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Our Town in Italy: Brescia


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Our Town in Italy: Brescia

  1. 1. Frescoes & buildings in Brescia… a walk in the old town
  2. 2. This is the Duomo Vecchio (Old Cathedral) also known as La Rotonda It is a Romanesque church, and it is quite peculiar because of its circular shape. The main structure was built in the 12th century on the ruins of an earlier basilica. Apart from frescoes, the cathedral houses paintings by Alessandro Bonvicino (known as il Moretto), a local 16th century artist. Other paintings include works by Girolamo Romanino, another local artist.
  3. 3. What you can see inside
  4. 4. It took over 200 years to build the new cathedral - from 1604 to 1825. While initially Palladio was to build the cathedral, because of economic problems was completed, always in a Palladian style, by the young local architect Giovanni Battista Lantana. Some of the paintings that can be seen inside the church were made Bonvicino (better known as il Moretto). In the same square there is also the Duomo Nuovo (New Cathedral)
  5. 5. PIAZZA DELLA LOGGIA Piazza della Loggia is an example of Renaissance piazza . The building in the picture is the loggia (now the Town Hall), which started to be built in 1492 by the architect Filippino de' Grassi and was completed in 1574.
  6. 6. San Francesco is a 13th century church, which contains medieval frescoes as well as works by local artist Romanino
  7. 7. What you can see inside
  8. 8. Frescoed walls in via Gramsci, in the town centre
  9. 9. Brescia is an ancient town, once called Brixia . Here are the Roman ruins.