Subject Verb Agreement


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Lesson on Subject Verb Agreement modified from Grammar Bytes

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Subject Verb Agreement

  1. 1. DO NOW!TUESDAY 12.4.2012 Are any of these sentences incorrect? A) The basketball players runs out of the locker room at the start of the game. B) The forward pass have revolutionized the game of football. C) The quarterback, who was surrounded by his teammates, were dressed in new uniforms. chom Why? p! chom p!
  2. 2. Learning Objective: I can identify the agreement betweensubjects and verbs in a sentence. Agenda: Agenda: Do Now + Share Out Do Now + Share Out Mini Lesson: Subject & verb Mini Lesson: Subject & verb agreement. agreement. Guided Practice: Sample questions Guided Practice: Sample questions Independent Practice: Editor of the Independent Practice: Editor of the day competition. day competition. Homework: Worksheet Homework: Worksheet
  3. 3. WHAT IS A VERB!!???A verb is an ACTION WORD!Examples: running, jumping,thinking, singing, driving,playing...etc.etc.etc.
  4. 4. WHAT IS A SUBJECT!!!??The SUBJECT of a sentence is what is beingtalked about. The sentence is about Ms. Young so she is the subject. Example: Ms. Young ate Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watched movies all weekend.
  5. 5. WHAT IS SUBJECT-VERBAGREEMENT!!!? When the verb in the sentence and subject of the sentence make sense when written together. VERB Wow! I’m a SUBJECT subject, and I agree with Hi! I’m a you too! verb, and I agree with you!
  6. 6. BUT WHAT ABOUT...What happens where there ismore than one subject in asentence????
  7. 7. Confused dog is CONFUSED. Or should IDo I need an s leave the s at the end of off? the verb?
  8. 8. The stupidityof English grammar.of English grammar.To make a noun pluralTo make a noun plural To make a verb plural To make a verb pluralwe add an -s..we add an -s we take away the -s.. we take away the -s Singular noun: girl Singular noun: girl Singular verb: he Singular verb: he talks.Plural verb: talks.Plural verb: Plural noun: girls Plural noun: girls they talk. they talk. What the...#$@ %@?
  9. 9. Watch the verb endings! PluralWe walkYou PluralWe walkYou Singular II Singular walkThey walk-Joe and walkThey walk-Joe andwalkYou walkHe/She/ItwalkYou walkHe/She/It Maria walk-The girls walk Maria walk-The girls walkwalk sJoe walk sThe girlwalk sJoe walk sThe girl -Joe and Maria walk-The girls -Joe and Maria walk-The girls walk s walk s walk walk s -Joe and Maria -Joe and Maria s walk-The girls walk walk-The girls walk
  10. 10. Agreement in a Nutshell The elephant trumpets for a peanut. elephant = singular subject trumpets = singular verb The elephants trumpet for peanuts. elephants = plural subject trumpet = plural verb
  11. 11. Remember: The 3 irregular verbs! The 3 irregular verbs!DO Singular: He does. Plural: They do.HAVE Singular: She has. Plural: They have.BE Singular: He is. Plural: They are.
  12. 12. Compound subjects(more than one) - joinedby “and” If there are two or more subjects joined by and, If there are two or more subjects joined by and,the subject must be plural, so the verb will not get the subject must be plural, so the verb will not get an s”. an ““s”. Example: The turtle and the squirrel dance.
  13. 13. A subject-verb agreement itemon an objective test might looklike this . . .
  14. 14. Sample Test Question The foods that provide good nutrition is A B often the least tasty; a hamburger and fries, on the other hand, satisfy the tongue. CA.provides•are•satisfies•No change is necessary.
  15. 15. Just in case you didn’t realize... Everyone on Earth =more than one person—billions of people, in fact. The word everyone,however, is still singular.
  16. 16. Possible Pitfalls Be aware that sometimes, the subject will come after the verb, in questions or when sentence begins with there. Examples Why is he falling asleep? Why are they falling asleep? There is no excuse for such behavior. There are no excuses for such behavior.
  17. 17. do I get thisright? First, identify whether or not you have problems with subject/verb agreement. If you don’t have any problems with this, don’t worry about it! If you do have problems: Identify the verb. Ask who or what is doing it. This will identify the subject. Say them together and make sure that they match in terms of number.
  18. 18. The subject andverb are theskeleton of everysentence.Make sure you fitthose twoimportant partstogethercorrectly!
  19. 19. EDITORS COMPETITION!With your group re-write the paragraph while fixing thesubject-verb agreement errors.The first group finished with all errors corrected willreceive prizes.