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Forever Affiliate


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Forever Affiliate

  1. 1. Copyright 2014 – Page 1Forever Affiliate Free Strategy Guide 2013 Andrew Hansen
  2. 2. Copyright 2014 – Page 2IntroductionIve been making money with affiliate marketing since 2005. Since then a lot has changed.The game is very different now.But one thing remains the same: Free traffic affiliate marketing is still the easiest way toget started making money from home, on the internet.The ability to publish content, get yourself listed in the search engines, and use your trafficto sell other peoples products for “hands off” passive income... is as real as it has everbeen.And with the sheer size of the internet today, compared to when I started in 2005, thereare more opportunities than ever.They just arent visible to those looking through outdated glasses.Right now, all over the internet, humble affiliates, working from the computers in theirliving rooms are making money hand over fist, with simple little websites and free trafficfrom Google.Passive income, just like the old days. Theyre using the affiliate checks to pay their bills, totravel round the world, and to live a life of their choosing. I know because Im one of thoseaffiliates.This report is about how theyre doing that. Right now in 2013.I hope you enjoy this report, but more importantly I hope you act on it.To your success,Andrew
  3. 3. Copyright 2014 – Page 3How Affiliates Make Money TodayIn 2013 on the internet, more people will buy more stuff than they ever have before. Theyllbuy everything from the most mundane household item to the kind of stuff that you dontknow even IS stuff. And theyll spend amounts of money on it that you wouldnt believe.Remember this: As long as people are buying stuff, there is money to be made for affiliates.Why?Where once, confined to small communities, we used to buy everything we needed fromsomeone we knew, humans now shop in a global market place.If I want a new shirt, I can buy one MORE easily from an online store in China, seated at acomputer in my living room, than I can by driving down to my local department store, afew miles away.This has opened up endless possibilities for the world of shopping, but its taken awaysome things too, one of which is the element of human connection. Yes, I can buy that shirtfrom an online store in China. But how well do I know that store? How confident can I bethat Im going to get the right price? The right size for me? That the company will reallydeliver on time, and at a high quality?The answer is I dont know. At least not very well.So what you have on the internet is a giant global market place where anyone can buyanything from anywhere... but where no one has the confidence to just pick something upand take it home.That is, without a 3rd party source of information.How can I be sure about that Chinese shirt shop? If my friend used it. Thats how. If acommunity Im a part of online has used it and they recommend it. Like that. With helpfrom people who have already gotten the answers Im looking for, I can be confident tomake a purchase from a person or a store that Ill never lay my own eyes on.
  4. 4. Copyright 2014 – Page 4Without that help, Im lost in a sea of choices.Its that need for 3rd party information in the global market place that means AFFILIATES,people like you and me will always have an opportunity to profit, and without evertouching a good or service ourselves.Affiliates Providing Value?Once upon a time, all it took to make money was to get your piece of content, talking aboutsome product or service, out onto the internet. Ranking in the search engines was so easythat if you hit the right product youd be making money within 24 hours.Providing value was irrelevant. If you could get your affiliate link in front of people, youdmake money.Today thats not the case.Today, affiliates make money by providing value to people. And in Forever Affiliate, wemake money by providing value to people who are looking to buy stuff.Imagine it. When a person is going to buy something in that big scary global market place,there is plenty they need to know. And crucially, there are things they need toknow, that merchants arent going to tell them!A merchant isnt going to tell them if theres a competitor thats cheaper. A merchant isgoing to try get them to buy as much as possible regardless of how much they need. Amerchant isnt going to tell the downsides of a product, or things a customer should watchout for when using it. A merchants job is to sell.(Affiliate Content Tip: Whenever you can provide a piece of information on theproduct that your merchant wont provide ie “you only need half as much of this thing asthe official store will tell you”, or “there is a secret discount coupon code open thismonth”, or “shipping is free if you purchase two months supply at a time”, the trust you
