Art of Ancient Egypt


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Art of Ancient Egypt

  1. 1. Art of ancient Egypt
  2. 2. Origin Ancient Egyptian art was born in 300o BC. It emerged and took shape in the ancient Egypt, the civilization of the Nile Valley. Expressed in paintings and sculptures, it was highly symbolic and fascinating - this art form revolves round the past and was intended to keep history alive.
  3. 3. Art forms ● Architecture ● Papyrus ● Pottery ● Sculpture ● Hieroglyphs ● Literature The Book of the Dead written on papyrus
  4. 4. Paintings Egyptian paintings are painted in such a way to show a profile view and a side view of the animal or person. For example, the painting to the right shows the head from a profile view and the body from a frontal view. Their main colors were red, blue, black, gold, and green
  5. 5. Symbolism ● Religion simbols of Egypt's gods ● Animals - highly symbolic figures in Egyptian art ● Expressive Colors: ● Red skin - youth, ● Yellow skin was - women ● Blue or gold -gods ● Black - royal figures
  6. 6. TECHNIQUES Paintings of people - The head of the character was always drawn in profile, while the body is seen from the front. - Although the face is to the side, the eye is drawn in full. - The legs are turned to the same side as the head, with one foot placed in front of the other. - The head is at right angles to the body.
  7. 7. Artists made colors from raw materials around them and therefore worked in a limited number of shades. They was painting on tomb walls and papyruses
  8. 8. Wall Paintings of Ancient Egypt Most of the painting of Ancient Egypt that has survived were found in tombs of the pharaohs or high governmental officials.
  9. 9. Walls of tomb and temples Amenophis I
  10. 10. Dead Man standing in the barge of the sun worshiping the phoenix, symoble of the sun god of Heliopolis, Tomb of Irinefer
  11. 11. Anubis finishing mumification, Tomb of Amennakht Anubis finishing mumification, Tomb of Amennakht
  12. 12. The barge of the Sun on it's night course. Right to left Isis, Thost, the Sun god, Hu, and the dead man who steers the boat. Tomb of Anhurkhawi.
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