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Women In Family Biz Skit


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This is a one-sided view point of a family business on the verge of succession. The brother and sister are quarreling over who is more deserving to inherit the father's empire.

Published in: Business
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Women In Family Biz Skit

  1. 1. Family Business SkitThe Role of Women in Family Businesses<br />Ali, Djalal, Galina, Haithem<br />
  2. 2. Characters:<br />Ali: Son (assuming he will succeed the father) (A)<br />Djalal: Founder/Father (D)<br />Galina: Daughter (trying to claim succession) (G)<br />
  3. 3. Father walks in finding Son + Daughter arguing…<br />A: You want to run the family business? Are you crazy, look at your hair! <br />G: What does my hair have to do with anything? Your so immature! <br />A: I maybe immature, but thank God I’m a boy! I’m better at sports and business! What are you good at? Spending dad’s money? Cooking? Cleaning? <br />D: Respect your sister! Sit down! I want to talk to you guys. Look, im getting old and tired of working, I want to make sure my business is in good hands. You guys can’t even agree about small things, so im sure you cant agree in business. I need to pick one of you to succeed me, keep my clients happy, expand the business… and not mess everything up! I can’t decide which one of you, and ive had sleepless nights thinking about it.<br />
  4. 4. A: Dad is that even a question? She’s a girl, I can prove that men are more likely to be successful entrepreneurs than women! I got this cool application on my iPhone that can answer any question you ask it, check it out! See i’m even better with technology, whereas even a hair straightener can complicate her! <br />D: That’s absurd, but I’ll try it anyway. Galina, what should I ask this silly application? <br />G: First of all, im offended, because this is the reason more women feel they are inferior in the work place compared to men, which is a fact! Why don’t you ask the application whether men or women have more self-esteem? <br />D: (asks the application the question)… Sorry Galina, its proven that men have more self esteem as entrepreneurs than women! Good try though. Ok Ali, your chance to ask a question… <br />
  5. 5. A: Im sure men have more intensity as entrepreneurs than women, check it dad! <br />D: How could you possibly measure these things? But ok, lets ask it. <br /> Ok the intensity is measured by a single-minded focus to start a business and work towards its survival and growth, often at the expense of other worthy and important goals. And it proves that MEN have more entrepreneurial intensity. Once again, sorry Galina. <br />G: Yeah Ali is more intense, intensely stupid! <br /> The only reason women are less effective in the entrepreneurial side of business is because of the stupid social norms we have! Ask the application if women have more operational problems in business than men? <br />
  6. 6. D: Look Galina, I would love to leave you the whole business because I know your mature and competent. The truth is you will face: <br />Gender discrimination<br />Lack of access to capital<br />Difficulty competing for government contracts<br />Lack of access to information<br />And in general, you will have to work harder than Ali to prove yourself.<br />A: Exactly! Thanks dad. Look Galina, all jokes aside women have a harder time in the business world than men. So don’t worry, I will handle everything after dad dies (hopefully soon), and il give you… like 5%? You can get as many manicures and pedicures as you like from the company account, happy?<br />
  7. 7. G: No, im not happy. I will expand your business further dad. I will increase cash flows, make all the processes more efficient, increase sales, new product lines. I have so many plans! Ask Ali what he will do? <br />D: Ali? <br />A: Uhhh, yeah I’ll just make everything bigger and better! Look dad 77% of men make future plans, and only 43% of women make future plans in business. <br />D: That’s the answer I was looking for! Well done Ali! <br />
  8. 8.  Galina looks confused…<br />D: Look Galina, its not your fault. Women have a harder time balancing work life and home chores. You have to make sure you vacuum the carpet, the Lasagna tastes good, our clothes are washed and folded and so many other jobs. So your equally important, don’t be mad. <br />G: Its ok dad. You know my boyfriend John? Well he owns 5 car dealerships in the country, and he just said if I married him, he will let me have 50% of everything he inherited from his father. At least he knows how to treat a woman! So dad and Ali, get your suits ready, because I’m leaving!<br />D: Look what you did Ali! Your sister left! <br />A: Damn dad, what the hell are we going to eat now? <br />D: I make really good cereal?<br /> <br />Dad and Ali sit at the table depressed that Galina left. <br />
  9. 9. The End.<br />
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