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  1. 1. Graffiti
  2. 2. Inscriptions or symbols placed on walls. Usually to illegal manner.
  3. 3. Technical It is divided on painting „by hand” , so behind assistance of paint and on painting by templates relying on applying for wall executed templates earlier and covering of free area paint.
  4. 4. Street graffiti is sometimes made by other technics like: brush and water acrylic paints. However, effects are always imitated by classic method with paints in spray.
  5. 5. To paint the graffiti we often use spray. This is paint in aerosol in can.
  6. 6. History Custom of writing had started in antique times. The purpose of writing was to pass on the definite content. The beginnings of graffiti in present-day meaning of this word reach to late 60’s and early 70’s of XX Century. Lot’s of people are putting graffiti on their work place, private bulidings and firms for the advertisment. So this is not anymore just the manifestation of revolt.
  7. 7. First graffiti style was developed by Phaze II. The style resembled connection of gothic and booble. From this moment the art started to spread out and taking forms. Frist crews started to make the graffiti illegally on the walls or subways.
  8. 8. One of the first crew was Bronx War. Their style was very characteristic , because theirs letters were unbelivable nutty. The popularity of graffiti started to rise, which contributed to search new styles and techniques. They started to paint on trains and trams. It has caused dissatisffaction from part of authority.
  9. 9. Nowadays in most of the countires the world started the war to the street art.
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