  5. 5. Copyright 2014 – Page 5have with your readers, and your conversion rates skyrocket!)An affiliates job is to inform. Thats why affiliates have value. Thats how affiliates gettraffic and make money. If you can remember this, and operate an affiliate business fromthat frame of mind, you will be profitable forever.Sidenote: An Affiliate Outranking A Merchant?People ask me all the time, “When youre promoting a product for a company, how canyou outrank them in Google? Wont they always be at the top?”Fortunately, Google is an information engine. It rewards informativeness. And if youreproviding more information about a product than the merchant is, and allowing Googlessearchers to become better informed... you can win in the search engines (provided you dosome other things as well.Being Informative & Making Money In Any MarketThe beauty of this whole process is that as an affiliate, and with the power of the internet,you can be informative (enough) to anyone.Most people buying things on the internet are busy. Theyre shopping online to save thetime of going to a real store. Theyre in a hurry by their very nature. They dont have thetime to compare various price options, to seek out discounts, to fully research the productsthey buy to make sure theyre the best they can possibly get. But theyd all be better off ifthey did. And they know that.As an affiliate, you can fill that role. You can do the research, and uncover the informationthat the busy buyers wont take the time to do. Whats more, you can do that in any market,for any product that exists on the internet!Yes, there are two types of affiliates, and both make money, one group not more than theother.
  6. 6. Copyright 2014 – Page 6There are affiliates who are informative because theyre involved in the market in whichtheyre informing. They love it, they do it anyway, and so they become “experts” out ofpassion.But there are also affiliates who are informative only because theyve researched themarket in which theyre informing. With the power of Google, I can spend 30 minutes ofresearch, and know more about any given product than a person whos considering buyingit. 10 times more in fact. And I can save a potential buyer of that product a HUGE amountof time (and potential heartache) with what I now know.Most Forever Affiliates are in the latter group. The advantage of being in that group is thatIm not fixed to one spot. I can diversify my markets, my sites and my income streams toall corners of the internet, and pick up and start again with ease at any point, for anyreason.That said, being in the first group can be extremely profitable too, provided your “passion”also coincides with a market thats active and profitable, which is not always the case.Bottom Line: What weve discussed so far is the broad opportunity that exists, and theframe of mind needed to make money as an affiliate in 2013: Providing value.That opportunity will ALWAYS exist, for people like you and me. The ability to inform andmake money from recommendations on the internet. And if youre providing value, youllbe able to capitalize on that opportunity forever.Its at this point that well move our conversation to this last point: Markets. Niches. Whichare profitable, which are not, and how to ensure we make as much money as we can, aseasily as we can.
  7. 7. Copyright 2014 – Page 7The Most Profitable Markets On The InternetFor as long as this way of making money has existed, one thing has been true: To makethe most money, you go to where the most money is already being made.Remember our earlier example about the huge global market place? Did you picture it asthis enormous street market with every good under the sun for sale but with most peoplewalking around with their heads up in the air, confused and not sure which thing to buy?The first part of making money as a Forever Affiliate is the equivalent of “Walk into thatmarket”. The stalls of that market is where the money is changing hands. So thats wherewe need to be.Where you DONT go, is to the library. Thats where people are just acquiring information.For free. Browsing, learning, enquiring. NOT BUYING.Because what we do is sometimes called “information marketing” some people getconfused. They think that information, is the same as products. It can be, but its mostly itsnot. Some people searching the web with notepad files open. Researching, taking names,making phone calls maybe. Other people are searching the internet with credit cards inhand. Those people are looking for products. Those are the people