Live Product Demo: Get Complete Security Visibility with AlienVault USM


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How to get complete security visibility and threat detection in less than 1 hour.
In this session, our SIEM deployment expert will show you how to quickly and easily:

*Detect brute force attacks with correlation of both Windows & Linux logs
*Detect APTs and zero-day attacks
*Expose network scans or worm behavior with firewall log correlation
*Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities on affected assets
*Customize alerts and reports for PCI, HIPAA and ISO

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Live Product Demo: Get Complete Security Visibility with AlienVault USM

  1. 1. Discover Security That’s Highly Intelligent DECEMBER 2014 ALIENVAULT
  2. 2. AlienVault Vision Accelerating and simplifying threat detection and incident response for IT teams with limited resources, on day one Enable organizations of all sizes to benefit from the power of crowd- sourced threat intelligence & unified security
  3. 3. Challenge: No Business is Safe Today 1Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2013 2Ponemon “The Risk of an Uncertain Security Strategy” Most organizations lack the time, resources & expertise to monitor all of their technologies 90% of US businesses suffered some sort of hacking attack 50% of all targeted attacks were aimed at businesses with fewer than 2,500 employees1 26% of SMBs have in-house expertise for achieving a strong IT security posture2 44% of SMBs have adequate budget for achieving a strong IT security posture2
  4. 4. Traditional Security is Complex and Expensive Given the 10 most recommended technologies and the pricing range, an organization could expect to spend anywhere from $225,000 to $1.46m in its first year, including technology and staff. Factor into this: Initial licensing costs Implementation / optimization costs Ongoing management costs Renewal costs Integration of all security technologies Training of personnel/incoming personnel Source: The Real Cost of Security, 451 Research, April 2013
  5. 5. Notable Breach Disclosures
  6. 6. And Yet…. “There is growing recognition that there is no silver bullet. Firewalls and antivirus software alone cannot keep hackers out...” NY Times, 12/4/2014
  7. 7. Prevent Detect & Respond The basics are in place for most companies…but this alone is a ‘proven’ failed strategy. New capabilities to develop The Solution
  8. 8. SC Magazine on AlienVault: “This device comes with some of the most advanced functionality of any SIEM we have seen... This is definitely a device we would buy for ourselves.” “For the price, AlienVault cannot be beat. It provides an extremely high amount of value for the money, and is easy to use and feature filled at the same time.” 1/2
  9. 9. AlienVault USM: Discover Security That’s Highly Intelligent
  10. 10. Unified Security Management Platform Accelerates and simplifies threat detection and incident response for IT teams with limited resources, on day one AlienVault Labs Threat Intelligence Identifies the most significant threats targeting your network and provides context-specific remediation guidance Open Threat Exchange The world’s largest repository of crowd-sourced threat data, provides a continuous view of real-time threats AlienVault Approach: Unified Security Management
  11. 11. USM Platform ASSET DISCOVERY • Active Network Scanning • Passive Network Scanning • Asset Inventory • Host-based Software Inventory VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT • Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring • Authenticated / Unauthenticated Active Scanning BEHAVIORAL MONITORING • Log Collection • Netflow Analysis • Service Availability Monitoring SIEM • SIEM Event Correlation • Incident Response INTRUSION DETECTION • Network IDS • Host IDS • File Integrity Monitoring Built-In, Essential Security Capabilities
  12. 12. Open Threat Exchange
  13. 13. DEMO
  14. 14. 888.613.6023 ALIENVAULT.COM CONTACT US HELLO@ALIENVAULT.COM Now for some Questions.. Questions? Twitter : @alienvault Download a Free 30-Day Trial of USM Check out our 15-Day Trial of USM for AWS Try our Interactive Demo Site Join OTX: