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FI Presentation Short


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FI Presentation Short

  1. 1. FrontiersInsight February 2011 An investment decision-making tool for investors interested in new Frontier markets.1 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  2. 2. FrontiersInsight February 2011 Frontier markets – is a category of markets characterized by lower market capitalization and liquidity and by the formation of stock markets which are not complete yet. They give investors a good opportunity to join the fight at initial stages, thus not missing the phase of aggressive growth. Everybody who succeeds in these markets will be able to earn an income far exceeding that which can be obtained by investing in highly developed or even emerging markets. Frontier financial markets may become the new place where financers will be heavily investing in the coming year. Some interesting facts on frontier markets Mongolia Vietnam Botswana Mongolia Stock Annual growth of more  Ranks among the top 3 Exchange index doubled than 7% for the past four African countries in since January 2011 years. measures of investment Mongolia reached a Per-capita income has and business climate historical high in foreign doubled to $540. Has no foreign direct investment (FDI) Foreign companies exchange controls and inflows last year (Over licensed to invest $4.2 allows full repatriation of $1.4Bn) billion in country. profits and investments2 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  3. 3. FrontiersInsight February 2011 The Platform  is a platform that provides investors with fundamental and quantitative analysis of new and highly promising unexplored frontier markets. At this moment covers more than 13,000 public and private companies in the regions such as Central Asia, East Asia, Africa, Caucasus and other CIS markets.  We are continuously working on expanding the geographical coverage. In the near future we are planning to add the information about the markets in Eastern Europe and Baltic countries, as well as the South Asian region.Success is your responsibility3 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  4. 4. FrontiersInsight February 2011 The statistics Key statistics regarding The platform has accumulated: 150 000+ News articles, 13 000+ Public and private companies 15 000+ Financial reports 5 000+ Entries about company shareholders 12 000+ Entries about company executives 250+ Informational resources Figures matters And the numbers grow on a daily basis.4 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  5. 5. FrontiersInsight February 2011 Types of corporate informationThe analytical tools of the system allow investorsto conduct in-depth analysis and take them as thebasis for investment decisions.On you can find:Full Company ProfilesLatest News and M & A dealsHistorical data on prices for securitiesIn-depth analysis of trading on stock exchangesFinancial statementsDividend HistoryRepresentatives of managementShareholdersInvestments Invest wisely 5 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  6. 6. FrontiersInsight February 2011 Platform capabilities News The platform allows each news the article to be marked according to industry and relevant company, which in turn eases the process of navigation and information gathering. Coefficients automatically calculates and presents a wide array of indexes (indicators) related to financial reports and stock prices of the companies. These indexes may be found in the “Coefficients” and “Stock Analysis” sections of the platform, or “Finances” The key to your success and “Trades” boxes of the company profile page.6 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  7. 7. FrontiersInsight February 2011 Platform CapabilitiesExchange ratesThe platform provides information about official currencyexchange rates of covered regionsCountry outlook and legislationFrontiersInsight provides information on macroeconomicoverview of a particularly country and industry, as well asmain macroeconomic indicators and relevant legislation.ResearchThe team of research professionals prepare weekly andmonthly reports for the users of the project: • Industrial Top 50 • Stock Market Report • M&A Report Money loves smart decisions 7 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  8. 8. FrontiersInsight February 2011 Additional tools Subscribers can include the following features in their subscription : Watchlist - periodic notification of new published information. Periodic e-mail notifications are sent when the information of interest to the subscriber will be added to the system. Stock screener - search stocks in accordance with a set of specific criteria. Stock Screener helps you to find the action on the industry, the indices of companies, criteria such as stock price, market capitalization, dividend yield, financial performance, etc. Portfolio management - managing your own portfolio of stocks. You can create portfolios to track the real Diversified resources investments in stocks.8 Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011
  9. 9. FrontiersInsight February 2011 If you are interested in our offer, you can register on or contact us directly through, and our managers will grant you with a 30 days trial periodVeritas Financial EuropeSuite 124, Corporate House, 1100 Whiteley,Fareham, Hampshire PO15 7AB,United KingdomTel.: +44 (20) Veritas Financial Europe LLP, 2011