we want to help. Thosepeople are where money is being made.This, the core of my affiliate marketing strategy hasnt changed in 8 years now: Findgroups of people looking to buy a single product, and help them buy it. Andthe sun hasnt set on a single day where that wasnt a VERY profitable thing todo.Dont get me wrong, HOW I help those people has changed; How I get myself in front ofthose people has changed; Even how I find those groups of people has changed... but thatthey are what I am looking for if I want to make money has not, and will not ever change.Want some good news? Each year more products are available for purchase on theinternet, and with every new one, there is a new group of people that want it, and a new
  8. 8. Copyright 2014 – Page 8opportunity for money to be made.Even with how popular affiliate marketing is today, the number of new affiliates cominginto the world can not even slightly outstrip the number of new opportunities arising forthem to capitalize on.Want an example?Recently this new product came into the world. Its a kids toy called an Air Swimmer. Itsthis balloon shaped like a fish, thats rigged to a remote control that you can steer around aroom, through the air. Its awesome. I know this because it was a Christmas gift for one ofthe kids in our extended family this year.It retails for about $50, and a lot of people buy more than one at once. For curiosity, Isearched in the Adwords Keyword Tool and saw that right now, more than 100 000 peopleevery month, around the world, are looking for Air Swimmers. Because they are thinking ofbuying one.Thats a market. Out of nowhere it came. And you think some affiliate somewhere madesome money on that? You can bet your life they did!Markets like this pop up every day (probably every minute) and the onlydifference between who makes money on them and who doesnt is... who canfind them.You know who DOESNT find these kind of markets? People who do “niche research” byhunting through Clickbank, or their local affiliate network. Nope.People who find these markets are clever affiliates with their ears to the ground in manymarkets, all at once. These affiliates get wind of stuff like this before it becomes popular.They start their campaigns and they ride the wave of popularity as it builds, and peaks.Other affiliates jump on as the swell of the wave as its settling back down to the flat of theocean, when theres almost no money left.
  9. 9. Copyright 2014 – Page 9Theres a technique I talk about in the upcoming Forever Affiliate course, in Phase 1,Video 7 that reveals exactly how anyone can do this: Find products and markets AS theyrebecoming profitable and ride their waves for months or even years at a time, all for a littlebit of work at the right time.Truth is, the ability to find markets is the greatest skill any affiliate can have.Its not just about finding markets that are REALLY profitable. Pay Day Loans are REALLYprofitable but I wouldnt recommend anyone reading this report to start affiliate marketingthere.And its not just about markets with low competition either. The Knitting market is lowcompetition, but I wouldnt recommend anyone reading this report to start their affiliatemarketing there.Its about finding just the right level of competition, with just the right amount of volume,and in the market with just the right product where those buyers are walking around,wanting the thing but not quite sure, so you can swoop in with your value, and help themdo what they want to do.But most importantly its about never entering a market without certainty that it will beprofitable. This is a far cry from going into a market because of what the search volumesays and what the search engine competition looks like.One of the biggest changes Ive made in my affiliate marketing over the years – as Ivebecome “older” and “wiser” I guess – is the process by which I confirm that a market isprofitable before I enter it.For example, a big part of the Forever Affiliate strategy is called “Testing and Validation”which is basically the process of confirming a market will be profitable before I commitanything more than the minimum amount of time and money to it.Most affiliate marketers, particularly new ones, DO NOT operate in this way. And they
  10. 10. Copyright 2014 – Page 10suffer because of that.My goal with markets is always to test many markets, and eventually settle, then focus myefforts on the most profitable of them. There Ill hammer away until Ive claimed every lastpiece of profit in that market, before moving on.There are many techniques for finding markets like this, most of which Ive developedgradually and over a long time. Theyll all be available in Phase 1 of the Forever Affiliatecourse, come February 19th.
