3,100 while on a vacation. That translates to a 34 BILLION dollar a year industry *This figure does not take into consideration the international tourist. $34 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR – that’s BIG BUSINESS (It is estimated that $1.5 Billion is generated by Canadians) Weekend Events 11 million riders will spend on average $350-400.00 per weekend to attend events and the average rider will attend 3 weekend events each riding season. That’s over $13 Billion Dollars per year! ($600 Million is estimated to be generated by Canadian Riders) Charitable Causes 11 Million riders will donate on average $200 per year to charitable causes. That equates to over $2 Billion dollars per year! (It is estimated that 100 Million is generated by Canadian Riders)
  9. 9. How can we attract some of those dollars? That is the question many communities and tourism regions are asking themselves.
  10. 10. Knowledge Plus Powerful, Relevant Packaging & Marketing is KEY! • You need to understand the rider and their unique needs as tourists • You need to create a compelling reason for them to visit your region. (IE: Events, Day Ride and Circle Tour Maps, Contests) • You need to market the fact that you know what riders need and want and that you are ready to serve them. • You need to make that information highly accessible
  11. 11. Creating an Marketing Plan Once you understand the riders needs, and have a compelling reason for them to visit your region, the information on who, what, where , when and how those needs can be filled/met has to be packaged in a way that allows you to cross several marketing platforms. You can do all of these things on your own. It will take time, resources and manpower but you can do it. OR You can partner with a team that has already done a lot of the research and homework for you and can offer you a good portion of your marketing in one nice package. A package that fits with your objectives & needs and compliments the other marketing and branding efforts you will undertake. Belt Drive Betty Media® is one such partner that can help you achieve your marketing needs. We have the knowledge to share with you about riders, what they need and how your individual businesses and communities can go about becoming Rider Friendly Business Association® Members.
  12. 12. What is Belt Drive Betty Media®? Belt Drive Betty Media® is a multi media company that offers one of the best loved and used web sites about Canadian Motorcycling. It is the publisher of a weekly national newspaper for motorcyclists, the best & most comprehensive event calendars on Canadian Motorcycle Events along with a whole host of rider support tools including Belt Drive Betty’s Little Black Book©, a Yellow Pages® style directory featuring: • Rider Friendly Business Association® Members • Canadian Riders Support Network Members • Ride maps and key event information. We are a company that is comprised of riders from all backgrounds and have been working within the motorcycle community since 2003 delivering event & motorcycle community news coverage.
  13. 13. How we can help Belt Drive Betty Media ® offers you marketing vehicles that allow you exposure across many mediums including: • Web site exposure • Email Marketing • A Weekly Community Newspaper • A Motorcycle Events Calendar & App • A Rider Friendly Business Association® Phone book that is online, mobile and in print and offers the rider a compact and informative way to discover the communities and regions they find themselves in.
  14. 14. How we can help • We help you to utilize our extensive Facebook & Twitter presence • We have a data base of over 500 active riding clubs and their web sites • We can offer trade show and or rally exposure depending on your region’s and or events unique needs. • We can offer you exposure in other publications and medias – Belt Drive Betty AKA Renee Charbonneau writes for a number of publications beside her own! • We can assist you in many facets of your promotions and can tailor make campaigns to suit your needs quickly and efficiently. From Ride Maps to Apps, article writing to press release distribution as well as handing your information out at tradeshows and motorcycle events, we can assist you in marketing your region and events to the motorcycle enthusiast.