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Our Visit in Sweden: Goteborg


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Our Visit in Sweden: Goteborg

  1. 3. DESTINATION X is an exhibition about travelling around the world. We choose to travel for many different reasons: to enjoy ourselves, to discover a new reality, to meet different cultures, to work and to escape. We thought about borders. Are borders useful? Or do we need them only to keep away the poor from our country ? Why can we travel almost everywhere, while a Mexican can’t escape from a poor country to get into USA? To explain this, and many other things, a guide took us through paintings, photographs, films, stories and installations made by artists from all over the world. THE QUESTIONS WERE: “ DO WE HAVE A PERSONAL HEAVEN HERE, ON EARTH?” “ WHAT ARE OUR DREAMS?” “ WHY DO WE TRAVEL AND MIGRATE?” “ WHAT DO WE THINK WE CAN FIND?”
  2. 6. This installation was made with flip-flops from beaches in Kenya. Flip-flops are the most common kind of footwear.
  3. 7. Here people are having fun, but on the same beaches every night someone dies, trying to reach illegally their dreams.
  4. 10. Simona & Paola