  11. 11. Copyright 2014 – Page 11Creating Affiliate Sites In 2013So when you come upon a market thats profitable, and you have to provide value to themwith a website, how do you do it. More importantly, how do you do it with as little effort aspossible so that we can make as many of these sites as possible, and as much money aspossible?Let me clear up a few things straight off the bat:Q: Do simple blogs still work for affiliate marketing? Can they still rank in thesearch engines?A: Yep. And yep. The search engines like blogs now probably more than they ever have.Plus half the world uses Wordpress these days. Blogs take 5 minutes to create, costbasically nothing, and can manage your site no matter how big it grows. Blogs still rock.Q: Do mini sites still work for affiliate marketing? Can they still rank in thesearch engines?A: Yep. And very much yep. If you saw the prelaunch video at alreadyyoull have seen the site I pointed out, currently getting 10k visitors a month from thesearch engines and making $1k a month with only a Wordpress blog and 6 pieces ofcontent. Id call that a “mini site”, wouldnt you?Mini sites rank as well as they ever have. They just cant be as low quality as they oncecould. In 2013 I do more things than ever to ensure there is no doubt in anyones mind thatmy site is HIGH quality.Whats more, minisites are powerful for multiple reasons. They allow you to get into anymarket with ease. They allow to multiply in any market with ease. They allow you todiversify your income across many markets with ease. And they minimize the liability inyour affiliate site portfolio with ease.Minisites have an important role to play in Forever Affiliate strategy but theyre not the
  12. 12. Copyright 2014 – Page 12ONLY kind of site I use as part of my affiliate marketing strategy. There is a lot to be saidabout diversity and well talk about that more later.Q: Do exact match domains still work for affiliate marketing? Can they stillrank in the search engines?A: Yep and... yep. Even after the “exact match domain update” of 2012? YEP.Truth be told, I dont use “exact match domains” anymore, and I havent for some time. IfIm promoting a product called Weight Loss RX, I dont want the Thats for the product. And remember my goal as an affiliate? Toprovide that 3rd party information that people need. That means I have to make sure peopleknow Im a “3d party”.Ill use domains with the main keyword in the domain, with some other modifier thatmakes it clear Im a person with reviews. I get the benefit (that STILL exists as a rankingfactor) of having the target keyword in the domain, AND the conversion benefit ofdeclaring myself a 3rd party, so people can know Im not from the company, know that Imgoing to provide neutral information, and know Im going to share what the companymight not.Win win.While were on the subject, the Exact Match Domain update in Google late last year didntjust flippantly penalize all exact match domains and take away the advantage of keywordsin a domain name. It penalized low quality sites whos rankings were being excessivelyinflated because of their exact match domain. They turned down the volume on exactmatch domains a bit.But testing shows that keyword in the domain is still a ranking factor and Google is stillranking QUALITY sites (oh who are we kidding, plenty of NON QUALITY sites too!) thatare exact match, or have keywords in the domain name.Anyhow, what about...
  13. 13. Copyright 2014 – Page 13The Look Of Affiliate Sites In 2013This is another area where Ive made a lot of changes in strategy through the past 18months.The core is the same: My affiliate sites are simple, with plain, clear Wordpress themes,with fewer plugins than ever (despite the host of new plugins available to WP users thesedays). Some people get caught up in the functionality of their site, adding bells andwhistles that apparently have some benefit (that cant quite be defined) but in reality justdistract effort from more important tasks AND open site owners up to new security risks(plugins are the primary way that a hacker exploits your website).I almost never do cute header graphics, and absolutely never get custom themes designed.Ive said once and I must say again: Theres no money in obsessing over theappearance of your site.What I DO care a lot about nowadays is the delivery of my content. I care a lotabout how easy it is for my readers to digest the stuff Ive produced, how helpful theyregoing to find it, and how certainly theyre going to get to my affiliate links.I put a lot of effort into making sure my content hits exactly what my audience is lookingfor. And more effort into communicating it in a way that connects with my audience. Aminiature art in itself.I use more mediums for my content now than I ever have to. Its more dynamic, moreexciting, and more interactive... and yet still simple, formulated, and easy to create.Basically, there needs to be more focus on “time on site”, and “bounce rate” now, twometrics that Google measures closely, and that has become a greater ranking factor in thepast 12 months.With the content I create now, my users stay on my sites for longer than they ever have.And I have a specific formula for allowing for that to be the case.
  14. 14. Copyright 2014 – Page 14I also create content for the purpose of lowering bounce rates on the site. I use more “nonaffiliate content” than I ever have, written on specific keywords, with a specific purpose oftrying to lead visitors through multiple pages of my sites and lower that bounce rate.Fortunately, this all happens on auto pilot now.Ive got the right outsource staff these days who know how to create my content in exactlythe right voice, and hit exactly the right notes for any given market. This means contentcreation takes no time out of the day and still creates maximum results.Thats the formula for content that Ill lay out to you in Forever Affiliate. For now,remember only that your focus is still as a content producer. Your value is more in WHATyou write, than how pretty your site looks. And your results come from how well youRANK, more more so than how you well you write.Armed with a site that fulfils your audience needs, all you need to do is make it rank, andyoure making money. This is a specific, but a simple system and anyone can profit with it.Lets move on and tackle the big one... Search Engine Optimization, ranking, and Googlefor affiliates in 2013.
  15. 15. Copyright 2014 – Page 15Getting Search Engine Traffic In 2013Im going to talk here about SEO and Google in 2012 and 2013, but first I want to makesome comments about traffic in general.If youre reading this report, you know that there are many ways to get traffic to a websiteon the internet. And when you talk online business with people, you get these people who– seeing the ways that search engines change – would do anything to avoid having to focuson search engine traffic with their websites.Heres what you have to understand.Search engine traffic is the highest QUALITY form of traffic than an affiliate can get. Noother form of traffic can generate as much revenue from such small quantity. In thebroader scheme of things, there is Affiliate Traffic (the kind that we SEND to a merchant)that can convert more highly, because its traffic thats pre-sold. But after affiliate traffic,theres nothing on the scale of “targetedness” before search engine traffic.Every form of traffic has an upside and downside; stuff thats good about it, and stuff thatfrustrates you. With search engine traffic it has a downside THATS WORTH dealing withbecause you can make so much money from so little of it.For a long time Ive talked about sites that make sales and great incomes from as little as 3visitors a day. That is NOT possible with Facebook, with media, with banner ads etc. If youcan take the minor inconvenience of “keeping up with things” regarding search enginemarketing, you can be handsomely rewarded.Ok now thats out of the way, lets talk about what it takes to get traffic in the searchengines, whats going on with them, and how thats changing.Googles Changes & Where Things Are NowThis in this area where enormous confusion exists.
  16. 16. Copyright 2014 – Page 16Lets quickly recap some history and attempt to set some records straight.2012 was a challenging year for people who market their businesses in the search engines.Google did more than at any year previous, to eliminate low quality sites from the searchengines. And along with that, came the usual “collateral damage” that affects even goodquality sites, multiplied by each of the many updates that were made.Make no mistake, it WAS a tough year. And I wasnt immune. I had a couple of my ownsites penalized in various Google updates. That was annoying.But... thats about the end of it.You see, some people took the things that happened, and decided that it was no longerworth marketing small affiliate sites and trying to get search engine traffic any more.“Why?”, I asked. Small affiliate sites were still ranking all over the internet. There wascertainly no evidence to think it wasnt profitable any more. But, scared and uncertain,many people made that decision to walk away, not knowing any better.What really happened in the search engines in 2012? A handful of techniques thatpeople had previously used, to optimize their sites, to build links, and getrankings stopped working so effectively... and some sites that employed thosetechniques were penalized.Thats. it.The core of what worked in the search engines still work. And the same principles stillapply for ranking. Content still works. Backlinks still work. Keeping things “natural” stillworks. AND...If you know what was really penalized, what Google really wants, and you can providethat...Search engine ranking in Google is actually a little bit EASIER now than it waslast year. Im serious. And its not just me saying so. Real SEOs all over the internet are
  17. 17. Copyright 2014 – Page 17finding the exact same thing.Let me talk about a couple of things that WONT work in the search engines any more...First, one page sites. Yes, mini sites are still fine and can do fantastically in the searchengines. But there is more evidence emerging of small sites being rewarded in the searchengines as they grow through 5, and past 10 pieces of content. Very interesting.Second, low quality links. There is just no reason to drive a low quality link to your moneysite. Whats low quality? A link from a low quality, non unique content site that links out toother low quality sites, in large number.These days, a smaller number of very high quality links can prove to be VERY effective.Youll remember from the prelaunch video that the site I had - the $10k visitors, $1kincome one – where Id built only 75 backlinks. And I believe it was ranking even earlierthan that.As youll learn in the hardcore SEO phase of Forever Affiliate, right now, there are asmall number of techniques you need to master, for building links. A LOT of emphasisneeds to be put on link quantities, and timing.Ill get into every single link building technique I actually use at the moment, MINUS theones Ive tested and found to have minimal overall impact. Youll be getting the distilledversion, minus the years of testing and things that “didnt work”.Youll learn about a few different “categories” of links you need to build, and what timesthey need to happen in your link building campaigns. The reality is that its pretty simple.You dont need 100 link building techniques any more. You just need to the right volume oflinks at the right times, and done in the right way.AND, youll find that now, with the number of fantastic link building services available, youwont do as much “work” with your link building as you once had to. Youll be moreinvolved as an over seer, managing your link building campaigns across multiple sites andmaking them “look just right”.
  18. 18. Copyright 2014 – Page 18Its all about how you build those links, how high quality they can be, and how well you canget them done, without your effort and do so for many sites simultaneously. Which bringsus to our next point...More so than ever, diversity is the name of the game in this affiliate marketing model in2013. The real reason people became scared of the search engines last year was the abilityfor a person to do everything right with their SEO and still be penalized.And that CAN really happen. But with a few key steps added to your business model, thatrisk can be entirely mitigated. You dont have to worry about it if you do things right.And that means theres nothing to fear. You can go into this business knowing exactly whatto expect and be fully prepared for even the outlying, rare eventualities that Google doessomething crazy.Thats a big part of the Forever Affiliate strategy.Lets spell out the bottom line of all this and wrap things up...
  19. 19. Copyright 2014 – Page 19The Reality Of Passive Income Affiliate MarketingRight NowWhen Forever Affiliate launches on February 19th, youre going to meet a few friends ofmine.One is a guy whos using the affiliate income from one of his authority sites to go on a yearlong vacation in 2013. Hes about to travel Vancouver to Antarctica, overland. His affiliateincome already allowed him to quit his job earlier in 2012 and now hes living life to thefullest.Youll meet another lady whos only started her affiliate business in the last 6 months,while working a day job, and in what is meant to be “the hardest time ever to be anaffiliate” has built a 4 figure affiliate business from all free Google traffic, and used theincome to support her family while her husband was sick recently.These are not isolated incidents.There are real people, right now in 2013 who are making money with the ForeverAffiliate model easier than they ever thought possible. I wont stand by while people try tosay that this stuff doesnt work any longer. Its ridiculous.In fact – and even with all the new online business models that have come along - its stillthe easiest way to make money on the internet.By doing the right amount of the right things, anyone can build a profitable affiliatebusiness, starting from today. And Im going to lay out exactly what those right things arein Forever Affiliate.I want to thank you for reading this far in the report. Its the people like you, with thehighest level of commitment, that go on to make fortunes online.I hope youve found valuable the information weve discussed here and that you get to put
  20. 20. Copyright 2014 – Page 20it to use in your own affiliate marketing.Keep an eye out for emails from me leading up to the release of Forever Affiliate onFebruary 19th where Ill be discussing more affiliate strategies, and more ways to make2013 the year your online income changes forever.I wish you great success,Andrew